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The main functions of the Guernsey Registry are to examine and store information on various registers as required under Guernsey legislation. The Registry is required to make some of this information available for public inspection.


Guidance notes for all Registry products and services are available in this section. They have been arranged by subject matter. Guidance notes are also available for download on the relevant pages throughout the site.


This section includes notices from the Registrar in accordance with the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008, organised by year and month. Any person who is directly affected by a decision of the Registrar may apply to the Royal Court under Section 511 of the law for an order that the decision be set aside or modified.

Annual Validation - companies

All Guernsey companies must file an Annual Validation with the Registry between 1 January and the last day of February each year (except companies incorporated in December the previous year).

Welcome to the Guernsey Registry website.

This site provides information on the various registers maintained by the Registry as required under Guernsey legislation.

In addition, this site publishes notices in accordance with the Companies (Guernsey) Law 2008 and provides guidance notes on the administration of limited companies and limited partnerships, foundations, limited liability partnerships, Guernsey Finance funding submissions, recognised auditor registrations and using the online services portal.

Bulk change of company registered office address

The bulk change of company registered office address facility has had to be withdrawn for the foreseeable future. All changes to company registered office address will have to be submitted through the online services portal.

Please be aware that change registered office addresses are only effective when they are registered by the Registry. Submissions can be submitted before the effective date and will not be registered until the effective date however this must be a working day. Any document may be served on the company's previous registered office for 14 days after the change has been registered.

Guidance on company registered office address requirements and how to submit the change company registered office address submission can be found here:  

Limited Partnerships (Guernsey) (Migration) Regulations, 2020

The Committee for Economic Development have today made the 'Limited Partnerships (Guernsey) (Migration) Regulations, 2020'  to effect an amendment to the Limited Partnership (Guernsey) Law, 1995 (the "Law") to allow for the migration of limited partnerships into, and out of, Guernsey. The regulations can be found here. The regulations have immediate effect.

Limited partnership migration applications can only be made by a corporate services provider. Applications will need to be submitted to the Guernsey Registry, which has delegated responsibility for the administration of Limited Partnerships on behalf of Her Majesty's Greffier.

Application forms can be found here, and include a list of the documents and evidence required.

The fee for a migration in is £350 and migrations out £1500. The Limited Partnerships (Fees) Regulations, 2020 can be found here.

Guernsey Registry Update - Phase 5 new Working Arrangements

As the Island enters phase 5 the Registry is taking the opportunity to review how we deliver our service going forward into the 'new normal'.

We continue to make the health, safety and prosperity of our Island, our population, and our staff and customers our priority.  Our strategic focus remains the delivery of value for money services and activities ensuring our statutory functions are met in the provision and administration of our registers, and the integrity, accuracy and reliability of the data held.

The pandemic working arrangements, and Guernsey's positive response to the necessary adaptations, provide an opportunity for a review of our operational delivery model and therefore we have taken the decision to continue to keep the Registry offices closed to the public whilst we do so.

Our team remains working full time, predominantly remote working, and the majority of Registry services are available as normal. Team members are also providing some services from our office including a reduced telephone service.  In the first instance we would encourage all of our customers to review the guidance and information available on before contacting us. Where there are still queries we would request that they are emailed to Due to the reduced telephone service we would ask that calls are only made where absolutely necessary. The phones will be manned between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday - please phone 44 (0)1481 743800 during these hours.

We are now able to provide certified documents and send out post. Initially our focus will be on the backlog of outstanding documents requested during lockdown. Please note we will not be able to provide a collection service at this time. Please note also that as our office remains closed there is no drop off facility and we would ask that documents are emailed or sent via the Island's postal service.

In order to ensure that expectations are met we are currently not able to provide the special 15 minute incorporations, however rapid (2 hour) and normal (24 hour) company incorporations and LP, LLP and foundation registrations are all still available.

The company search facility is also still available and can be accessed here: Company Search. Where documents have been scanned into the system these can still be ordered via the online enquiry order mechanism, however where documents are not scanned in, or files need to be recalled from archives, our response times may be reduced.

We do recognise that there may be some urgent or complex matters that require specific time and attention. In these instances we would ask that you email us with details and request a telephone or face to face appointment with a senior member of the team.

The Registry team would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for their continued support and patience over the last few months.

Companies struck off the Register for failure to submit annual validation

Under section 234 of The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 ("the Law") in each calendar year before the last day of February, every company incorporated before 1st December in the previous calendar year, is required to complete an annual validation submission containing information current as at 31st December in the previous year.

The Registry published a strike off list on 9th March 2020 which contained details of companies who failed to submit an annual validation. Click here to see the list. This 2 months' notice period expired on 9th May 2020.

Those companies listed for strike off that have not shown cause to the contrary (the company submitted its annual validation or evidence is shown to the Registrar that the company is party to legal proceedings) have now been struck off.

The list of companies that have been struck off can be found here: Struck off - Failure to file Annual Validation - 2020

National Risk Assessment

The Guernsey National Risk Assessment has been finalised and released. The National Risk Assessment demonstrates an ongoing commitment to fight terrorist financing, money laundering and financial crime.

Further information can be found on the States of Guernsey website here: Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing NRA

Corporate Service Provider directory

The Registry maintains a directory of Guernsey Corporate Service Providers which is available here.

If you would like to list your firm in the directory free of charge please see here for further information.

Economic classification code changes

The economic classification codes are used for statistical purposes to analyse the different types of activity and purposes undertaken by Guernsey Registered entities. To assist the Revenue Service with their work on the economic substance requirements, the coding system has recently been updated. As a result some codes have been discontinued and additional codes created.

Where the codes have been discontinued the Registry have added the note *Code Type Discontinued - do not use* at the beginning of the Economic Activity Type description on the company's details. To be clear the economic activity type does not impact or imply anything about the good standing of the company.

Details of the new codes can be found here - Guide to the Economic Sector Classification Codes.

If you have companies using any of the discontinued codes we would encourage you to update the code as soon as possible however this does not need to be updated before the annual validation submission is filed. To update the code to one of the new codes you will need to file a 'Change Company Details' submission on the website. There is no fee for filing the submission.

Guidance on how to file the Change Company Details submission is available here.

If you have any queries on the economic classification codes or need assistance choosing the correct code please see the guidance available here: or contact Data and Analysis:

Telephone: 01481 717292         Email:

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