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October 2012

The following table includes notices from the Registrar in accordance with the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 for October 2012, in order of section of law.

Any person who is directly affected by a decision of the Registrar may apply to the Royal Court under Section 511 of the law for an order that the decision be set aside or modified.

Date ReceivedCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsDate of Removal

Section 25 - Change of Name

02/10/12EFG Investments (Guernsey) Limited33350Changed to: EFG Investments Limited16/10/12
04/10/12EFG Financial Products (Guernsey) Limited48057Changed to: EFG International Finance (Guernsey) Limited18/10/12
09/10/12FF&P Russia Real Estate Adviser Holdings Limited44893Changed to: GHP Russia Real Estate Adviser Holdings Limited23/10/12
09/10/12FF&P Russia Real Estate Advisers Limited44892Changed to: GHP Russia Real Estate Advisers Limited23/10/12
09/10/12Bumblebee Boat Cruises Limited 55646Changed to: Bumblebee Marine Limited23/10/12
09/10/12Hesima Technologies Limited53281Changed to: Deep Sea Solutions Limited23/10/12
11/10/12VML Uganda Limited48135Changed to: New Kush Mining Limited25/10/12
11/10/12Odyssey Investment Advisors Limited52231Changed to: Harmsworth Investment Advisors Limited25/10/12
11/10/12IPSUM Hidd Holding Company Limited44056Changed to: Malakoff Summit Hidd Holding Company Limited25/10/12
11/10/12Matrix European Real Estate Investment Trust Limited44115Changed to: European Real Estate Investment Trust Limited25/10/12
11/10/12FRT Directors Limited28232

Changing to: Nedgroup Private Wealth Directors Limited

11/10/12Kaust Investments No.5 Limited51170Changed to: K Auriga Investments No. 5 Limited25/10/12
12/10/12Furniture Depot Direct Limited40265Changed to: Lazy Jack Limited26/10/12
12/10/12Harwood Guernsey Limited54625Changed to: Worsley Asset Management Limited26/10/12
12/10/12Harwood Guernsey (Holdings)Limited54900Changed to: PQ61 Limited26/10/12
24/10/12VIF GP Limited52895Changed to: The Stripe Group (Guernsey) Limited07/11/12
24/10/12VIF FP GP Limited52896Changed to: TSG Properties (Guernsey) Limited07/11/12
24/10/12Bembik Crew IC Limited55560Changed to: Dragonfly Crew IC Limited07/11/12
25/10/12Ignis Credit Opportunities Holdings Limited48883Changed to: Castle Hill Credit Opportunities Holdings Limited08/11/12
25/10/12Fairbairn Trust Company Limited23460Changed to: Nedgroup Trust Limited08/11/12
25/10/12FRT Secretarial Limited28233Changed to: Nedgroup Private Wealth Secretarial Limited08/11/12
25/10/12FRT Directors Limited28232Changed to: Nedgroup Private Wealth Directors Limited08/11/12
30/10/12Risk Applications Limited52884Changed to: Princeps Limited13/11/12

Section 46 - 57 - Conversions


Section 69 - Application for Amalgamation

01/10/12Channel Islands Fuels Limited2404Amalgamating with: Channel Islands Fuels Convenience Stores Limited- 3414301/11/12

Section 70 - Amalgamation


Section 97 - Migration

02/10/12Elk Creek Holdings Limited33803Removed from Register in Guernsey: 28/09/12-
04/10/12Bexville Limited44179Migrating from Guernsey on: 03/12/12-
04/10/12Komo Holdings Limited44442Migrating from Guernsey on: 03/12/12 -
04/10/12Trenython Investments Limited44189Migrating from Guernsey on: 03/12/12-
04/10/12Hustyns Developments Limited44449Migrating from Guernsey on: 03/12/12-
05/10/12Markham Investments Limited25949Migrating from Guernsey on: 05/11/12-
23/10/12Seaway Enterprises Limited15049Migrating from Guernsey on: 22/11/12-
23/10/12Bion Limited18436Migrating from Guernsey on: 23/11/12-
23/10/12Pemley Limited22668Migrating from Guernsey on: 23/11/12-
25/10/12EFG Investments Limited33350Migrating from Guernsey on: 22/11/12-
30/10/12Quantum Limited52974Migrating from Guernsey on: 28/11/12-

Section 357 - Voluntary Strike Off - Company will be struck from the register after the expiration of two calendar months from the date of notice unless cause is shown to the contrary.

