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No Directors 2022

Unless cause is shown to the contrary (the company submits an add/remove company directors submission or evidence is shown to the Registrar that the company is party to legal proceedings), companies listed for strike off will be struck from the register and dissolved, on a date following the expiration of the statutory 2 months' notice period.

Date of PublicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Listed for Strike Off

10/01/2022EURO MED REAL ESTATE LIMITED45124Director appointed 03/03/2022-
19/01/2022SMART MOVE LIMITED50488-19/03/2022
18/02/2022RENSHAW BAY GP1 LIMITED55551retained pending liquidation18/04/2022
18/02/2022GAM (Guernsey) GP Limited60970-18/04/2022
18/02/2022Ceres Foundation Limited44987Director appointed 09/02/2022-
18/02/2022JJW Limited25826retained pending liquidation18/04/2022
15/03/2022NORTH EASTERN RESOURCES LIMITED53747-15/05/2022
15/03/2022North Eastern Resources ( Holdings ) Limited 53716-15/05/2022
15/03/2022Sea Breeze Properties Limited19143-15/05/2022
21/03/2022Origin Investments Limited44526-21/05/2022
13/04/2022Chanson Limited63479Director appointed 27/04/2022-
13/04/2022Andante Holdings Limited63624Director appointed 27/04/2022-
13/04/2022Pavia Management Limited63926Director appointed 27/04/2022-
13/04/2022Sunbury Properties Limited63927Director appointed 27/04/2022-
13/05/2022Lagarto Limited65445-13/07/2022
09/06/2022Telemedia International Limited12116-09/08/2022
09/06/2022TRITAX POLSKA NO. 1 FUND LIMITED46273-09/08/2022

Struck Off

19/01/2022SATHEL LIMITED54205Struck off on: 19/01/2022-
19/01/2022PALACE FREEHOLD LIMITED58171Struck off on: 19/01/2022-
19/01/2022OSDM 2015 Limited53496Struck off on: 19/01/2022-
19/01/2022ELGIN LIMITED42913Struck off on: 19/01/2022-
19/01/2022CHESTERPEAK SURREY LIMITED54264Struck off on: 19/01/2022-
19/01/2022Jumeira Marine Limited39432Struck off on: 19/01/2022-
01/02/2022DUBAI REALTY HOLDINGS LIMITED44678Struck off on: 01/02/2022-
02/02/2022CHESTERPEAK GROUP LIMITED53495Struck off on: 02/02/2022-
11/02/2022Zillah Moke Limited21731Struck off on: 11/02/2022-
21/03/2022SMART MOVE LIMITED50488Struck off on: 21/02/2022-
19/04/2022GAM (Guernsey) GP Limited60970Struck off on: 19/04/2022-
16/05/2022Sea Breeze Properties Limited19143Struck off on: 16/05/2022-
16/05/2022North Eastern Resources (Holdings) Limited53716Struck off on: 16/05/2022-
16/05/2022NORTH EASTERN RESOURCES LIMITED53747Struck off on: 16/05/2022-
24/05/2022Origin Investments Limited44526Struck off on: 24/05/2022-