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The main functions of the Guernsey Registry are to examine and store information on various registers as required under Guernsey legislation. The Registry is required to make some of this information available for public inspection.


Guidance notes for all Registry products and services are available in this section. They have been arranged by subject matter. Guidance notes are also available for download on the relevant pages throughout the site.


This section includes notices from the Registrar in accordance with the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008, organised by year and month. Any person who is directly affected by a decision of the Registrar may apply to the Royal Court under Section 511 of the law for an order that the decision be set aside or modified.

Annual Validation - companies

All Guernsey companies must file an Annual Validation with the Registry between 1 January and the last day of February each year (except companies incorporated in December the previous year).

Welcome to the Guernsey Registry website.

This site provides information on the various registers maintained by the Registry as required under Guernsey legislation.

In addition, this site publishes notices in accordance with the Companies (Guernsey) Law 2008 and provides guidance notes on the administration of limited companies and limited partnerships, foundations, limited liability partnerships, Guernsey Finance funding submissions, recognised auditor registrations and using the online services portal.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update 26/03/2020

Further to our communication of 24/03/2020.

We want to thank all of our customers for their patience at this time.  We continue to work to ensure that Services are being met in a timely manner, however we are restricted in some areas.

As the office is closed, staff are working from home, this means that emails and submissions are being handled during normal working hours and we would ask that all enquiries are emailed to our email in the first instance.

We are trying to minimise the movement of people in order to minimise the movement of the virus, as such we are not in a position to receive or send out hard copy documents, including certified hard copy documents. Nor are we able to visit our archives stores to retrieve files.

Our usual telephone number is unmanned during normal office hours, however we have made arrangements for calls to be taken during the following times 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm, please phone 44 (0)1481 743800 during these hours.

We do recognise that there may be some urgent matters that require attention outside of the above hours and we would ask that in these instances you contact the Deputy Registrar, Helen Gains on 44 (0)7911 719075 in order to discuss needs and we will look to seek a solution.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this uncertain period. Stay Safe.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update 24/03/2020

Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19 we are taking the health, safety and welfare of our staff and customers seriously.  We are therefore invoking our business continuity plan and will now be moving to remote home working, with our offices closed to the members of the public.  During this period we will endeavour to maintain our services.

Due to the remote working we will not be available to take telephone enquiries and would therefore ask that ALL enquires are emailed in the first instance to

We will endeavour to respond to all enquires and to continue to process all submission made via the online service portal, however our response times may be reduced. 

In addition the services of special and rapid incorporations cannot be provided, however normal company incorporations and LP registrations will still be undertaken.  There will also be delays in the production of certificates, including statements of the Register and certificates of good standing.

Where documents have been scanned into the system these can still be ordered via the online enquiry order mechanism, however where documents are not scanned in or files need to be recalled from archives we will not be able to provide these services.  If you have ordered documents and made payment but have not received the documents please email us with the details of the documents requested and the amount paid.

We currently expect this to remain the situation for at least 2 weeks but will continue to provide updates via this website.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this uncertain period. Stay Safe.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

In line with the latest advice from Public Health, the Guernsey Registry has reviewed its procedures to see where we can work more effectively to improve social distancing, whilst maintaining the services we provide.

Our overriding message is to contact us by phone or email in the first instance, and only come to the Guernsey Registry office if absolutely necessary.

The Guernsey Registry office is cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. In line with current guidance our cleaners are focussing on handrails, door handles and other obvious areas of regular contact. We are regularly reviewing local and national guidance and will update this site with any changes to our procedures. If you have specific questions please call or email and we will help.

Office Closure

The Guernsey Registry office currently remains open however in the event that we are required to close the office the Registry will aim to provide services where possible. Unfortunately this would require a reduced service with longer processing times and no hard copy documents. All queries would need to be by email to as we would not have access to the phone lines. While the online services portal on will continue to operate, including the search facilities, only documents which are already scanned into the system will be available.

As we are all aware the situation is changing on a day to day basis and we will do as much as we can to help.

Companies listed for strike off for failure to submit annual validation

Under section 234 of The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 ("the Law") in each calendar year before the last day of February, every company incorporated before 1st December in the previous calendar year, is required to complete an annual validation submission containing information current as at 31st December in the previous year.

The Registry published a strike off list on 9th March 2020 which contains details of companies who failed to submit an annual validation. Click here to see the list.

