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Charities/NPOs - Struck off for Failure to file Annual Renewal

The strike off list in this section gives details of Charities and Non Profit Organisations (NPO) who failed to comply with Section 5 of The Charities and Non Profit Organisations (Registration) (Guernsey) Law, 2008 and apply to renew their registration by the end of January each year. The organisations listed on this page have now been struck from the Register.

Note: Prior to 30th June 2014, the administration of Charities and NPO's was not undertaken by the Guernsey Registry, accordingly only organisations struck off following the renewal period of January 2015 of which the Guernsey Registry had oversight are shown in the below list.  

NumberCharity/ NPO NameStruck off date
CH444The Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland28/03/2024
CH405Guide Dogs - Guernsey Branch12/12/2023
CH584Islanders Charity LBG08/09/2020
NP243Islanders Association LBG08/09/2020
CH155The Guernsey Stroke Association20/08/2020
CH508Ormer FC20/08/2020
CH607Epilepsy Guernsey20/08/2020
NP199Association of Guernsey Civil Servants Branch of Prospect20/08/2020
NP206Le Grand Courtil Community Association20/08/2020
NP231Guernsey Irish Dance Academy20/08/2020
NP246Guernsey Honey Bee Health Association20/08/2020
NP266Atlantic Angels Cheerleading20/08/2020
NP214Guernsey Roller Derby20/02/2020
NP77Tol Galen20/08/2020
NP54Cobo Cricket Club20/08/2020
CH19The Billie & Leslie Norman Foundation20/08/2020
CH212Guernsey Irish Association21/05/2019
CH571AgeFit Guernsey21/05/2019
CH483Alderney Civil Protection Volunteers13/05/2019
CH562FreeRange Education30/04/2019
CH253Families First at Roseville30/11/2018
CH322Guernsey Driving for the Disabled Association30/11/2018
NP38Churches Together in Guernsey24/09/2018
NP141Guernsey Milk Retailers Association24/09/2018
NP213Rock the Frock24/09/2018
CH387Guernsey Infertility Support Group29/11/2016
CH401Guernsey Extreme Sports Association (GXSA)29/11/2016
CH414The Brock Memorial Foundation29/11/2016
CH410New Testament Church of God Ebenezer Fellowship22/11/2016
CH451Philippine Rural Victims Fund22/11/2016
CH506Light of My Heart, Miscarriage Support22/11/2016
NP4The Guernsey Camarata22/11/2016
NP194buildAbillionHomes International22/11/2016
CH407Animals in Need20/11/2015
NP147Bailiwick Insurance Intermeridaries Association20/11/2015
NP66Bowmen of Guernsey20/11/2015
NP75The Guernsey Sunday Soccer League20/11/2015
NP80La Mare Car Boot Sale Group20/11/2015