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Introduction to the Online Services Portal

The Guernsey Registry is replacing the old portal with a new Online Services Portal on the 4th December, which will allow users to:

-  Search for companies, charities, limited partnerships, foundations and limited liability partnerships

-  Request copies of company, charity, limited partnership, limited liability partnership and foundation documents

-  Manage a watchlist of watched companies

-  Receive notifications to your 'My Filings' page when submissions are filed against companies in your watch list

-  File company, charity, limited partnership, foundation, and limited liability partnerships submissions.

The portal will remain in place for Trademarks and intellectual property submissions and for the Guernsey Finance Funding Levy payments. This will be moved into the new portal at a later date.

What you need to do

To use the new portal and to make filings on behalf of an entity you will need to:

1. Log In & set up multi-factor authentication

There are some changes that have been made to accessing the new portal, which have been designed to increase the security of the registers. Most users will be able to use their existing portal username to log in to the new portal but will be required to reset their passwords and set up multi-factor authentication. We understand that this may be confusing for some users and full guidance on how to do this is in this document:pdf icon New Guernsey Registry online Services Portal [5Mb]

2. Become an authorised filer (not CSPs or regulated presenters)

Entity PINs are being replaced by the requirement to become an authorised filer, this is a one-off exercise to submit an authorised filer declaration which ensures only those individuals expressly permitted to act on behalf the company may do so. This is a significantly more secure means of identification than the entity PIN and prevents PIN loss / theft or inappropriate sharing.

This requirement does not apply to corporate service providers or regulated presenters who will be automatically authorised as regulated users of the service.

Full guidance on what is required to become an authorised filer and how to make the submission online is available here Authorised Filer & Nominated Person

Users will not be able to submit filings, or the Annual Validation, without first becoming an authorised filer. It is therefore recommended that this process is carried out as soon as possible once the new system is available from the 4th December 2023 and by the 12th January 2024 at the latest.  You will be able to file these in the new system from the 4th December 2023. 

Resident Agents Only

The way in which non-corporate service provider resident agents are authorised to make filings, specifically and solely those filings related to beneficial ownership has changed in the new portal. Agents will be required to file a nominated persons form, which will include uploading proof of authorisation, proof of address and certified proof of ID before any changes to beneficial ownership information can be submitted. Guidance is available here Authorised Filer & Nominated Person.

Support Available

For help with the new portal and making submissions the Registry phone lines and office is open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday. If you visit the Registry offices please bring a smartphone, laptop or tablet with you so that you can access your email account for multi-factor authentication. 

We appreciate that moving to a new system will be challenging but hope that we can work with users to ensure this process is as smooth as possible, to ensure that the new system works for our users, and to ensure that Guernsey continues to be a jurisdiction of choice for businesses both now and in the future.

Further information is available in the guidance notes below.


We would appreciate your feedback on the new portal so that we can continue to improve it over the coming months and make it as easy to use as possible. You can give us your feedback via this Feedback Form

Guidance NoteDescription
pdf icon New Guernsey Registry online Services Portal [5Mb]Guidance on how to register, log in and set up multi-factor authentication on the Online Services Portal.
pdf icon Portal Navigation [1Mb]Guidance on navigating the portal
pdf icon Authorised Filer Guidance [3Mb]Guidance on how to become an authorised filer and how to make the submission in the Online Services Portal. 
pdf icon Authorised Filer Declaration [105kb]A template authorised filer declaration.
pdf icon Nominated Person Guidance [764kb]Guidance on submitting a nominated person submision on the Online Services Portal.
pdf icon CSP & RP Presenter Groups [1Mb]Guidance for CSP and regulated presenters on managing presenter groups
pdf icon Searching Registers & Ordering Documents [2Mb]Guidance on searching the registers and ordering documents.

Making submissions online

Information and step-by-step guidance on how to make specific submissions using the Online Services Portal is being updated for the new portal and can be found on the following pages:

Annual validations