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Listed for strike off - failure to file Annual Validation in 2019

The strike off list in this section gives details of companies who failed to comply with Section 234 or 235 of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 and file an Annual Validation submission by the last day of February. Unless cause is shown to the contrary, companies listed for strike off will be struck from the Register not less than 2 months from the published date.

Companies listed for strike off on 20 March 2019 for failure to file an annual validation

Unless cause is shown to the contrary, the companies listed below will be struck off on the notice expiry date.

Date of publicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry date
20/03/20191ST CHOICE WINDOWS LIMITED58642Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/20192636 Management Services Limited63856-20/05/2019
20/03/201931 Avenue Morley Limited19253-20/05/2019
20/03/2019499 RETIREMENT LIVING LIMITED59703-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Aagan Limited63194-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ABSOLUTE BARRISTER LTD.57796Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019ABYAAR HOLDINGS LIMITED47324Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019ACDC Limited63993-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Achill Limited37989Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019ACP Guernsey Limited63526Annual validation filed on 13/05/2019-
20/03/2019Admiral Properties Limited59508-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ADVANCE INVESTMENTS LIMITED53821-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Aeronaval Limited28940Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019African Fertiliser Limited60987Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019AG AVIATION SERVICES LIMITED47401Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019AI SERVICES LIMITED46637-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Air Operations Limited7828-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Airport Development Services Limited61220-20/05/2019
20/03/2019AL AREEN LIMITED53546Annual validation filed on 14/05/2019-
20/03/2019AL MUFTAH BROTHERS PROPERTY LIMITED49970Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019ALBA SHIPPING LIMITED45262-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Albany Investment GP (Guernsey) Limited65480Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019ALEVIC LIMITED52725Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019ALLEN & ASSOCIATES LIMITED55020-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ALLENS GARDENING SERVICES LIMITED48344Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Almar Limited31218Annual validation filed on 18/04/2019-
20/03/2019Alphabet Limited38805Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019AL-SDAIR PROPERTY LIMITED51830Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019AM Groundworks Limited61659Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax and Contributions20/05/2019
20/03/2019AMBER FAMILY HOLDINGS LIMITED53874Annual validation filed on 20/05/2019-
20/03/2019AMEDIE CONSULTING LIMITED54996Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Andante Holdings Limited63624Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019ANSON CAPITAL LIMITED60636-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Answar Limited38289Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Apex Business Media Limited61584Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Ardel Holdings Limited51078Annual validation filed on 01/04/2019-
20/03/2019Arkaro Limited62124Annual validation filed on 03/04/2019-
20/03/2019ARKLE HOLDINGS LIMITED60788-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ASTU GROUP LIMITED57584-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Atlas Investments Limited61055-20/05/2019
20/03/2019AVATAR LIMITED51596Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019AxSafe Guernsey Limited65081-20/05/2019
20/03/2019AYS LIMITED53441Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Barnes Bay Holdings Limited61207-20/05/2019
20/03/2019BARON FLYING CLUB LIMITED51946-20/05/2019
20/03/2019BASIL INVESTMENT LIMITED56520-20/05/2019
20/03/2019BASIL ONE LIMITED56405-20/05/2019
20/03/2019BASIL TWO LIMITED56406-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Bastak Company Limited19984-20/05/2019
20/03/2019BAUBIGNY PROPERTIES LIMITED51912Annual validation filed on 24/03/2019-
20/03/2019B-BARS LIMITED52448-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Beacon Sentinel LBG65606Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Beechwood Estates Limited15270-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Bellerive Stenham Holdings Limited65118Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019Bellingen Limited32140Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019Ben Le Belge Limited34367-20/05/2019
20/03/2019BENATIA ESTATES LIMITED47617-20/05/2019
20/03/2019BIBI BROTHERS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED43891Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Bilfinger Guernsey Limited49743Annual validation filed on 25/04/2019-
20/03/2019Bletchley Consulting Limited58208-20/05/2019
20/03/2019BLINK HOLDING CO. LIMITED52651-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Block Commodities Limited53855Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019BLUE BELL WOODS LIMITED60489Annual validation filed on 31/03/2019-
20/03/2019Blue Ginger Guernsey Limited65311Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019BLUE TREE CAPITAL LIMITED55021-20/05/2019
