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A foundation is created and established, by anyone, or more persons, endowing the foundation with its initial capital and subscribing his name, as the founder, to the constitution of the foundation. 

An application for registration as a foundation must be made to the Guernsey Registry. 

Applications can only be made by GFSC fiduciary licensed corporate service providers who will undertake the necessary AML/CFT customer due diligence. 


An application for registration must include:-

  • The name of the Foundation

  • Its registered office address (this must be in Guernsey)

  • The foundation charter, detailing its purpose

  • The names and service address of the councillors

  • The name and service address of the Guardian (if applicable)

  • Details of the resident agent


Upon receipt of a valid application the Registrar shall register the Foundation, a registration number will be allocated, and the name and number will be added to the electronic Foundations Register (available to view online 24 hours a day).  A certificate of registration will be issued to the Foundation detailing its registered name, number, the date of establishment, and the duration of the Foundation (if applicable).  A copy of the registration certificate will be filed and stored electronically at the Guernsey Registry.