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International Engagement

The Guernsey Registry is a member of various international organisations. Engagement with these organisations is vital in demonstrating cooperation, transparency, openness and awareness of international issues facing global registries. The importance of international engagement has also been emphasised by our stakeholders to help ensure the relevance and competitiveness of the Registry's offering.

Corporate Registers Forum (CRF)

CRF is an association of international corporate registries which aims to provide its members with the opportunity to review the latest developments in registries internationally, and exchange experiences and information on registry systems.

Guernsey Registry has been a member of CRF since 2010 and has attended several CRF annual conferences since then.

The most recent conference was held in Skopje, North Macedonia in April 2019. The Guernsey Registry, along with representatives of around 80 other countries, attended the conference. The general theme running through the sessions was "Transforming Registries into Cross Border Enablers - Beyond National" which was particularly interesting and relevant to Guernsey as an internationally focussed jurisdiction.

Further information on CRF is available on their website -

European Business Registers Association (EBRA) 

EBRA was formed in early 2019 by the merging of the European Commerce Registers Forum (ECRF) and the European Business Register (EBR). 

The two organisations had similar memberships but a slightly different focus. ECRF served as a discussion group and organised working groups and an annual conference, whereas EBR served as an electronic network of registries which allows searching of multiple countries' registers from a single source. EBRA retains all aspects of its predecessor organisations including the discussion/working groups, organisation of an annual conference and operation of the EBR information sharing platform.

Guernsey Registry became a member of EBRA from its founding in early 2019.

The first EBRA conference was held in Tallinn, Estonia in June 2019 and was attended by the Guernsey Registry, alongside around 140 attendees from 40 countries/jurisdictions. The conference was a useful opportunity to network with representatives of other European registries, discuss common challenges, and learn about current trends amongst registries.

Guernsey Registry is a member of EBRA's "Beneficial Ownership Register" working group.

Further information on EBRA is available on their website - 

European Business Register (EBR) Network

Guernsey Registry is a member of the EBR Network, which is an electronic network of (currently 23) European registries which allows searching of multiple countries' registers from a single source. Since early 2019, the EBR network has been operated by EBRA.

Further information on the EBR Network, current members and information distributors is available on their website - 

Statement of Cooperation

In October 2019 the Guernsey Registry and the Abu Dhabi Global Market Registration Authority (ADGMRA) entered into a Statement of Cooperation. This facilitates the Registry and the AGMRA to develop broader and closer cooperation between them in a mutually beneficial manner.

Such international cooperation statements complement the Guernsey Registry's membership of the Corporate Register's Forum (CRF) and the European Business Registers Association (EBRA).