20/03/2019BLUEJET LIMITED46591Annual validation filed on 15/05/2019-
20/03/2019BOLASHAK GUERNSEY PCC LIMITED53592Annual validation filed on 15/04/2019-
20/03/2019BOOT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED50642-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Bordeaux Red Limited65371Annual validation filed on 20/05/2019-
20/03/2019Braye Limited41341Annual validation filed on 03/05/2019-
20/03/2019Bream Investments Limited20106Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Bridbuild Construction Limited62531-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Briez Marine Limited63880Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Bright Futures LBG64964Annual validation filed on 03/04/2019-
20/03/2019BROXTON HOLDINGS LIMITED54710-20/05/2019
20/03/2019BUILDPOD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED50505-20/05/2019
20/03/2019C E Properties Limited38992Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019C V Developments Limited46376Annual validation filed on 12/04/2019-
20/03/2019C.I. Distillery Company Limited65714Annual validation filed on 24/06/2019-
20/03/2019C.W.N. HOLDINGS LIMITED58196-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Cactus CI Limited64707-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Cactus Holdings Limited62495-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Cactus Services Limited64706-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Cactus UK Limited64708-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Cactus US Limited64709-20/05/2019
20/03/2019CALL Asset Management Limited55487Annual validation filed on 08/04/2019-
20/03/2019CAM CONSULTANTS LIMITED46909Annual validation filed on 24/03/2019-
20/03/2019Cameron Place Holdings Limited24862-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Capital Finance (Guernsey) Limited63110Annual validation filed on 02/07/2019-
20/03/2019Capital For Life PCC Ltd.63465Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019Cardinal Partners Limited36582Annual validation filed on 01/05/2019-
20/03/2019Cashmere Investments Limited65776Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019CASTEL SERVICE STATION LIMITED53070Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019CAVAFY INVESTMENTS LIMITED57534-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Cedar Facilities Management Limited62168Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Celtic Marine (Guernsey) Limited44289Annual validation filed on 20/05/2019-
20/03/2019Centillion Limited65782Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019Central Motors Limited65227Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019CENTRAL RAND GOLD LIMITED45108Annual validation filed on 08/05/2019-
20/03/2019Chanson Limited63479Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Cherry Homes (Guernsey) Limited61603Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Cherub Investments Limited5727-20/05/2019
20/03/2019CLEARVIEW SERVICES LIMITED60062-20/05/2019
20/03/2019CLEARVIEW TRADING LIMITED60130-20/05/2019
20/03/2019CLEVELEY HOUSE LIMITED49377Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019CM Shelf Co 8 Limited64214Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019CMOL Holdings Limited65355-20/05/2019
20/03/2019CNP PROFESSIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED53443Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019COLLECTABLE & RARE FUND GP LIMITED62173-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Colonial Products and Equipment Limited7279Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019COMPANY OF ARCHITECTURE LIMITED49711-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Compass Properties Limited6935Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Condor Holdings Limited42291Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019Condor Limited738Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019Condor Logistics (Guernsey) Limited29790Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019Condor Marine Crewing Services Limited30656Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019CPK HOLDINGS LIMITED43723Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Crockfords Investments Limited28885Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019CROWD MEDIA LIMITED52149Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019CSR HOLDING LIMITED51344Annual validation filed on 30/04/2019-
20/03/2019CSR Limited47945Annual validation filed on 30/04/2019-
20/03/2019CURA LIMITED51816Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019CYD LTD.62340Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019D.A.H. Hambros (Channel Islands) Limited32264Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019Dalmacia Holdings Limited63592-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Darwan Holdings Limited28415Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019DE CATAPAN MANAGEMENT LIMITED62194-20/05/2019
20/03/2019De Minimis Investments Limited24593-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Dellinger Limited62105Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019DERAMORE PROPERTY INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED55455Annual validation filed on 23/03/2019-
20/03/2019Diamond Industry Associates Limited41344Annual validation filed on 15/04/2019-
20/03/2019Dixcart Group UK Holding Limited65357Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019DOMESTIC SPRINKLERS GUERNSEY LIMITED57125Retained at the request of Revenue Service and Third Party20/05/2019
20/03/2019DOMINO INVESTMENTS LIMITED51178Annual validation filed on 24/03/2019-
20/03/2019Doutor Investments Limited48225Annual validation filed on 04/04/2019-
