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Quarterly Register Statistics 2014

Reported StatisticsQ1 2014Q2 2014Q3 2014Q4 2014

Limited Companies

Register size  18,87518,93019,12918,935
 Normal Status17,62117,88518,07517,952
 Strike off listed434254242213
 Wind Up Resolution726691704659
 Compulsory Wind Up Action94100108111
Number of incorporations Total444389435499
 Normal (24 hours)408348391453
 Rapid (2 hours)31374237
 Special (15 minutes)5429
Migrations In 6624
Migrations Out 2635
Amalgamated 2119
Total Dissolved 343321225409
Voluntary Strike Off Applications 154150160399
Service Standards (see guidance for details)     
Annual Validation Compliance (Jan 2014) 98.27%---

Limited Partnerships

Register size Total on register1,5661,6111,6291,640
LP Registrations 66575758
LP Dissolved 28143847


Register sizeTotal on Register18202225

Limited Liability Partnerships

Register sizeTotal on Register

new product

May 14


Charities and NPOs

Register size - Charitiestotal on register


taken on by Registry

June 14

Register size - NPOstotal on register-

taken on by Registry


June 14