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October 2011

The following table includes notices from the Registrar in accordance with the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 for October 2011, in order of section of law.

Any person who is directly affected by a decision of the Registrar may apply to the Royal Court under Section 511 of the law for an order that the decision be set aside or modified.

Date ReceivedCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsDate of Removal

Section 25 - Change of Name


The Golf Partnership Limited


Changing to: Jetworx Limited

04/10/11Raven Ukraine Limited47121Changing to: Raven Russia Pulkovo I Limited18/10/11
10/10/11MBL Guernsey PCC Limited52041Changing to: Sainsbury's Guernsey PCC Limited24/10/11
12/10/11ORM International Limited50062Changing to: QXI International Limited26/10/11
12/10/11Altenberg Gardens Limited54077Changing to: Altenburg Gardens Limited26/10/11
14/10/111540 Broadway Opportunity Limited52509Changing to: 1540 Broadway Equity Limited28/10/11
14/10/11Stirling Health International Limited51692Changing to: Ezyslym Limited 28/10/11
14/10/11Telephony Holdings Limited49393Changing to: Baseline (Asia) Limited28/10/11
18/10/11Guernsey Touch Rugby LBG 42970Changing to: Guernsey Touch LBG01/11/11
18/10/11Corilius (Guernsey) Limited41793Changing to: V4C Investment Advisers Limited01/11/11
18/10/11Corilius Holdings Limited41473Changing to: Value4Capital Holdings Limited01/11/11
19/10/11Corvus Administration Limited53851Changing to: Belasko Administration Limited02/11/11
26/10/11Leopard Guernsey Corsham Limited54000Changing to: Leopard Guernsey Old Street Limited09/11/11
26/10/11Leopard Guernsey Corsham Holding Limited54107Changing to: Leopard Guernsey Old Street Holding Limited09/11/11
26/10/11Corsham Street GP (Guernsey) Limited54111Changing to: Old Street GP (Guernsey) Limited09/11/11
27/10/11Meteor Corporate Solutions PCC Limited52485Changing to: IXE Strategic Investments PCC Limited10/11/11
27/10/11Wintrust Secretaries Limited42922Changing to: WS Limited10/11/11
27/10/11Wintrust Nominees Limited42921Changing to: WN Limited10/11/11
27/10/11Wintrust Guernsey Limited42920Changing to: WG Limited10/11/11
28/10/11Holborn Pearl Limited53968Changing to: SKS Energy & Resources Limited    11/11/11
31/10/11EMG (Guernsey) Limited47310Changing to: Emerging Markets Group Holdings Limited14/11/11

Section 46 - Conversion

14/10/11EC Maritime Limited54012Conversion into PCC: New company name - EC Maritime PCC Limited-

Section 69 - Application for Amalgamation

19/10/11Blink Holding Co. Limited52651Amalgamating with: ExAlt Aircraft Holdings Limited (40338)16/11/11

Section 70 - Amalgamation


Section 97 - Application for Migration

10/10/11Rejuvenation PCC Limited47840Migrating from Guernsey-
19/10/11Gill-Shaw Farm Limited8317Migrating from Guernsey-
24/10/11Arcturus Downs Limited20375Migrating from Guernsey-

Section 98 - Notice of Migration

10/10/11Adrigo Limited18324Date of Migration: 10/10/2011-

Section 355 - Listed for Involuntary Strike Off


Section 355 - Involuntary Strike Off


Section 357 - Voluntary Strike Off - Company will be struck from the register after the expiration of two calendar months from the date of notice unless cause is shown to the contrary.