20/03/2019Dover Limited31442Annual validation filed on 02/05/2019-
20/03/2019Driftwood Inn Co Ltd.63437Annual validation filed on 03/05/2019-
20/03/2019DROIT MEDIA LIMITED60219Annual validation filed on 02/04/2019-
20/03/2019Dry Bone Herzlia Limited65038Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019DW ENTERPRISES LIMITED46401Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019E&P Holdings Limited61509Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Eclat Auto Works Limited61059-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Edmond Limited31287Annual validation filed on 02/04/2019-
20/03/2019EDP Guernsey Limited64437Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019EIP Guernsey Limited64438Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019ELEMENTOS LTD.53634-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ELEVATIONS LIMITED57643Annual validation filed on 11/04/2019-
20/03/2019Elite Recruitment (Guernsey) Limited62301-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Elmleigh Holdings Limited32527-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Emerald Catering Limited64584Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Equicentric Limited65168Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019ESAN PROPERTY LIMITED49599-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ESRG DIGITAL LIMITED59924-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ESRG Investments Limited62552-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ESRG LAND LIMITED58454-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ESRG SPORTS LIMITED59925-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Essence & Co Guernsey International Limited65189Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019EURO MED REAL ESTATE LIMITED45124Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019EUROWISE PROPERTY GROUP LIMITED60531-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Ferris Limited3438Annual validation filed on 01/05/2019-
20/03/2019Figtree Limited64828Annual validation filed on 15/05/2020-
20/03/2019FILM RIGHTS EXCHANGE LIMITED54239-20/05/2019
20/03/2019FISH LIMITED59864Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019FLYCATCHER LIMITED50238-20/05/2019
20/03/2019FME Integrated Ltd.61729Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019Foreshore Consultancy Services Limited59205-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Formula Scaffolding Limited45569Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019Fort Grey Tea Company Limited61173Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Fortalice Limited31991Annual validation filed on 04/04/2019-
20/03/2019Four Oaks Capital (Guernsey) Limited48143Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019FOX PROPERTIES LIMITED56540Retained by 3rd party20/05/2019
20/03/2019FPM 100 NEW BRIDGE STREET LIMITED51367Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Fractional Property Solutions Limited65260Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Frieden Holdings Limited64693-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Fuschia Holdings Limited38766-20/05/2019
20/03/2019FUSION DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED44440-20/05/2019
20/03/2019FUSION ENGINEERING AND MOTORWORKS LIMITED60172Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019FUTURE VALUES LIMITED56878-20/05/2019
20/03/2019G H INTERIORS LIMITED46323Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019GAMING SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED60232Annual validation filed on 04/04/2019-
20/03/2019Garm Limited62444Annual validation filed on 09/04/2019-
20/03/2019GEMINI HOLDINGS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED59726Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019GENESIS DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED53159Annual validation filed on 28/05/2019-
20/03/2019GENESIS PROPERTIES LIMITED55447Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019GLOUCESTER HOLDINGS LIMITED58261Annual validation filed on 16/04/2019-
20/03/2019GMS Limited64718Annual validation filed on 15/04/2019-
20/03/2019GNTR HOLDING LIMITED57989-20/05/2019
20/03/2019GONDOLA INVESTMENTS (GP) LIMITED51068-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Goodramgate Luxe Limited59067-20/05/2019
20/03/2019GPA HOLDINGS LIMITED52975Annual validation filed on 30/04/2019-
20/03/2019GRANITE MANAGEMENT LIMITED54952Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Great Global Holdings Limited48395Annual validation filed on 23/04/2019-
20/03/2019Great Northern Holdings Limited65301Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019GREENMORE INVESTMENTS LIMITED56839Annual validation filed on 30/04/2019-
20/03/2019Greenspace Holdings Limited46383Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Grey Wolf Interests and Technologies Limited61934Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Grisnoir Limited13426-20/05/2019
20/03/2019GRQ Holdings Limited37801-20/05/2019
20/03/2019GSC LIMITED56877-20/05/2019
20/03/2019GUCO INTERNET SUPPLIES LIMITED49249Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Guernsey Academy of Gymnastics Limited64795Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019GUERNSEY AIRTEL LIMITED45232Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019GUERNSEY BERRIES LIMITED61483Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019GUERNSEY COLLEGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY LBG58065Annual validation filed on 25/04/2019-
20/03/2019Guernsey Ladies Football Club LBG61790Annual validation filed on 25/04/2019-