01/10/12Whitgreave Limited1058-  01/12/12
01/10/12MCN MET Detection Limited 54074-01/12/12
01/10/12Minnigaff Investments Limited 31468-01/12/12
02/10/12Festive Decor Limited22659-02/12/12
02/10/12Risk Solutions Limited51317-02/12/12
02/10/12Gas Light Consulting Limited49230-02/12/12
03/10/12Villamora Investments Limited 43919-03/12/12
04/10/12Ocean Mandalay Limited39796-04/12/12
04/10/12Anglo Siberian Oil Company Holdings Limited33295-04/12/12
04/10/12Young Designers Limited50676-04/12/12
09/10/12African Resource Management Limited53528-09/12/12
09/10/12Ubk Asset Management (Guernsey) Limited12328-09/12/12
09/10/12Clarity Minerals Limited49227-09/12/12
09/10/12Levant Consulting Ltd46391-09/12/12
09/10/12Logie Holdings Limited55422-09/12/12
09/10/12Pan Gulf Aviation Limited42530-09/12/12
09/10/12Nelson Place Developments Limited54121-09/12/12
11/10/12Prosperity Quest II GP Limited51443-11/12/12
11/10/12Forge Limited45702-11/12/12
11/10/12Baulyn Limited48951-11/12/12
11/10/12Cannon Bagatelle Limited27791-11/12/12
11/10/12La Jaoniere De La Lande Holding Company Limited39140-11/12/12
12/10/12Hadawe Holdings Limited51621-12/12/12
12/10/12Stargroup Limited40627-12/12/12
12/10/12Vita International (Guernsey) Limited47452-12/12/12
12/10/12Sarhan Twins Company Limited47793-12/12/12
12/10/12CG Limited52524-12/12/12
12/10/12Copperstone Investments Limited50219-12/12/12
12/10/12Wigwam Limited42648-12/12/12
12/10/12Elland Technologies Limited44464-12/12/12
16/10/12Draco Limited41487-16/12/12
16/10/12Goshawk Limited38385-16/12/12
16/10/12Primedaw Properties Limited41931-16/12/12
16/10/12Charterhouse Holdings Limited52196-16/12/12
16/10/12Kleopatra Guernsey II Limited53691-16/12/12
16/10/12Aub General Partner (Guernsey) Limited40481-16/12/12
16/10/12Great Concessions Limited48379-16/12/12
16/10/12Metal Match Limited54955-16/12/12
17/10/12Guernsey Growers Association Services Limited28888-17/12/12
17/10/12Megastar Holdings Limited52541-17/12/12
17/10/12Virtiq Limited47625-17/12/12
17/10/12Bar Nine (Guernsey) Limited55090-17/12/12
17/10/12Genius Holdings Limited50369-17/12/12
17/10/12MIO Partners (Guernsey) Limited26339-17/12/12
17/10/12Business Continuity Online Limited42510-17/12/12
23/10/12Mercator Pensions and Benefits Limited45085-23/12/12
23/10/12Ripal Limited26702-23/12/12
23/10/12Film Development (2) Limited39606-23/12/12
23/10/12Film Development (6) Limited39610-23/12/12
23/10/12Film Distribution Limited41601-23/12/12
23/10/12Scion Productions (4) Limited41893-23/12/12
23/10/12Scion Productions (6) Limited42310-23/12/12
23/10/12Burnt Mill Limited40838-23/12/12
23/10/12Sandy Hook Stores Limited1747-23/12/12
23/10/12Scion Productions (2) Limited39611-23/12/12
23/10/12Film Acquistion Limited41886-23/12/12
23/10/12Ciic Limited46023-23/12/12
23/10/12Ago's Acres Developments Limited46470-23/12/12
23/10/12FMS International Limited48885-23/12/12
23/10/12Petrelen Associates Limited25257-23/12/12
23/10/12Lobnya 2 Holdings Limited54235-23/12/12
23/10/12Lobnya 2 Limited54234-23/12/12
23/10/12Helga Greene Limited3802-23/12/12
23/10/12Crusade Investment Holdings Limited36632-23/12/12
23/10/12Les Echelons Directors Limited55577-23/12/12
23/10/12Les Echelons Secretaries Limited55578-23/12/12
23/10/12Bay Properties Limited29205-23/12/12
23/10/12Upstream Investment & Trading Limited41085-23/12/12
23/10/12Chamonix Investments Limited53578-23/12/12
