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Person Registration

All directors, resident agents and beneficial owners, managing officials of charities and NPO's, Foundation officials and LLP members must be registered with the Guernsey Registry before they can be appointed on the system. Once registered, this does not link the person automatically to a company, charity, Foundation or LLP; the relevant online submission must be made once they are registered.

Where a body corporate will be acting, those bodies corporate already incorporated or registered in Guernsey under either the Companies Law, Limited Partnerships Law or Limited Liability Partnerships Law need take no further action, as the registration number allocated to them will be utilised for these purposes. For those bodies corporate registered overseas (and not already on our in-house register) it will be necessary to complete an Overseas Corporate Body application form in the online services portal. The Registry will then allocate a number which will then be issued to the body corporate.

For natural persons, if you have already registered with the Guernsey Registry to act as a director etc. you need take no further action as you are already in the system. If you have not registered with the Guernsey Registry before as a person, please complete a person registration (see guidance below). The Registry will then add the person to our in-house person register and allocate a number which will then be issued to the person.

Person registrations must be made online via the online services portal, you will need to upload proof of address and ID documents for the person being registered (unless being submitted by a CSP).

If you have forgotten your person registration number please email and provide:

  • - Your full name
  • - Date of Birth
  • - Previous Address
  • - Current Address


Person Registration

Guidance NoteDescription
pdf icon Person Registration Guidance [988kb]Step-by-step guidance on how to file a person registration in the online portal. 
pdf icon Certified Document Guidance [137kb]Guidance on certified documents (e.g. proof of ID and proof of addresss).