20/03/2019GUERNSEY MOTOR NEURONE LBG60738Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019GUERNSEY NEURO CONCERN LBG60739Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019Guernsey Sailing Trust LBG.41483Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019Guernsey Touch LBG42970Annual validation filed on 12/04/2019-
20/03/2019GUERNSEY UNION D'ESCRIME LBG49883Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Guildhall Corporate Investments Limited61345-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Guildhall Investment Services Limited62126-20/05/2019
20/03/2019GUILLOUTEL LIMITED50844-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Gulf-Med Marine Limited24603Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019HACKNEY ARCHES LIMITED55774-20/05/2019
20/03/2019HACKNEY ARCHES NO. 2 LIMITED56909-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Harbour Holdings (Guernsey) Limited64806-20/05/2019
20/03/2019HARMONY INTERNATIONAL ASSETS LIMITED61507Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Harwood Holdings Limited56792Annual validation filed on 17/04/2019-
20/03/2019HASSANESCO PROPERTY LIMITED48529Annual validation filed on 14/05/2019-
20/03/2019Hazelwood Commercial IC Limited46225Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019HBA Capital Limited61044Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019HBS PROPERTY LIMITED52391Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Hero Recruitment Limited62604Annual validation filed on 30/01/2020-
20/03/2019Heroes & Legends Ltd.64996Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019HIDALGO COUNTY LIMITED48839Annual validation filed on 15/05/2019-

Annual validation filed on 30/04/2019

20/03/2019HILLSBOROUGH INVESTMENTS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED46077Annual validation filed on 30/04/2019-
20/03/2019Home Grown Limited63979Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Home James Limited36945Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019Homeward Ventures Limited65607Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Hooley Limited41609Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019HORSESHOE HOLDINGS LIMITED58392-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Hot Source Limited65616Annual validation filed on 28/03/2019-
20/03/2019Hotel du Pommier Limited33629Annual validation filed on 28/03/2019-
20/03/2019Hotel Dunchoille Limited22923-20/05/2019
20/03/2019HQ Hair Limited52888Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019I M Investments Limited41832-20/05/2019
20/03/2019IB ROOFING LIMITED57673Annual validation filed on 21/05/2019-
20/03/2019IBRC German Retail Limited44335-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ICEOTOPE LIMITED54204Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019IIAB PCC LIMITED48260Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019IMMUNO BIOTECH LTD.53796Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Infinity Consulting Limited63063-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Inkiton Limited63155Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019INTEGRITAS ARTS LIMITED60129Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Integrity Group Limited64393-20/05/2019
20/03/2019INTER FINANCIAL LIMITED47014Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019International Marine Radio Company Limited61460Annual validation filed on 01/04/2019-
20/03/2019INVESTMENT PARTNERS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED54206Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019iSkill Gaming Limited61707-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ISLAND JOINERY LIMITED58672Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Islanders Association LBG65100Annual validation filed on 20/05/2019-
20/03/2019Islanders Charity LBG65097Annual validation filed on 20/05/2019-
20/03/2019ITZAN PROPERTY LIMITED45513Annual validation filed on 03/05/2019-
20/03/2019IVAR NHG LTD.63991-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Ivory Limited18744Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/ Limited52189Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019JACALA PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED60270-20/05/2019
20/03/2019JALON HOLDINGS LIMITED47118Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019Jardine Company Limited34720-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Jelical Investments Limited62642-20/05/2019
20/03/2019JERRYVILLE ESTATES LIMITED49951-20/05/2019
20/03/2019JG ARCHITECTURE LIMITED56186Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019JG Global Limited63981-20/05/2019
20/03/2019JJW INVESTMENT LIMITED49379-20/05/2019
20/03/2019JM3 Limited62450-20/05/2019
20/03/2019JUNCTION PROPERTY LIMITED53133Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019JUNGLE FUN HOUSE 2014 LIMITED58989Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019K.B. (C.I.) Nominees Limited58452Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019KD Dance Ltd.65086Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019Ken Properties Limited16725Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Kevro Trading Limited26905Annual validation filed on 13/05/2019-
20/03/2019KHALED PROPERTY LIMITED53439-20/05/2019