03/10/11Armcote Investments Limited16670-03/12/11
03/10/11Bamfield Holdings Limited37643-03/12/11
03/10/11Selected Wine Importers Guernsey Limited41582-03/12/11
03/10/11CanArgo (Kaspi) Limited33967-03/12/11
03/10/11Radmire Investments Limited52908-03/12/11
04/10/11Georgia-North Carolina Limited43138-04/12/11
04/10/11Claigmar Developments Limited38291-04/12/11
04/10/11Grosvenor Investment Company Limited50398-04/12/11
04/10/11Cheiders Limited39767-04/12/11
04/10/11Rye Limited21646-04/12/11
04/10/11Ceaboat Limited21454-04/12/11
05/10/11Prees Heath Limited18991-05/12/11
05/10/11Schweitzer Limited37732-05/12/11
05/10/11English School of Business International Limited49333-05/12/11
05/10/11Vicarage Capital Limited48562-05/12/11
06/10/11Portholme Properties Limited18237-06/12/11
06/10/11Kingfisher Sports Limited25365-06/12/11
06/10/11Bold Investments Limited37737-06/12/11
06/10/11Celtic Pharma Holdings II Co-op Limited48857-06/12/11
06/10/11Benchmark Business Services Limited51389-06/12/11
06/10/11Fashionspace Limited45950-06/12/11
07/10/11Feijoa Holdings Limited49196-07/12/11
07/10/11Karibufaida II Limited49296-07/12/11
07/10/11Frontfin Property Limited49327-07/12/11
07/10/11St. Peters Marketing Limited19674-07/12/11
07/10/11Julia Holdings Limited49298-07/12/11
07/10/11Morrigan Holdings Limited49205-07/12/11
09/10/11La Collina Holdings Limited45226    -09/12/11
09/10/11Greenback Group Limited51288-09/12/11
09/10/11Unigreen Systems Limited51356-09/12/11
11/10/11Rudford Developments Limited18810-11/12/11
11/10/11Foxton Limited15240-11/12/11
11/10/11Kamila Property Company Limited49281-11/12/11
11/10/11Payment Systems Investments Limited48640-11/12/11
11/10/11Voltaire Limited51652-11/12/11
11/10/11Hassah International Limited53579-11/12/11
11/10/11FAP Hedge Fund Opportunities Fund GP Limited48316-11/12/11
11/10/11Praxis Fiscal Consultants Limited37850-11/12/11
11/10/11Hordika Limited50250-11/12/11
11/10/11Coochie Coo Limited50594-11/12/11
12/10/11Festive Decor (2009)50128-12/12/11
12/10/11Alvanegor Holdings Limited49389-12/12/11
12/10/11DMS Limited52727-12/12/11
13/10/11World Express (C.I.) Limited7827-13/12/11
13/10/11The Jasmine Restaurant Of Windsor Limited40667-13/12/11
13/10/11Kentwood Limited50078-13/12/11
13/10/11East Mediterranean Investments Limited28551-13/12/11
13/10/11Celebration Limited42100-13/12/11
13/10/11Vernita Marine Limited22117-13/12/11
14/10/11NB Limited51149-14/12/11
14/10/11Marmorelle Limited48373-14/12/11
17/10/11Patriot Properties Limited40157-17/12/11
17/10/11Marinvest Offshore Limited50031-17/12/11
17/10/11Queenstown Limited49177-17/12/11
17/10/11Continental Property Holding Limited53755-17/12/11
17/10/11F.H. Books Limited2847-17/12/11
18/10/11Broadwey Management (Guernsey) Limited30923-18/12/11
18/10/11Blue Water Rallies Limited32115-18/12/11
19/10/11Hero Yacht Charters Limited49405-19/12/11
19/10/11Martin Howard Associates Limited26683-19/12/11
19/10/11Leopold Joseph & Sons (Guernsey) Nominees Limited2936-19/12/11
