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How do I make Limited Partnership submissions ?

Limited partnership submissions, at present, are managed by the Registry on behalf of Her Majesty's Greffier

If any changes occur in the registered particulars of a limited partnership notice of this change must be filed with the Registry within a period of 21 days from the day that the change took place. This notice must be signed by at least one of the general partners.

Where this change relates to a change in the name of the partnership, the change will not come into effect until after the Registrar has issued a new certificate of registration. All other changes will be effective from the date that the change had occurred.

Failure to notify the Registrar of a change within the specified 21 day period is an offence.

Please note that ALL limited partnership submissions currently have to be made in paper form. No limited partnership submissions can be made using the online services portal.

Other things to consider:

Limited Partnership documents: There is no provision under the current law for the Registry to provide copies of Limited Partnership documents.

If you need to see documents that are filed then searches can be carried out at the Registry offices.

Certificates of good standing can be requested for Limited Partnerships but requests have to be emailed to