20/03/2019KITCHEN GARDEN (GUERNSEY) LIMITED51620Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Konstanz Finance Limited61860Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019Konstanz Group Limited61859Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019Konstanz Originations Limited61861Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019Konstanz Security Trustees Limited61862Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019KULIK INVESTMENTS (G) IC LIMITED52085Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019KULIK INVESTMENTS (H) IC LIMITED52087Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019KULIK INVESTMENTS (I) IC LIMITED52088Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019Kulik Investments (J) IC Limited64069Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019Kulik Investments B IC Limited46850Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019Kulik Investments D IC Limited46920Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019KWIPCO LIMITED52920-20/05/2019
20/03/2019L.E.D. LIMITED56332Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019LA CARRIERE STABLES AND TACK SHOP LIMITED55929Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019LA COLOMBIERE LIMITED49264Annual validation filed on 28/03/2019-
20/03/2019La Cour de Longue Limited34522-20/05/2019
20/03/2019LA MAROTTE HOLDINGS LIMITED40655-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Lachelnd Holdings Limited64690-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Laesa Limited24417Annual validation filed on 08/05/2019-
20/03/2019Langdale Nominees Limited19448Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019LANGOUSTINE YACHT COMPANY LIMITED50907Annual validation filed on 29/04/2019-
20/03/2019Laska Limited61020Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019LE COIN DE LA VILLE MANAGEMENT LIMITED61212Annual validation filed on 25/04/2019-
20/03/2019Le Platon Home LBG65123Annual validation filed on 28/03/2019-
20/03/2019LEGIS GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED52860Annual validation filed on 30/04/2019-
20/03/2019L'Eree Bay Hotel (1996) Limited31529Annual validation filed on 28/03/2019-
20/03/2019LES PAGES LIMITED52983Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Les Rosiers Limited27005-20/05/2019
20/03/2019L'Etiennerie Farm (2002) Limited33479Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019LG Developments Ltd.61734Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019LHF HOLDINGS LIMITED60831Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019LIBERTY CONSULTING LIMITED45495-20/05/2019
20/03/2019LIGHTHOUSE LIMITED52899-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Lineage UK Holdings Limited65678Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Lineage UK Intermediate Holdings Limited65679Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Little Gem Cleaning Co Limited62591-20/05/2019
20/03/2019LMDH HOLDINGS LTD.52443-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Luminate Limited64208Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019LumX Group Limited47547Annual validation filed on 24/04/2019-
20/03/2019LUXE BRAND ASSETS LIMITED59807-20/05/2019
20/03/2019LUXEMBOURG ART LIMITED53931Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019LX Investments Limited58291Annual validation filed on 15/05/2019-
20/03/2019Lynton Holdings Limited31384Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019M & H Fine Furnishings Limited63377Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019M.R.W. Installations Limited36097Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019MADIHAN LIMITED56997Annual validation filed on 31/03/2019-
20/03/2019Maggies Limited63360Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Manayer Property Company Limited40803Annual validation filed on 03/05/2019-
20/03/2019MANKIND HOLDINGS LIMITED52666Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019MARAIS FINE ARTS LTD.56260Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Marinai Marine Limited28011Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019Marog Holdings Limited39811-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Maxwell Capital Limited63605-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Maya Property Group Limited60461Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019MAZETE HOLDINGS LIMITED59799Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019Meadowcrofts Drycleaners Limited60901-20/05/2019
20/03/2019MEDIA CONFIDENTIAL LIMITED53012Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019MEIF II CHANNEL ISLANDS TRANSPORT HOLDINGS LIMITED48922Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019MEIF II CHANNEL ISLANDS TRANSPORT LIMITED48921Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019MELFORD LIMITED56640-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Melton Limited33785-20/05/2019
20/03/2019MENSA Limited65759Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Meritwell Limited62775-20/05/2019
20/03/2019MGC GROUP LIMITED59260Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Milner Cap Holdings Limited65388-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Mimosa Ltd.64922Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Minerium Limited65645-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Mitco Germany Five Limited44852-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Mitco Germany Four Limited44601-20/05/2019
20/03/2019MJ Hudson Fiduciaries Limited59697Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019MJ Hudson Fund Management Guernsey Limited64536Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019MMI LIMITED54306-20/05/2019
20/03/2019MOLECULE LIMITED59257Annual validation filed on 20/05/2019-
20/03/2019MONAVIA LIMITED49606Annual validation filed on 08/04/2019-
20/03/2019MOONFLEET INVESTMENTS LIMITED42525-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Morganite Limited18988Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019MORNING LANE LIMITED60694-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Mount Street Investments PCC Limited65205Annual validation filed on 08/04/2019-
20/03/2019MPG Holding Limited47370Annual validation filed on 29/04/2019-
