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Restoration Notices 2010

Notice is hereby given that the following companies were restored to the Guernsey Register of Companies during 2010.

Registration NumberCompany Registered NameEffective Date of Restoration
38803Philmore Limited15.01.10
27467Ritchey International Limited15.01.10
41206*Lowndes Square Limited18.03.10
34822*Japhed Limited18.03.10
34904Perth Investments Limited26.03.10
33071Blackbird Holdings Limited09.04.10
34160Gardenia Limited16.04.10
48740Prairie Limited21.05.10
3302Hamada Services Limited21.05.10
21667Eintal Company Limited28.05.10
26660The May Investment Corporation Limited11.06.10
28307Rohl Investments Limited25.06.10
42385Maltby Street Properties Limited09.07.10
8157A. S. & K. Services (Guernsey) Limited.27.08.10
43253Peter Hambro Mining Group Finance Limited22.10.10
45103Eleuthera Capital Limited22.10.10
43011Howland Limited22.10.10
43012Krakos Limited22.10.10
40539Kalamit Holdings Limited05.11.10
50104Bon Air Limited18.11.10
37693Sagotom Limited17.12.10

* Restored at the request of the Income Tax Office