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Fee Schedule - Companies

Detailed below are the fees and charges levied by the Guernsey Registry for Limited Companies.

The fees are designed to encourage the use of Guernsey products and services as opposed to other jurisdictions.  Please see the link below for a copy of the fee regulations which are lodged at the Greffe.

ServiceSection of the lawFee payableNotes
Incorporation fees   
Incorporation - standard17£100Incorporated within 24 hours
Incorporation - rapid17£350Incorporated within 2 hours
Incorporation - special17£750Incorporated within 15 minutes - certain restrictions apply
Incorporated Cell registration17£100Incorporated within 24 hours
Company name reservation27£25Per company name. Reservation for 3 months.
Annual validation fees   
Annual Validation - non regulated company234£250 
Annual Validation - financial product company234£500 
Annual Validation - Incorporated cell and protected cell company234£750In addition £100 per incorporated cell, £10 per protected cell
Annual Validation - GFSC Regulated Management company    234£1,000 
Annual Validation - OUR Regulated company234£1,000 
Annual Validation - not for profit organisations234£100No fee applies to Guernsey registered charities as per The Charities and Non Profit Organisations (Registration) (Guernsey) Law, 2008
Annual Validation - other corporate bodies and regulated entities234£500 
Late filing fee237£100 per calendar month

Late Fee: Civil Penalty for a company which fails to submit its annual validation - Section 237 (1) (b).

This fee will be applied on 1 March and thereafter every calendar month or part thereof.

Changes to company particulars   
Change of name25£25 
Application to register an alternative name in a non-roman script21A£25 
Application to restore a company to the Register370£1,500Please refer to the regulations below and the relevant sections of the law for details of the additional fees charged.
Application for an amalgamation69£1,000 
Application for conversion, transfer or subsumption46-57£100 
Application to migrate an overseas company INTO Guernsey83£100Companies supervised by the GFSC must have prior GFSC consent.
Application to migrate a company OUT of Guernsey97£1,500 
Change company details NO CHARGEThere is no charge to change company details - classification, purpose, economic activity code - using the 'change company details submission'.
Change personal details NO CHARGEThere is no charge to change personal details - address, telephone number, email etc - using the 'change personal details submission'.
Company document filing   
Change of registered office address30


£10 electronic filing. £20 if document filed by post or by hand
Change of Directors145 (1) (a)£10£10 electronic filing. £20 if document filed by post or by hand
Special, waiver and unanimous resolutions178,179 &180£10£10 electronic filing. £20 if document filed by post or by hand
Change of Memorandum and/or Articles of Incorporation41-42


£100 for both documents - £50 for each document
Other document filing501£10Per document. £10 electronic filing. £20 if document filed by post or by hand
Late document filing fee501£2 per dayCharged each calendar day after filing deadline date. Capped at £50 for Non-Regulated Companies, Guernsey Registered Charities and Not for Profit Organisations, and capped at £100 for all other companies.
Copies of Company documents      
Document filings501£2Per document
Certification of document filings501£10Per document
Request for a copy of the entire company file501 

Charge dependent on the number and type of documents - capped at £100 unless the request results in excessive work volumes and/or a burden upon Registry resources.

Copy fee does not include certification charges.

Copy Certificates and Statement of the Register   
Statement of the Register501£10£10 electronic version, £25 certified version
Certificate of Good Standing501£10£10 electronic version, £25 certified version
Copy Certificates501£10£10 electronic version, £25 certified version
Miscellaneous charges   
Exceptional charges501£300 per hour per member of staffThis fee applies where a request, in the reasonable opinion of the Registrar, will result in excessive work volumes and/or is a burden upon Registry resources. The application of the exceptional charges will be advised in advance of any work being undertaken by the Registry.

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