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All limited companies guidance (A-Z)

Please note: These guidance notes are not intended to be definitive legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. The interpretation of legislation is a matter on which the Guernsey Registry cannot advise and entities/individuals need to form their own independent view on compliance with the legislation. Independent legal advice is advised where there is any uncertainty.

The guidance notes below have been developed to provide information on the requirements of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 administered by the Guernsey Registry. Information is also provided on how to make submissions required to ensure compliance with the legislation.



Requirements of the legislation

and/or other relevant information

How to make submissions online

Using the Online Services Portal

An introduction to the portalpdf icon Introduction to the Online Services Portal [1Mb]-
Company Searches & Ordering documents online-pdf icon Company Searches & Ordering Documents [4Mb]
Registered Person (Director, Guardian, Councillor) PIN or Entity PIN Requestspdf icon PIN Maintenance (Change your Entity or Personal PIN) [941kb]pdf icon Registered Person or Entity PIN Requests [2Mb]

Limited Companies

AGM Waiver

pdf icon AGM Waiver guidance [293kb]

pdf icon AGM Waiver resolution form [89kb]

Please note:

Submitting an AGM waiver using the online services portal will cost £10

Submitting an AGM waiver by post/over the counter will cost £20

pdf icon Resolution submission [2Mb]
Alternative Company namespdf icon Alternative Company Names - Guidance [264kb]-
Amalgamationspdf icon Amalgamations check list [183kb]

Amalgamation submissions

not currently made online

Annual submission requirementspdf icon Annual submission requirements - companies [288kb]-
Annual ValidationsAnnual validation - guidance


Audit Waiver

pdf icon Audit Waiver guidance [320kb]

pdf icon Audit Waiver resolution form [74kb]

Please note:

Submitting an audit waiver using the online services portal will cost £10

Submitting an audit waiver by post/over the counter will cost £20

pdf icon Resolution submission [2Mb]
Change company details

This submission allows changes to be made

to company purpose, economic activity code

and the company classification

pdf icon Change Company Details Submission [637kb]
Company classificationspdf icon Company Classification Changes - January 2021 [266kb]-
Company formation information & agents

Corporate Service Provider directory

Company incorporation guidance

Company names

pdf icon Choosing company names [269kb]

pdf icon Change name - Declaration of Compliance [15kb]

pdf icon Exemption from s21(1)(b) for charitable companies - Confirmation of exemption [138kb]

pdf icon Change of Name Resolution Form [156kb]

pdf icon Change Name Submission [2Mb]

pdf icon Reserve Name Submission [2Mb]

Company Search-

pdf icon Company Searches & Ordering Documents [4Mb]

pdf icon Certificate of Good Standing - sample [47kb]

pdf icon Statement of the Register - sample [93kb]

Company Statuspdf icon Company Status Types [1Mb]-
Company types and liability of memberspdf icon Company Types and Liability of Members [1Mb]-
Compliance and Choice of Corporate Vehiclepdf icon Compliance and Choice of Corporate Vehicle [1Mb]-
Directors' report waiverpdf icon Directors' Report Waiver - Guidance [252kb]pdf icon Resolution submission [2Mb]
Economic Activity codes

For the list of economic codes please see


pdf icon Guidance on the October 2019 economic code changes [260kb]

pdf icon Change Company Details Submission [637kb]
Feespdf icon The Companies (Registrar) (Fees and Penalties) Regulations, 2020 [168kb]-
General rectification-pdf icon General Rectification Submission [3Mb]
Incorporation of Companies-pdf icon Company Incorporation submission [3Mb]
Migrations in/out of jurisdiction

pdf icon Migration in form [531kb]

pdf icon Migration out form [223kb]

Migration applications not

currently made online

New Company Directors Guidancepdf icon Guidance for new company directors [437kb]-
Person (Director, Guardian, Councillor) registration

pdf icon Director Registration guidance [232kb]

pdf icon Person Registration Form [146kb]

pdf icon Personal Directorships - Multiple Directorships [171kb]

pdf icon My Registry Relationships [1Mb]

pdf icon Overseas Body Corporate Registration form [124kb]

pdf icon Change Personal Details (Director, Guardian, Councillor) Submission [1Mb]

pdf icon Add/Remove Company Director Submission [5Mb]

Resident Agentpdf icon Resident Agent Guidance [254kb]pdf icon Change Resident Agent submission [4Mb]
Restoration to the Register

pdf icon Restoration application - Court Process [1Mb]

pdf icon Restoration application - administrative error [1Mb]

Restoration applications not currently made online
Registered Office

pdf icon Registered Office [945kb]

pdf icon Registered Office Ineffective - Process [333kb]

pdf icon Change Registered Office submission [3Mb]

pdf icon Registered Office Not Effective Submission [1Mb]

Resolution Submissions-pdf icon Resolution submission [2Mb]
Standard Articles of Incorporationpdf icon Standard Articles - 25/09/2015 [266kb]-
Standard Memorandum of Incorporationpdf icon Standard Memorandum [113kb]-
Statement of the Register - sample -
Transitional Provisionspdf icon Transitional Provisions guidance [285kb]-
Voluntary Strike Off

pdf icon Voluntary Strike Off [370kb]

pdf icon Voluntary Strike Off - Declaration of Compliance [67kb]

pdf icon Voluntary Strike Off submission [1Mb]
Voluntary Winding Uppdf icon Voluntary winding up - general guidance and process [241kb]

pdf icon Voluntary Wind up - Appointment of Liquidator [2Mb]

pdf icon Voluntary Wind Up - Notice of Final Meeting [2Mb]

Relevant links & information

The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008