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Person/entity PINs

To make submissions on the Online Services Portal you will need either a company/entity PIN or a director/person PIN.

Note: If you are logged in to the Online Services Portal as a Corporate Service Provider, you will not need to use PINs to make submissions.

Requesting & changing PINs

If you have lost or do not have a PIN, you can request one using the Online Services Portal. New entity PINs are sent to the registered office address, new person PINs are sent to the individual's residential address.

PINs can also be changed to a more memorable number.

Guidance NoteDescription
pdf icon Registered Person or Entity PIN requests - guidance [2Mb]Step-by-step guidance on how to request a new PIN using the Online Services Portal
pdf icon PIN Maintenance (Change your Entity or Personal PIN) [941kb]Step-by-step guidance on how to change your entity/person PIN using the Online Services Portal

PINs and submission types

The table below shows the PIN requirements for each submission:

SubmissionPIN required
Add/Remove Company DirectorsEntity PIN
Add/Remove Company Resident AgentEntity PIN
Annual Validation - CompanyEntity PIN
Annual Validation Amendment - CompanyEntity PIN
Change Company DetailsEntity PIN
Change Company NameEntity PIN
Change Company Registered Office AddressEntity PIN
Change Personal Details (Director, Guardian, Councillor)Person PIN
Change Service Address for a DirectorEntity PIN
General RectificationEntity PIN
Resolution Filings - CompanyEntity PIN
Voluntary Strike Off - CompanyEntity PIN
Voluntary Wind Up - CompanyEntity PIN