20/10/11Little Herbal International Limited44894-20/12/11
20/10/11Instanet Limited36331-20/12/11
20/10/11NT Nominee Two Limited46538-20/12/11
20/10/11Coal Limited    34898-20/12/11
20/10/11NT Secretary Limited46539-20/12/11
20/10/11Trafalgar Trust Company (Guernsey) Limited46541-20/12/11
20/10/11NT Director One Limited46535-20/12/11
20/10/11NT Director Two Limited46536-20/12/11
20/10/11NT Nominee One Limited46537-20/12/11
21/10/11Varykino Limited32627-21/12/11
21/10/11F H Books Limited2847-21/12/11
21/10/11Technical Mining Services Limited29708-21/12/11
21/10/11City Hill Investments Limited39768-21/12/11
24/10/11Ucan Limited41472-24/12/11
24/10/11MJT Investment Holdings Limited30270-24/12/11
24/10/11Kettlewell Limited53820-24/12/11
24/10/112.12 The Knightsbridge Limited44470-24/12/11
24/10/11Saline Nominees Limited18358-24/12/11
24/10/11Finchley Limited51253-24/12/11
24/10/11The Apartment Limited34798-24/12/11
24/10/11Prosperity Quest II Limited51444-24/12/11
24/10/11Montier High Alpha Fund of Funds Limited43088-24/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 106 Limited46791-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 111 Limited47698-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 112 Limited47699-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 113 Limited47700-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 114 Limited47701-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 115 Limited47702-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 116 Limited47703-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 117 Limited47704-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 118 Limited47705-25/12/11
25/10/11Friquet Services Limited52539-25/12/11
25/10/11Dee Caf LBG43444-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 8 Limited45586-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 29 Limited45986-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 105 Limited46610-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 104 Limited46609-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 83 Limited44677-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 80 Limited44246-25/12/11
25/10/11Hobart 73 Limited43572-25/12/11
26/10/11Second Place Limited52136-26/12/11
26/10/11Hauler Limited38244-26/12/11
26/10/11OPM Guernsey Limited49726-26/12/11
26/10/11Mascolo Group (Guernsey) Limited39645-26/12/11
26/10/11Burbank Limited25474-26/12/11
26/10/11Baha Limited47904-26/12/11
26/10/11FGI (Water Park) Limited40308-26/12/11
26/10/11Inka Limited50011-26/12/11
26/10/11Alberto Bueno Image Limited52823-26/12/11
27/10/11Valencia Properties Limited41249-27/12/11
27/10/11Brenton Cove Yachting Limited48123-27/12/11
27/10/11Guernsey Entertainment Services Limited 20970-27/12/11
27/10/11Legacy Investments Limited35187-27/12/11
27/10/11Thorn Investments Limited35199-27/12/11
27/10/11Binsted Holdings Limited47273-27/12/11
27/10/11Assissi Investments Limited8733-27/12/11
27/10/11Andaman Limited52280-27/12/11
27/10/11Readerswives Collective LBG48726-27/12/11