23/10/12Voyager Productions Limited26504-23/12/12
23/10/12Crew Services 2010 Limited51434-23/12/12
23/10/12Agrex Corporation Limited6177-23/12/12
23/10/12Jet Leg Limited46581-23/12/12
23/10/12Aquarius Yacht Management Limited53910-23/12/12
23/10/12Leda Limited51526-23/12/12
24/10/12Steel-Wire Trading Limited49446-24/12/12
24/10/12New Hopper Holdings (Guernsey) Limited53395-24/12/12
24/10/12Zeenath Investments Limited52341-24/12/12
25/10/12New Hopper (Guernsey) Limited53396-25/12/12
25/10/12Otley Riverside Investments Limited41546-25/12/12
25/10/12Otley Riverside Properties Limited41542-25/12/12
25/10/12Hunt US GP Limited 52218-25/12/12
25/10/12OEL (International) Limited32817-25/12/12
25/10/12Factory Electric Holdings Limited48943-25/12/12
25/10/12Design Element Limited35453-25/12/12
25/10/12Global Event Management Limited46270-25/12/12
25/10/12Hunt US MLP Limited52217-25/12/12
25/10/12Longue Hougue Investment Holdings Limited36839-25/12/12
25/10/12Strategic Asset Management Limited25614-25/12/12
25/10/12PB Nominees (Guernsey) Limited25317-25/12/12
25/10/12Lebara Group Limited44176-25/12/12
25/10/12Cascade Limited45590-25/12/12
25/10/12Chichester Holdings Limited52146-25/12/12
26/10/12Sarasota Marine Limited44080-26/12/12
26/10/12BHL Europe Limited54746-26/12/12
26/10/12Cloosey Holdings Limtied33859-26/12/12
26/10/12Busac Limited27589-26/12/12
26/10/12Blueline Limited By Guarantee41745-26/12/12
26/10/12Raven Properties Limited45914-26/12/12
26/10/12G H Investments Limtied43032-26/12/12
26/10/12Latimer Holdings Limited45358-26/12/12
26/10/12Barraboy Investments Limited14632-26/12/12
26/10/12Island Live Media Limited50611-26/12/12
26/10/12Island Online Limited51664-26/12/12
26/10/12Earthly Delights Limited50013-26/12/12
26/10/12Rhodium Stone PCC Limited54999-26/12/12
26/10/12Wellington Holdings Limited40015-26/12/12
30/10/12Klone Limited19551-30/12/12
30/10/12RNR Travel Limited48185-30/12/12
30/10/12Madd Limited46190-30/12/12
30/10/12Arkle Limited41698-30/12/12
30/10/12Powerscourt Limited33129-30/12/12
30/10/12Trafficworx Limited41856-30/12/12
30/10/12Haydon Nah IC Limited54846-30/12/12
30/10/12Toko Furniture Limited55072-30/12/12
31/10/12Admiral Holdings (Devonport) Limited49358-31/12/12
31/10/12D2 Limited48830-31/12/12
31/10/123M Limited52679-31/12/12
31/10/12HR Management Limited48531-31/12/12
31/10/12Mixpixie (Guernsey) Limited53408-31/12/12
31/10/12Chmi Marine Limited54797-31/12/12
31/10/12S.D. Investments Limited11841-31/12/12
31/10/12Ecardata Limited52960-31/12/12
31/10/12Mennie Holdings Limited40685-31/12/12
31/10/12Cplanco Limited47982-31/12/12
31/10/12Mcateer Watson (Guernsey) Limited45452-31/12/12
31/10/12Stainton Limited30481-31/12/12
31/10/12New Alpha Holdings Limited39376-31/12/12
31/10/12Tamino Limited43632-31/12/12
31/10/12Crawford Marine Limited24668-31/12/12
31/10/12Cable Investments Limited35807-31/12/12
31/10/12Bear River Limited45540-31/12/12
31/10/12Pistor Maritimus Limited46096-31/12/12
31/10/12Winlock Limited23973-31/12/12
31/10/12Oak Grove Limited47488-31/12/12
31/10/12Adva Capital Management, Limited52510-31/12/12
31/10/12Armada Holdings PCC Limited46385-31/12/12
31/10/12Shore Marine Limited47749-31/12/12
31/10/12Adva Healthcare Partners, Limited52511-31/12/12
31/10/12Continential Investments Limited34379-31/12/12
31/10/12Acterna Investments Limited39012-31/12/12
31/10/12Green Stone IC Limited50730-


