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Restoration Notices 2012

Notice is hereby given that the following companies were restored to the Guernsey Register of Companies during 2012.

Registration NumberCompany Registered NameEffective Date of Restoration
34609Strategic Advisors Holdings Limited27/01/12
33859Cloosey Holdings Ltd.02/03/12
36472La Rade Limited09/03/12
47401AG Aviation Services Limited16/03/12
38838Ulster Holdings Limited15/06/12
4726Lassen Limited20/07/12
20481Inter-City Air Limited06/08/12
25520European Investissements (Guernsey) Limited10/08/12
33949Heritage Holdings Limited10/08/12
45248Eagle GP2 Limited21/08/12
9243Doumejour Property Company Limited07/09/12
28836Tenacity Limited13/09/12
48246IGMG Limited17/09/12
16763Hemans Investments Limited05/10/12
35622Hechet Investments Limited19/10/12
46755Little Orchard Limited23/10/12
28035Tama Company Limited26/10/12
33713Steam Mill Company Limited23/11/12
14756Eurogulf Limited29/11/12
19590Callisto Limited13/12/12

* Restored at the request of the Income Tax Office