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Authorised Filer & Nominated Person

To make submissions on the Online Services Portal you will need to become an Authorised Filer for the entity. If you need to file beneficial ownership filings you will need to become a nominated person for the entity. 

Note: If you are logged in to the Online Services Portal as a Corporate Service Provider, you will not need to become an authorised filer or a nominated person to make submissions.

Becoming an Authorised Filer

Entity PINs are being replaced by the requirement to become an authorised filer, this is a one-off exercise to submit an authorised filer declaration which ensures only those individuals expressly permitted to act on behalf the company may do so. This is a significantly more secure means of identification than the previous use of entity PIN and prevents PIN loss / theft or inappropriate sharing.

Full guidance on how to become an authorised filer and a template declaration is available in the table below. 

Users will not be able to submit filings, or the Annual Validation, without first becoming an authorised filer. It is therefore recommended that this process is carried out as soon as possible once the new system is available from the 4th December 2023 and by the 12th January 2024 at the latest.  You will be able to file these in the new system from the 4th December 2023.

Authorised Filer

Guidance NoteDescription
pdf icon Authorised Filer Guidance [3Mb]Step-by-step guidance on how to become an authorised filer for an entity and how to make the submission online. 
pdf icon Authorised Filer Declaration [105kb]Template authorised filer declaration.  (Please note the completed declaration will need to be filed via the online services portal, please do not email it.)

Nominated Persons

The way in which non-corporate service provider resident agents are authorised to make filings, specifically and solely those filings related to beneficial ownership has changed in the new portal. Resident Agents will be required to file a nominated persons form, which will include uploading proof of authorisation, proof of address and certified proof of ID before any changes to beneficial ownership information can be submitted.

Nominated Persons
Guidance NoteDescription
pdf icon Nominated Person Guidance [2Mb]Step-by-step guidance on how to become a nominated person and how to make the submission online. 
pdf icon Certified Document Guidance [137kb]Guidance on certified documentation (e.g. proof of address and proof of ID).