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Restoration Notices 2009

Notice is hereby given that the following companies were restored to the Guernsey Register of Companies during 2009.

Registration NumberCompany Registered NameEffective Date of Restoration
37400Congressional Reinsurance Company (PCC) Limited30.01.09
23849Simiya Ltd05.02.09
28458Julia Properties Ltd.10.03.09
33916Addveture Enterprises Ltd.10.03.09
26162Shalvik Investments Ltd.10.03.09
39183Luso Securities Ltd.10.03.09
39983Sea Pines Holdings Limited16.03.09
38043Arcadian Ltd.02.04.09
15082Wallon Ltd.24.04.09
44329Platinum Developments Limited29.04.09
29441Daraja Ltd.01.05.09
40295HRS Diversified Ltd.01.05.09
41698Arkle Limited05.05.09
19634Arasta Ltd.15.05.09
43173Northwich Properties Limited17.07.09
26109Via Col Vento Ltd.07.08.09
14072Pan Gulf Hotel Investments Limited10.09.09
35879Linwood Advisors Limited17.09.09
25888Europa Limited18.09.09
38767Ivyhouse Investments Limited22.09.09
15516Star Limited23.10.09
39622Chaka Zulu Limited23.12.09
580EQT GCII GP LP23.12.09
47106Albermale Fairoaks Limited05.01.10

* Restored at the request of the Income Tax Office