This 2 months' notice period expires on 9th May 2020.

Unless cause is shown to the contrary (the company submits its annual validation or evidence is shown to the Registrar that the company is party to legal proceedings), companies listed for strike off will be struck from the register and dissolved, on a date following the expiration of the statutory 2 months' notice period.

Further information on the annual validation requirements can be found on our website - Annual validation

2019 Annual validation due by 29th February 2020

The Guernsey Registry would like to remind all Guernsey Registered Companies that the deadline for the 2019 annual validation submission is approaching. It is important that companies ensure that the information held on the Company Register is up to date and the annual validation is filed before the deadline.

Annual validation submissions for 2019 are required to be filed by 29th February 2020.

Annual validations can be made on Guernsey Registry's online services portal on Further information on how to file an annual validation can be found here: Annual validation Guidance

A late filing fee of £100 per month will apply to all annual validation submissions made from 1st March 2020.

Section 237 of The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 states that a company which fails to comply with the requirements for the filing of an annual validation is guilty of an offence and in addition liable to a daily default fine, and is liable to a civil penalty. Further a company which fails to comply is liable to be struck off the Register of Companies.

This year there is no requirement to file a beneficial ownership submission before the annual validation, as the beneficial ownership information is required to be kept up to date throughout the year.

If you require any further information please contact the Guernsey Registry.

National Risk Assessment

The Guernsey National Risk Assessment has been finalised and released. The National Risk Assessment demonstrates an ongoing commitment to fight terrorist financing, money laundering and financial crime.

Further information can be found on the States of Guernsey website here: Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing NRA

Corporate Service Provider directory

The Registry maintains a directory of Guernsey Corporate Service Providers which is available here.

If you would like to list your firm in the directory free of charge please see here for further information.

Economic classification code changes

The economic classification codes are used for statistical purposes to analyse the different types of activity and purposes undertaken by Guernsey Registered entities. To assist the Revenue Service with their work on the economic substance requirements, the coding system has recently been updated. As a result some codes have been discontinued and additional codes created.

Where the codes have been discontinued the Registry have added the note *Code Type Discontinued - do not use* at the beginning of the Economic Activity Type description on the company's details. To be clear the economic activity type does not impact or imply anything about the good standing of the company.

Details of the new codes can be found here - Guide to the Economic Sector Classification Codes.

If you have companies using any of the discontinued codes we would encourage you to update the code as soon as possible however this does not need to be updated before the annual validation submission is filed. To update the code to one of the new codes you will need to file a 'Change Company Details' submission on the website. There is no fee for filing the submission.

Guidance on how to file the Change Company Details submission is available here.

If you have any queries on the economic classification codes or need assistance choosing the correct code please see the guidance available here: or contact Data and Analysis:

Telephone: 01481 717292         Email:

Beneficial ownership questionnaire

The Registry has issued an online questionnaire relating to beneficial ownership for resident agents of some non regulated Guernsey companies. 

The Registry is required to monitor the compliance of resident agents of Guernsey companies. The short questionnaire is part of our compliance checks to help us get an overview of how resident agents ensure they supply the correct information to us. It does not ask for any specific beneficial ownership information.

Over time we will be contacting all resident agents of non regulated companies to complete the questionnaire. If you receive an email requesting you to complete the questionnaire we would very much appreciate your response. It should take no more than a few minutes per company to complete, and you can complete it for up to 6 companies if you are the resident agent of several.

Guernsey Registry Update for Industry - October 2019

The Registry has issued an Industry Update which is available to view here: pdf icon Industry Update - October 2019 [1Mb]

The update contains information on the upcoming company annual validations, charity/NPO renewals and Guernsey Finance Funding submissions, details of economic code changes, beneficial ownership register updates and details of other Registry services and notices.

Guernsey Registry values, vision, mission, strategic objectives

In April the Registry started work on refreshing its values, vision, mission and strategic objectives, with the aim of clarifying the role of the Registry for all its stakeholders and helping to guide all of the Registry's staff in their work and objectives.

The Registry worked with representatives of its stakeholders, including Corporate Service Providers, industry groups, Registry staff and other States of Guernsey officials to gain their valuable feedback and agree a final version of the document. We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the process.

The Registry's refreshed values, vision, mission and strategic objectives is now available to view here.

Mat Desforges, Registrar

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