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Limited Partnerships

A Limited Partnership is registered by a person filing the relevant documents with the Greffier in Guernsey.  For the purposes of the 1995 Law the Registrar of Companies has been appointed a Deputy Greffier with specific remit for the registration of Limited Partnerships in Guernsey, and the maintenance of the Limited partnership Register and records.

An application for registration as a Limited Partnership is made to the Guernsey Registry.

The application is in the form of a general declaration document, signed by one or more of the general partners, and must include:-

  • The name of the Limited Partnership
  • A statement that the LP shall have legal personality (if applicable)
  • Its registered office address (this must be in Guernsey)
  • The nature and principle place of business
  • The name and service address of every general partner
  • The term of the partnership

Upon receipt of a valid application the Registrar (acting as Deputy Greffier) shall register the Limited Partnership, a registration number will be allocated, and the name and number will be added to the electronic register (available to view online 24 hours a day).  A certificate of registration will be issued to the general partners detailing its registered name, number, the date of registration, whether it has elected to have separate legal personality, and registered office address.  A copy of the registration certificate will be filed and stored electronically at the Guernsey Registry.