31/10/12Carlisle Properties Limited48848-31/12/12
31/10/12Brandaroma Holdings Limited44936-31/12/12
31/10/12Richmond Hill Investments Limited41805-31/12/12
31/10/12Woodlands Hotel (Guernsey) Limited54555-31/12/12
31/10/12Steve Queripel Limited40491-31/12/12
31/10/12Art-Reflex Trading Limited50225-31/12/12

Section 370 - Application for Restoration to the Register


Section 375 - Administration


Section 392 - Winding Up Resolution (Appointment of Liquidator)

01/10/12Bentima House Holding Company Limited48603Liquidators: Tyrone Shaun Courtman and Nicholas John Edwards-
02/10/12Nordic Equity Limited22694Liquidators: Carey Commercial Limited of 1st and 2nd Floors, Elizabeth House, Les Ruettes Brayes, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1EW -
02/10/12Procuritas G.P.2 Limited24199Liquidators: Carey Commercial Limited of 1st and 2nd Floors, Elizabeth House, Les Ruettes Brayes, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1EW-
02/10/12Guernsey Engineering Investments Limited29669Liquidators: A.D. Burt FCA of P.O. Box 179, De Catapan House, The Grange, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 4HH-
04/10/12Uni-Hedge GBF Alternative IC Limited48622Liquidators: James Robert Toynton and Alan John Roberts of Lefebvre House, Lefebvre Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3TF-
09/10/12N. & E. (Overseas) Limited7455Liquidators: Christopher Kim Rayment of BDO LLP, 125 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 3SD-
09/10/12Park Square Capital Credit Opportunities General Partner Limited46362Liquidators: James Robert Toynton and Alan John Roberts of Lefebvre House, Lefebvre Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3TF -
11/10/12Buy-Out Holdings Limited22684Liquidators: Carey Commercial Limited, 1st and 2nd Floors, Elizabeth House, Les Ruettes Brayes, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1EW-
16/10/12Sussex Property Limited35630Liquidators: Mr Christian Marinus Harvey of Cleland & Co Limited, First Floor, Harbour Court, Les Amballes, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WU-
23/10/12Idomeneo Limited38084Liquidators: Richard Stapley Limited of P.O. Box 349, Maison de Haut, La Grande Rue, St Saviours, Guernsey, GY1 3UZ-
23/10/12GO Equity MLP Limited38081Liquidators: Richard Stapley Limited of P.O. Box 349, Maison de Haut, La Grande Rue, St Saviours, Guernsey, GY1 3UZ-
23/10/12GC Services Limited38383Liquidators: Kemp Le Tissier Limited of Suite 2, Houmets House, Rue des Houmets, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7XZ-
24/10/12The Glanmore Property Accumulation Fund Limited43688Liquidators: James Robert Toynton and Alan John Roberts of Grant Thornton Limited, PO Box 313, Lefebvre House, Lefebvre Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3TF-
25/10/12Raven Ukraine I Limited47205Liquidators: Mr Timothy Cumming of PKF (Channel Islands) Limited-
26/10/12Adelante PCC Limited35385Liquidators: Angus Kemp of Kemp Le Tissier-
30/10/12Kirra Holdings Limited46245Liquidators: Mrs Vay Osborn, Chartered Accountant, of 3rd Floor, Elizabeth House, Ruettes Brayes, St Peter Port, Guernsey-
30/10/12Kirra Investments Limited30826Liquidators: Mrs Vay Osborn, Chartered Accountant, of 3rd Floor, Elizabeth House, Ruettes Brayes, St Peter Port, Guernsey-
30/10/12Autosil Holding Limited28251Liquidators: BDO Limited of Place du Pre, Rue du Pre, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3LL -
30/10/12Aanv Limited46369Liquidators: IPES Trustees Limited of 1 Royal Plaza, Royal Avenue, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2HL-
31/10/12Iret Securities Limited51711Liquidators: Linda Maree Johnson and Ashley Charles Paxton, both of KPMG Channel Islands Limited, 20 New Street, St Peter Port, GY1 4AN-