27/10/11Hanois Holdings Limited49435-27/12/11
27/10/11First Home Limited47974-27/12/11
27/10/11IQ Conferences Limited53548-27/12/11
27/10/11Print Management Services Limited24694-27/12/11
28/10/11Grimming Limited26069-28/12/11
28/10/11Sage Capital Global Limited44127-28/12/11
28/10/11BeCCo Biofuels Limited44120-28/12/11
28/10/11Berlinwasser Middle East Limited50671-28/12/11
28/10/11Telso Limited31880-28/12/11
28/10/11City Hill Holdings Limited 39997-28/12/11
28/10/11Fraconda Holdings Limited1220-28/12/11
28/10/11Luckmore 2005 Limited43493-28/12/11
28/10/11Sage Capital Markets Limited44128-28/12/11
28/10/11P M Computer Services Limited35065-28/12/11
28/10/11Hyperion Limited3845-28/12/11
30/10/11Theodoma International (Trading) Limited38526-30/12/11
30/10/11Theodoma International Limited37396-30/12/11
30/10/11Theodoma (Guernsey) Limited39476-30/12/11
30/10/11Forestry Partnership Limited51495-30/12/11
30/10/11Global Green Services Products Limited51158-30/12/11
31/10/11Pulp Limited45575-31/12/11
31/10/11Cairns Investment Holdings Limited36135-31/12/11
31/10/11Sabine Investments Limited35983-31/12/11
31/10/11Lister Capital Limited53192-31/12/11
31/10/11Mr. Fine Arts Limited35777-31/12/11
31/10/11Dream Maritime Company Limited50223-31/12/11
31/10/11Pachira International Limited50226-31/12/11
31/10/11UK Retail Investment GP LTD.51484-31/12/11
31/10/11Kevin Lewis Films Limited50003-31/12/11
31/10/11Arcolene Limited38152-31/12/11
31/10/11Payline Systems Limited40458-31/12/11
31/10/11Mirage Playa Limited40648-31/12/11
31/10/11Ryecraft Limited17507-31/12/11
31/10/11Valentine Investments No.10 Limited36093-31/12/11
31/10/11Marble Bay Limited41666-31/12/11
31/10/11Montrabeau Limited40665-31/12/11
31/10/11Ositech Investments Limited31673-31/12/11
31/10/11PTC Limited48585-31/12/11
31/10/11Smiths Wheels UK Holdings Limited33758-31/12/11
31/10/11Theodoma (Channel Islands) Limited48646-31/12/11
31/10/11Rmsquared (Guernsey) Limited52163-31/12/11
31/10/11Mercator Fiscal Services Limited39102-31/12/11
31/10/11Transatlantic Properties Limited19496-31/12/11
31/10/11Le Courtillet Limited40913-31/12/11
31/10/11Triple Kirks Investments Limited43149-31/12/11
31/10/11Specialist Personnel (Guernsey) Limited14673-31/12/11
31/10/11Indus Blue One Limited51661-31/12/11
31/10/11Busines Continuity and Sales Limited50047-31/12/11
31/10/11Drummer Limited42399-31/12/11
31/10/11Westleigh Properties Limited35785-31/12/11
31/10/11Tana Netting Guernsey LTD.52818-31/12/11
31/10/11Wharf Property Group Limited35396-31/12/11
31/10/11Swissvest PCC Limited43279-31/12/11
31/10/11Pachira IP Limited50437-31/12/11
31/10/11Wharf Property Group No.2 Limited36502-31/12/11
31/10/11Wharf Properties (Homes) No.2 Limited37668-31/12/11
31/10/11The Douglas Hickox Foundation LBG43146-31/12/11
31/10/11Stratex Capital International Limited51906-31/12/11
31/10/11Swissvest (Guernsey) Limited43083-31/12/11
31/10/11Movie Zone (Guernsey) Limited37184-31/12/11
31/10/11The Stuff Your Rucksack Foundation LBG47000-31/12/11

