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Restoration Notices 2015

Notice is hereby given that the following companies were restored to the Guernsey Register of Companies during 2015.

Registration NumberCompany Registered NameEffective Date of RestorationNotes
37439Whitecliff Investments Limited23/02/2015-
41090K2 Insurance Limited12/03/2015Restored to 'Voluntary Winding Up' status.
36237Weaver Finance (CI) Limited20/03/2015-
30199Arab. Net. Technology Limited24/04/2015-
4037Bon Port Limited12/12/2014Restored to 'Compulsory Winding Up' status.
4758J. and  J. Holdings Limited10/04/2015-
21387Simco Limited10/04/2015-
15526Blackberry Investments Limited01/05/2015Restored to 'Voluntary Winding Up' status.
57670Belgrave Place No 6 Limited29/05/2015Annual Validation filed for 2014
57671Belgrave Place No 7 Limited29/05/2015Annual Validation filed for 2014
57672Belgrave Place No 8 Limited29/05/2015Annual Validation filed for 2014
40573Candie Management Company Limited22/05/2015-
33467Palis Limited17/07/2015-
45203Proland Limited07/08/2015-
44140Kleinwort Benson International Corporation Limited17/07/2015-
27530Penguin Properties Limited21/08/2015-
36966LB Holding Limited02/06/2015Restored to 'Compulsory Winding Up' status.
49039Elite Properties PCC Limited09/10/2015-
42114Burleigh Limited11/12/2015-