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Ineffective Registered Office - 2021

Section 355 (2) of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 provides that the Registrar of Companies may strike off companies, from the Guernsey Register of Companies, where a notice under section 32 of the Law (registered office ineffective), has been filed with the Registrar of Companies.

Upon the filing of such notice with the Registrar, a company has 14 days in which to provide to the Registrar a new address for its registered office. A failure to do so renders a company liable to be struck off.

Accordingly the Registrar has received notice of ineffective registered office for the companies published here, and hereby gives notice that, unless cause is shown to the contrary (the company submits a change address submission or evidence is shown to the Registrar that the company is party to legal proceedings), companies listed for strike off will be struck from the register and dissolved, on a date following the expiration of the statutory 2 months' notice period.

Upon the striking off of these companies the Registrar will publish a further notice listing those companies so struck off and dissolved, and such notice may include the names of the directors of the companies struck off.

Any person wishing to show cause as to why the Registrar should not strike off any of the companies published here should do so in writing to the Registrar of Companies. A company will not be considered to have shown cause to the contrary until the Registrar has been provided with details of a new effective address for its registered office.

Note: Where a company is dissolved as a result of striking off, all property and rights then vested in it or held on trust for it (but not property held by it on trust for another person) shall, unless Her Majesty's Receiver-General directs otherwise, become bona vacantia belonging to the Crown.

You are advised to carry out a company search to establish the status of any of the companies included on this list to confirm whether they remain on the register or were struck off at the end of the notice period -


Date of Publication

Company NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Listed for Strike Off