20/03/2019MPH LIMITED54693-20/05/2019
20/03/2019MS Engineering Limited30793Annual validation filed on 28/03/2019-
20/03/2019MSS 3 Limited61017Annual validation filed on 09/04/2019-
20/03/2019MSS Property Fund Management Limited38980Annual validation filed on 23/04/2019-
20/03/2019MY FITNESS LIMITED56442Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019NARESHI LIMITED52961Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Narrow Mine Properties Limited19972Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019NASSAU GOLD LIMITED59047Annual validation filed on 18/04/2019-
20/03/2019Natalie Limited36364Annual validation filed on 14/05/2019-
20/03/2019Navigator Guernsey GP Limited58971Annual validation filed on 13/05/2019-
20/03/2019NAVIGATOR PCC LIMITED58786Annual validation filed on 13/05/2019 
20/03/2019NC GROUP (GUERNSEY) PCC LIMITED56609-20/05/2019
20/03/2019NCC Compliance Limited61632Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019NEODYS LIMITED49748-20/05/2019
20/03/2019NMC Limited61163Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019NO. 4 ST. JOHN'S ROAD LTD.65147Annual validation filed on 16/04/2019-
20/03/2019Nordic Investments Limited64724Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019NORLANDS LANE PROPERTY LIMITED58733Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019North Star Group Limited58690-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Number 1 Services Limited63462Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019NUMBER 42 LIMITED50981Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Nuovo Capital Group Limited61787-20/05/2019
20/03/2019OCEANIC INVESTMENTS LIMITED60021Annual validation filed on 01/04/2019-
20/03/2019Octagon Holdings Limited29621-20/05/2019
20/03/2019OCTANE PROPERTY LIMITED59544Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019OFFSHORE MINDS LIMITED48534-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Offshore Restorations Limited64977Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Oi Limited62135-20/05/2019
20/03/2019OJJ Limited64948Annual validation filed on 12/06/2019-
20/03/2019Oleochem International Services Limited58349Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019OMNIREX CAPITAL LIMITED64887-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ON LINE MANAGEMENT LIMITED51384Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019ON THE ROCK IT LIMITED53378-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Oodles Limited64662Annual validation filed on 14/07/2020-
20/03/2019Optimum (Les Carterets) Holiday Homes Limited931Annual validation filed on 19/05/2019-
20/03/2019Ormer Consulting Limited63588Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019ORMER INVESTMENTS LIMITED58118Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019ORTZADARA LIMITED59510Annual validation filed on 14/05/2019-
20/03/2019OSG LENDING LIMITED58089-20/05/2019
20/03/2019OysterOwnership Limited56398Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019P3 PROJECTION COATINGS (GSY) LIMITED53162Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019PAMAS LIMITED51065-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Pan Shine Holdings Limited64240Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Papagaio Investments Limited64888Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019PAPILLON PROPERTIES LIMITED45669Annual validation filed on 13/05/2019-
20/03/2019Park Lane Consultancy Ltd.65521Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Patrick Enterprises Limited38903Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Paul Jordan & Sons Electrical Limited62843Annual validation filed on 20/05/2019-
20/03/2019PBS Business Solutions (Gsy) Limited33807Annual validation filed on 29/04/2019-
20/03/2019PEBL LBG53773-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Pedvin Holdings Limited34992Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019PENDULUM ACCELERATION PCC LIMITED55653Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Penoni Limited26456Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019Perals Investment Limited41315-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Perelle Bay Hotel Limited28753Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019Personal Holdings Limited34713-20/05/2019
20/03/2019PHOENIX HOMES (NO 2) LIMITED50905-20/05/2019
20/03/2019PHOENIX HOMES HOLDINGS LIMITED50904-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Phoenix Homes Limited5278-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Phoenix Tumbling and Gymnastics Ltd.65532Annual validation filed on 23/06/2019-
20/03/2019PJD Automotive Limited63187Annual validation filed on 16/10/201920/05/2019
20/03/2019PLATINUM ST JAMES LIMITED46562Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019PLUM PROPERTIES LIMITED56171Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019PMA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED64980-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Polarplus Healthcare Limited62820Annual validation filed on 23/03/2019-
20/03/2019Pont De L'Atlantique Limited65034-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Power Ventures Guernsey Limited38722-20/05/2019
20/03/2019PREMIER YACHT SERVICES LIMITED55093-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Priory Healthcare Group (Middle East) Limited30895Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019Prisma Limited27387-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Production Drilling Limited65180Annual validation filed on 03/05/2019-
20/03/2019Professional Decorating Services Limited64232Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Pulse Mechanical Electrical Guernsey Limited54298Annual validation filed on 16/04/2019-
