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Filing company submissions online

All company submissions required under the Companies Law can be made online with the exception of:

1. Amalgamations

2. Migrations (in and out)

3. Conversions

4. Restorations

5. any Limited Partnership submissions

6. Annual Validation amendments (for years other than the current year)

(N.B for those submissions that are currently not available online - work is being carried out to enable these to be made online in the future.)

To access the online services portal please click on the 'make a submission' link on the right hand side of this page.

To use the online services you will need a corporate PIN if you are not managing your company registration through a Corporate Service Provider or a Regulated Presenter. A corporate PIN can be requested from the Registry through the online services portal.

The PIN in conjunction with the company registered number make up the electronic signature. There are two types of electronic signature which can be used when making online submissions, corporate (issued to the company) or individual (issued to a director). More details on these can be found in the download below.

Once you receive your electronic signature details, all submissions can be made online from filing annual validations to changing details such as the address of the registered office. If you are a company regulated by the GFSC then you can also complete your Guernsey Finance Funding Levy application through the Registry website.

The electronic signature system and the online services portal makes managing your company details simple, secure and efficient. As well as managing your companies details online, you can also request and purchase copies of information held on the register and manage a portfolio of watched companies.

For information on how to log on to the online services portal please see the guidance note below - 'Online services portal - an introduction'.

In addition, there is also guidance below on how to carry out company searches, descriptions of company status types and details of how to request copies of documents.