Petroleum & Industrial Services Company Limited


07/01/2021Amalgamated Pipes Investment Limited21802-07/03/2021
07/01/2021Sarbut Properties Limited41710-07/03/2021
07/01/2021BEMISH ROAD LIMITED59420-07/03/2021
07/01/2021XINGYUN LIMITED58142-07/03/2021
14/01/2021Agro Invest Overseas Limited16897New registered office filed 17/03/2021-
14/01/2021Shiplake Investments Limited12400New registered office filed 17/03/2021-
22/01/2021Fidelis Limited67269-22/03/2021
22/01/2021Duck and Goose Limited67268-22/03/2021
04/02/2021Nord Haven Ventures Limited64251-04/04/2021
23/02/2021Acuity Fund Limited66381-23/04/2021
23/02/2021Aequus Plantations Limited52489-23/04/2021
23/02/2021INNOVATIS GUERNSEY LIMITED50893-23/04/2021
23/02/2021Shabba Holdings Limited61162New registered office filed 19/03/2021-
26/02/2021Voice Labs Ltd.65108Retained by Revenue Services - Income tax26/04/2021
03/03/2021WINNERS OPERATIONS LIMITED60076-03/05/2021
03/03/2021WINNERS WORLD WIDE LIMITED51239-03/05/2021
03/03/2021Jokenble Investments Limited66833-03/05/2021
03/03/2021Burj Limited68138-03/05/2021
03/03/2021Al Maha International Limited40119-03/05/2021
23/03/2021OLIVIA SPRING LIMITED45517-23/05/2021
23/03/2021Silver Fox Holdings Limited66828-23/05/2021
23/03/2021SKIL GLOBAL PORTS & LOGISTICS LIMITED52320-23/05/2021
23/03/2021BIRZAN MARINE LIMITED49940-23/05/2021
23/03/2021K-JEE'S HOLDINGS Limited43484-23/05/2021
23/03/2021Kabab-Ji USA Holding Company (Guernsey) Limited46121-23/05/2021
23/03/2021Acuity Management Limited66129-23/05/2021
23/03/2021Investar Holding Ltd.62914-23/05/2021
23/03/2021The Big Short Ltd.62910-23/05/2021
12/04/20214 Property Limited45635Retained by 3rd party12/06/2021
12/04/2021Plough 572 Limited50058-12/06/2021
12/04/2021City Peninsula A1304 Limited50265-12/06/2021
12/04/2021SBM FRAM LIMITED55871-12/06/2021
12/04/2021Levante Capital 1 Limited67234-12/06/2021
10/05/2021Fairlakes (Guernsey) Limited26986New registered office filed 08/07/2021-
19/05/2021CannaFi Group Limited66619-19/07/2021
09/06/2021Precision Plastics (Guernsey) Limited26577-09/08/2021
09/06/2021WALWORTH ROAD LIMITED60459-09/08/2021
29/06/2021ECAM-R Limited67677-29/08/2021
05/07/2021Instant Access Medical Holdings Limited64751-05/09/2021
05/07/2021Instant Access Medical Limited64752-05/09/2021
05/07/2021Silver Lining Holdings Limited67369-05/09/2021
21/07/2021MVMMMVM Limited62965-21/09/2021
29/07/2021DUBAI REALTY HOLDINGS LIMITED44678-29/09/2021
29/07/2021Salterns Marina (Guernsey) Limited65495-29/09/2021
30/07/2021Sitehands (Guernsey) Limited65493-30/09/2021
30/07/2021RIAME Advisors Ltd.67906-30/09/2021
02/08/2021Extell Holdings Limited38426-02/10/2021
19/08/2021AG AVIATION SERVICES LIMITED47401-19/10/2021
24/08/2021Temple Estates Limited14405New registered office filed 06/10/2021-
24/08/2021Little Somerford Holdings (LSH) Limited23837New registered office filed 07/09/2021-
24/08/2021MSS 3 Limited61017-24/10/2021
24/08/2021Denbigh Limited31084-24/10/2021
29/09/2021ABYAAR PROPERTY LIMITED47659-29/11/2021
12/10/2021CANE HOLDINGS LIMITED44840-12/12/2021
12/10/2021CMC GUERNSEY LIMITED53517-12/12/2021
28/10/2021Marinai Marine Limited28011-28/12/2021
28/10/2021Brieuc Investments Limited65193-28/12/2021
28/10/2021MSS Property Fund Management Limited38980-28/12/2021
28/10/2021Great Global Holdings Limited38980-28/12/2021
19/11/2021Mare Marine Limited28586-19/01/2022
19/11/2021Lilevar Limited822-19/01/2022
19/11/2021Jumeira Marine Limited39432-19/01/2022
25/11/2021BLUEBELT INVESTMENT LIMITED53786-25/01/2022
25/11/2021AL JAZI AVIATION LIMITED49936-25/01/2022
25/11/2021Brand Investments Limited31732-25/01/2022
25/11/2021Brand Investment Trading Limited36629-25/01/2022
25/11/2021Mont Shipping Limited12127-25/01/2022
02/12/2021CHESTERPEAK GROUP LIMITED53495-02/02/2022
02/12/2021OSDM 2015 Limited53496-02/02/2022
02/12/2021ELGIN LIMITED42913-02/02/2022
02/12/2021PALACE FREEHOLD LIMITED58171-02/02/2022
02/12/2021SATHEL LIMITED54205-02/02/2022
02/12/2021Yolanda Limited33586-02/02/2022
Struck off
13/01/2021German Assets Management Limited61344Struck off on: 13/01/2021-
13/01/2021Obelisk Limited31582Struck off on: 13/01/2021-
20/01/2021Fortis Rockwell Holdings Limited66843Struck off on: 20/01/2021-
20/01/2021Fortis Rockwell Capital Limited66848Struck off on: 20/01/2021-
27/01/2021WHITE ELEPHANT LIMITED55003Struck off on: 27/01/2021-
08/03/2021XINGYUN LIMITED58142Struck off on: 08/03/2021-
08/03/2021BEMISH ROAD LIMITED59420Struck off on: 08/03/2021-
08/03/2021Sarbut Properties Limited41710Struck off on: 08/03/2021-
08/03/2021Amalgamated Pipes Investment Limited21802Struck off on: 08/03/2021-
08/03/2021Petroleum & Industrial Services Company Limited33665Struck off on: 08/03/2021-
22/03/2021Fidelis Limited67269Struck off on: 22/03/2021-
22/03/2021Duck and Goose Limited67268Struck off on: 22/03/2021-
22/03/2021Maya Property Group Limited60461Struck off on: 22/03/2021-
24/03/2021Shirley's (1991) Limited24430Struck off on: 24/03/2021-
06/04/2021Nord Haven Ventures Limited64251Struck off on: 06/04/2021-
23/04/2021INNOVATIS GUERNSEY LIMITED50893Struck off on: 23/04/2021-
23/04/2021Aequus Plantations Limited52489Struck off on: 23/04/2021-
23/04/2021Acuity Fund Limited66381Struck off on: 23/04/2021-
23/04/2021MID CO HOLDINGS GUERNSEY LTD.59276Struck off on: 23/04/2021-
04/05/2021WINNERS OPERATIONS LIMITED60076Struck off on: 04/05/2021-
04/05/2021WINNERS WORLD WIDE LIMITED51239Struck off on: 04/05/2021-
04/05/2021Burj Limited68138Struck off on: 04/05/2021-
04/05/2021Jokenble Investments Limited66833Struck off on: 04/05/2021-
24/05/2021OLIVIA SPRING LIMITED45517Struck off on: 24/05/2021-
24/05/2021Silver Fox Holdings Limited66828Struck off on: 24/05/2021-
24/05/2021BIRZAN MARINE LIMITED49940Struck off on: 24/05/2021-
24/05/2021K-JEE'S HOLDINGS Limited43484Struck off on: 24/05/2021-
24/05/2021Kabab-Ji USA Holding Company (Guernsey) Limited46121Struck off on: 24/05/2021-
24/05/2021Acuity Management Limited66129Struck off on: 24/05/2021-
24/05/2021The Big Short Ltd.62910Struck off on: 24/05/2021-
24/05/2021Investar Holding Ltd.62914Struck off on: 24/05/2021-
04/06/2021SKIL GLOBAL PORTS & LOGISTICS LIMITED52320Struck off on: 04/06/2021-
14/06/2021Plough 572 Limited50058Struck off on: 14/06/2021-
14/06/2021City Peninsula A1304 Limited50265Struck off on: 14/06/2021-
14/06/2021SBM FRAM LIMITED55871Struck off on: 14/06/2021-
14/06/2021Levante Capital 1 Limited67234Struck off on: 14/06/2021-
19/07/2021CannaFi Group Limited66619Struck off on: 19/07/2021-
09/08/2021Precision Plastics (Guernsey) Limited26577Struck off on: 09/08/2021-
09/08/2021WALWORTH ROAD LIMITED60459Struck off on: 09/08/2021-
01/09/2021ECAM-R Limited67677Struck off on: 31/08/2021-
06/09/2021Silver Lining Holdings Limited67369Struck off on: 06/09/2021-
29/09/2021Salterns Marina (Guernsey) Limited65495Struck off on: 29/09/2021-
03/11/2021PREGO PREPAID SOLUTIONS LIMITED56110Struck off on: 03/11/2021-
03/11/2021PREPAID PREPAID GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED55858Struck off on: 03/11/2021-
29/11/2021ABYAAR PROPERTY LIMITED47659Struck off on: 29/11/2021-