20/03/2019Pulse Mechanical Electrical Limited62950Annual validation filed on 16/04/2019-
20/03/2019PURCHASE TWO LIMITED51611-20/05/2019
20/03/2019QUAINS PROPERTY COMPANY LIMITED46835Annual validation filed on 12/04/2019-
20/03/2019Qualis Ltd.65736Annual validation filed on 04/06/2019-
20/03/2019Quill's Limited31379-20/05/2019
20/03/2019R.D.A. Trading and Marine Co Limited20401Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Rainbow Cleaning Limited63303Annual validation filed on 15/05/2019-
20/03/2019RAINBOW COVENANT LIMITED55023-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Rapport Consultancy Limited65200Annual validation filed on 04/04/201920/05/2019
20/03/2019Raptor International Limited62081Annual validation filed on 29/04/2019-
20/03/2019RAPTURE INDUSTRIES LIMITED59145Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019RAW24 Limited60923Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Realty Investment Advisors Limited59712Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019Red Dragon Estates Limited61051-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Red Kite Partners Limited61806Annual validation filed on 02/05/2019-
20/03/2019REEM PROJECTS COMPANY LIMITED45133Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019Reflection Limited33458-20/05/2019
20/03/2019RIDGELINE ROOFING LTD.59873Annual validation filed on 04/04/2019-
20/03/2019Rietfontein Holdings Limited63402-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Rivadon Investments Limited64125Annual validation filed on 31/03/2019-
20/03/2019Rival Limited65757Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Riverside Guernsey (Nominees) Limited61999-20/05/2019
20/03/2019RMS LIMITED55022-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Rockfizz Limited62822-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Rominta Shipping Company Limited12801-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ROOMI LIMITED54789Annual validation filed on 04/04/2019-
20/03/2019Rowan Construction Limited62893Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Contributions20/05/2019
20/03/2019Roy's Ceramics Limited34455-20/05/2019
20/03/2019ROZEL RESIDENTIAL HOLDINGS LIMITED46911Annual validation filed on 24/03/2019-
20/03/2019RPS PCC Limited63406-20/05/2019
20/03/2019RS ENGINEERING LIMITED58047-20/05/2019
20/03/2019RSC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED49808Annual validation filed on 1705/2019-
20/03/2019Rubellite Limited19281Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019RUBYDOG LIMITED52473-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Rushbury Limited27175Annual validation filed on 21/05/2019-
20/03/2019Safe as Houses Capital Limited58359Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019SALTER GUERNSEY LIMITED58290-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Samnuggur Jute Company Limited63839Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019Sark Green Energy Limited65360-20/05/2019
20/03/2019SARNIA SEA LIONS SWIM SCHOOL LBG56684Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019SBM FRAM LIMITED55871Annual validation filed on 15/05/2019-
20/03/2019SCOOTIE AND BUGGLE LIMITED55841-20/05/2019
20/03/2019SDB SYSTEMS LIMITED55932Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Seahorse Guernsey Limited64629Annual validation filed on 11/04/2019-
20/03/2019SEDGEDON LIMITED54201Retained by 3rd party20/05/2019
20/03/2019Self Build Limited64126Annual validation filed on 01/04/2019-
20/03/2019Sen-Net Guernsey Limited65019Annual validation filed on 05/06/2019-
20/03/2019SEQUOYAH FINANCE ONE LIMITED53388Annual validation filed on 20/05/2019-
20/03/2019Shake Mix Muddle Limited62273Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Shield Blockchain Infrastructure PCC Limited65484-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Silverfox Limited21138-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Silvermere Capital Partners Limited64340Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Simlot Limited27499Annual validation filed on 21/05/2019-
20/03/2019Sirius Applied Technology Limited35365-20/05/2019
20/03/2019SKIL GLOBAL PORTS & LOGISTICS LIMITED52320Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019SL Bury Limited63807Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019SL Heywood Limited63570Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019Slappie Limited63741Annual validation filed on 02/07/2019-
20/03/2019Sligbur Limited62930-20/05/2019
20/03/2019SMG Holdings Limited63276-20/05/2019
20/03/2019SOUP ARCHITECTS LTD.65116Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019SPF Private Clients (Channel Islands) Limited44610Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019SPICA MANAGEMENT LIMITED57596-20/05/2019
20/03/2019SPIKE PRODUCTIONS LIMITED43352Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019SPITTAL FIELD HOLDINGS LIMITED52027Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019St Martin's Community Centre.39504Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019STAMFORD PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED52889Annual validation filed on 24/05/2019-
20/03/2019Stoneworks Developments Ltd.64136Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019Stoneworks Limited62082Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019STRAND HOLDINGS LIMITED57546-20/05/2019
20/03/2019STRELIZIA LIMITED50214-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Stylist's Own Limited63687Annual validation filed on 02/04/2019-
20/03/2019SUAD & REEM PROPERTY COMPANY LIMITED51573Annual validation filed on 08/05/2019-