Section 370 - Restoration to the Register

03/10/11Idle Rocks Hotel (1975) Limited4579Application for Restoration to the Register-

Section 375 - Administration

27/10/11British Real Estate Fund Limited37913Registrar has received notice that the company intends to apply to the Royal Court to place the company in administration on 1/11/11-

Section 392 - Winding Up Resolution (Appointment of Liquidator)

03/10/11VSS ECP Management Limited49092Liquidator: Angus Kemp of Kemp Le Tissier-
03/10/11Lantana Properties Limited44546Liquidator: BDO Limited of PO Box 180, Place du Pre, Rue du Pre, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3LL-
05/10/11Bella Luce Hotel Limited1129Liquidator: FRIM Services Limited of Martello Court, Admiral Park, St Peter Port, Guernsey-
05/10/11Southern Cross Limited18814Liquidator: FRIM Services Limited of Martello Court, Admiral Park, St Peter Port, Guernsey-
07/10/11Nova Insurance Limited18182Liquidator: Mr Nathan Hodder, BDO Limited, P.O. Box 180, Place Du Pre, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3LL-
10/10/11Chosui Limited52250Liquidator: Verduro Associated Limited of PO Box 3149, Pasea Estate, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands-
12/10/11Intron Limited10408Liquidator: Pierre Andre-Genillard of 1ER Studio, 8 Rue Sainte Devote 98000, Monaco-
17/10/11EMS-Finance (Guernsey) Limited38450Liquidator: Gregory Robert of Lince Salisbury Limited, Avenue House, St Julian's Avenue, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WA-
19/10/11Investec Global Energy Long Short Fund Limited 49746Liquidator: Mr Grant Cameron-
19/10/11Ambrosia PCC Limited44927Liquidator: Tim Cumming of Sarnia House, Le Truchot, St Peter Port, Guernsey-
21/10/11Britannic Holdings Limited1061Liquidator: R A Angliss, La Tonnelle House, Les Banques, St Sampson, Guernsey-
24/10/11Conisbrough Holdings Limited30785Liquidator: Collenette Jones Limited-
25/10/11Bluestone Fund Limited50506Liquidator: Martyn Mahe of Chandler Backer & Co, Houmet House, Rue des Houmet, Castel, Guernsey-
26/10/11Gig Alpha Invest Limited33865Liquidator: Michael J Fattorini-
28/10/11Wilfred T. Fry (C.I.) Limited16744Liquidator: Carey Commercial Limited of 1st & 2nd Floors, Elizabeth House, Les Ruettes Brayes, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1EW-

Section 392 - Winding Up Resolution (No Liquidator Appointed)

11/10/11Regency (Migrated) Limited52665--

Section 396 - Change of Appointed Liquidator


Section 400 - Voluntary Winding Up - Company will be removed at the expiration of three calendar months from the date of notice.

03/10/11Fairway Fund Management (Guernsey) Limited37922Date of Final Meeting: 30/09/1103/01/12
06/10/11Sundial Investments Limited9780Date of Final Meeting: 15/09/1106/01/12
07/10/11Headrow Reinsurance Limited35692Date of Final Meeting: 07/10/1107/01/12
07/10/11Chainpoint Limited41924Date of Final Meeting: 29/09/1107/01/12
10/10/11MSS UK Property Index Fund Management Limited44295Date of Final Meeting: 01/07/1110/01/12
12/10/11Argowe Limited5751Date of Final Meeting: 30/09/1112/01/12
13/10/11Massmart Worldwide Limited32336Date of Final Meeting: 10/10/1113/01/12
17/10/11Selfridges Insurance (Guernsey) Limited39153Date of Final Meeting: 12/10/1117/01/12
18/10/11Cotswold Holdings Limited24139Date of Final Meeting: 17/10/1118/01/12
18/10/11Verrou Assets 10 Limited44717Date of Final Meeting: 17/10/1118/01/12
19/10/11I.P. Real Estate Asset Management (Guernsey) Limited34459Date of Final Meeting: 04/10/1119/01/12
20/10/11Chosui Limited52250Date of Final Meeting : 19/10/1120/01/12
21/10/11Dumar Limited42619Date of Final Meeting: 19/10/1121/01/12
21/10/11Mollington Limited50545Date of Final Meeting: 19/10/1121/01/12
24/10/11Consulta Capital Holdings Limited42153Date of Final Meeting: 17/10/1124/01/12
28/10/11LFCX1 Limited47568Date of Final Meeting: 24/10/1128/01/12
31/10/11Liontrust Global Investment Services Limited51049Date of Final Meeting: 28/10/1131/01/12

Section 415 - Compulsory Winding Up Order

18/10/11Westar Limited43819Liquidators appointed: James Robert Toynton & David Robert Thurgood -
31/10/11The Romania Property Fund Limited43190Registrar has received notice that the company intends to apply to the Royal Court to place the company in compulsory wind up and intend to appoint James Robert Toynton of Grant Thornton Limited, Lefebvre House, Lefebvre street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3TF as liquidator-

Section 420 - Final Notice of Compulsory Winding Up

18/10/11Eurotek Limited 42124Royal Court Ordered on: 14/10/1118/01/11