Section 396 - Change of Appointed Liquidator


Section 400 - Voluntary Winding Up - Company will be removed at the expiration of three calendar months from the date of notice.

01/10/12T Holdings Limited52228Final Meeting: 21/09/1201/01/13
02/10/12Balboa Services Limited42697Final Meeting: 28/09/1202/01/13
04/10/12Investor Group Asia G.P. Limited41376

Final Meeting: 01/10/12

04/10/12Transo Yachting Limited41914Final Meeting: 02/10/1204/01/13
11/10/12BCEC V Limited48576Final Meeting: 05/10/1211/01/13
11/10/12Eaga PCC Limited49577Final Meeting: 05/10/1211/01/13
11/10/12The Vinum Fine Wine Fund PCC Limited46636Final Meeting: 05/10/1211/01/13
16/10/12Ocean Capital 3 (Opportunities Fund) Limited48845Final Meeting: 05/10/1216/01/13
17/10/12Longwood Investments Limited12973Final Meeting: 16/10/1217/01/13
23/10/12Elite Bonds Limited42361Final Meeting: 09/01/1223/01/13
23/10/12Elite Equities Limited42362Final Meeting: 09/01/1223/01/13
23/10/12Nordic Equity Limited22694Final Meeting: 18/10/1223/01/13
23/10/12Redmond Limited26175Final Meeting: 19/10/1223/01/13
23/10/12Procuritas G.P.2 Limited24199Final Meeting: 18/10/1223/01/13
24/10/12Special Situations Venture Managers (MLP) Limited38773Final Meeting: 23/07/1224/01/13
24/10/12Maryland Service Station (2003) Limited41400Final Meeting: 12/10/1224/01/13
25/10/12Clariden Intermediate Investments Limited39848Final Meeting: 24/10/1225/01/13
25/10/12Clariden Leu Investments PCC Limited27630Final Meeting: 24/10/1225/01/13
25/10/12Vineet Bhatia Restaurants Limited52042Final Meeting: 24/10/1225/01/13
30/10/12Lion Lake Capital Limited46128Final Meeting: 25/10/1230/01/13
30/10/12Boreas Capital Limited46375Final Meeting: 25/10/1230/01/13
31/10/12Brockton Capital I (Real Pubs) Limited47972Final Meeting: 30/10/1231/01/13
31/10/12Brockton Capital I (Norman) Limited47971Final Meeting: 30/10/1231/01/13
31/10/12Distribution Partners (Guernsey) Limited44657Final Meeting: 15/10/1231/01/13

Section 415 - Compulsory Winding Up Order


Section 420 - Final Notice of Compulsory Winding Up


Section 459 - Receivership Order


Mission Germany Capital Cities Fund as a cell of Mission Real Estate Investment Funds PCC Limited (48168)

-Joint Receivers: James Robert Toynton and Alan John Roberts-