20/03/2019Summertime Ltd.63814-20/05/2019
20/03/2019SUN ROCK LIMITED59696-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Sunrise Investments Limited61852Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019SURELINE LIMITED55316Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019SW PROPERTY LIMITED59242Annual validation filed on 01/04/2019-
20/03/2019SW7 ASSET MANAGEMENT GP LIMITED58682Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019SYBARITE LIMITED58676-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Synthesis Holdings Limited63994Retained by third party20/05/2019
20/03/2019TCA Guernsey GP Limited61495-20/05/2019
20/03/2019TCH LIMITED55019-20/05/2019
20/03/2019TEC Services Limited64917Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Tech-Zone Limited64312Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019TeeVee Networks Limited61026-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Temple Estates Limited14405Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019Terrella Capital Limited63019-20/05/2019
20/03/2019THE CONFEDERATION OF GUERNSEY INDUSTRY42918Annual validation filed on 26/04/2019-
20/03/2019THE FRIENDS OF SAUMAREZ PARK PLAYGROUND LBG55223Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019The General Agency Co. Limited6958-20/05/2019
20/03/2019The Good Life Limited63080Annual validation filed on 31/03/2019-
20/03/2019The Guernsey Chamber of Commerce.37792Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019THE GUERNSEY GROUP OF THE RIDING FOR THE DISABLED ASSOCIATION LBG59246Annual validation filed on 24/03/2019-
20/03/2019The Market Pub Limited60963Annual validation filed on 21/05/2019-
20/03/2019The Ombra Group Limited64862Annual validation filed on 02/07/2019-
20/03/2019THG Omega Limited59064Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Thompson Investments Limited62607-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Thompson Motors Limited5367Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019Three Towers Care Homes & Healthcare Special Situations I PCC Limited63968-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Tiger Blue Limited65290Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019Titaghur Jute Company Limited63850Annual validation filed on 27/03/2019-
20/03/2019Titanate Limited19285Annual validation filed on 16/05/2019-
20/03/2019Toad Hall Properties Limited33782Annual validation filed on 08/05/2019-
20/03/2019TREEHOUSE LIMITED44652-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Trigger Limited62229Annual validation filed on 14/05/2019-
20/03/2019Trinity Management Limited4110Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019Triton Holdco Limited65303Annual validation filed on 21/03/2019-
20/03/2019TURNBRIDGE LIMITED58259Annual validation filed on 17/05/2019-
20/03/2019Turner Flooring Limited65430Annual validation filed on 19/05/2020-
20/03/2019Two Cocktail Bar Limited65482Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019TY Martin Limited37494Annual validation filed on 22/03/2019-
20/03/2019UK Real Estate III GP Limited65751-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Urbane Limited65426Annual validation filed on 01/05/2019-
20/03/2019UTHANDO FOTOGRAFIE LIMITED58718-20/05/2019
20/03/2019V.G. Image Limited22746Annual validation filed on 25/03/2019-
20/03/2019Valencia Limited39236-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Vauvert Holdings Limited34995-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Velmer Logistics Limited63912Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-
20/03/2019Ventoux Holdings Limited64139-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Ventoux Limited64140-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Ventura Limited by Guarantee43863-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Victoria Investment Group Limited61758Annual validation filed on 12/04/2019-
20/03/2019Volant Capital Partners Limited62432-20/05/2019
20/03/2019VV PROMOTIONS LIMITED59857Annual validation filed on 28/03/2019-
20/03/2019W. Higgs and Sons Limited313-20/05/2019
20/03/2019W.H. Cohu Limited18656-20/05/2019
20/03/2019WALTON PROPERTIES LIMITED56907Annual validation filed on 01/05/2019-
20/03/2019WATER TREATMENT SERVICES LIMITED56903-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Waves Academy Limited63454Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019WCI Limited63656Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019WEBTEL.MOBI (HOLDINGS) LIMITED50866Annual validation filed on 15/05/2019-
20/03/2019WEBTEL.MOBI LIMITED50775Annual validation filed on 15/05/2019-
20/03/2019Whirlwind Limited38282-20/05/2019
20/03/2019WHITE ROCK GROUP LIMITED56707Annual validation filed on 21/05/2019-
20/03/2019Whiteridge Real Estate I (Guernsey) Limited65027Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax20/05/2019
20/03/2019WIN INTERACTIVE GROUP LIMITED56058-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Woodhouse Investment Holdings Limited61851-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Worldwide Realty Management Consultants Limited21331-20/05/2019
20/03/2019YTD Limited41620-20/05/2019
20/03/2019Yummi Limited64399Annual validation filed on 28/05/2019-
20/03/2019Zeta Guernsey Limited63830Annual validation filed on 26/03/2019-
20/03/2019ZING LIMITED52206Annual validation filed on 28/03/2019-
20/03/2019ZONE LIMITED51762Annual validation filed on 29/03/2019-


Companies listed for strike off for failure to file an annual validation in 2019

Unless cause is shown to the contrary, the companies listed below will be struck off on the notice expiry date.

Date of PublicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date
05/09/19BUILD LIMITED52264-05/11/19