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Listed for strike off - Failure to file Annual Validation - 2018

The strike off list in this section gives details of companies who failed to comply with Section 234 or 235 of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 and file an Annual Validation submission by the last day of February. Unless cause is shown to the contrary, companies listed for strike off will be struck from the Register not less than 2 months from the published date.

Companies listed for strike off on 16 March 2018 for failure to file an annual validation

Unless cause is shown to the contrary, the companies listed below will be struck off on the notice expiry date.

Date of PublicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date
16/03/182-TRAX Limited63404Annual validation filed 05/04/2018-
16/03/183 Old Wood Court Limited41405-16/05/18
16/03/18ABERMED (GUERNSEY) LIMITED48705Annual validation filed 10/05/2018-
16/03/18ACI LIMITED60596Annual validation filed 03/05/2018-
16/03/18ADA LIMITED58511Annual validation filed 30/04/2018-
16/03/18Afrigetics BioProspecting Limited61566Annual validation filed 19/03/2018-
16/03/18AI SERVICES LIMITED46637Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
16/03/18ALCHEMY HOLDINGS LIMITED59127Annual validation filed 21/03/2018-
16/03/18ALLENS GARDENING SERVICES LIMITED48344Annual validation filed 19/03/2018-
16/03/18Allied Heating (1994) Limited27693Retained at the request of Social Security and the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18AM Groundworks Limited61659Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18Anmak Investments Limited18959-16/05/18
16/03/18ARTERIAL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED54827Annual validation filed 03/05/2018-
16/03/18Artisan (Guernsey) Limited62821Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18Avant Garden (Guernsey) Limited37397Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18Barclays Nominees (Guernsey) Limited883Annual validation filed 23/03/2018-
16/03/18BEAT MANAGEMENT LIMITED58075-16/05/18
16/03/18Bend Limited40661-16/05/18
16/03/18Bilfinger Guernsey Limited49743Annual validation filed 10/05/2018-
16/03/18Biofog Limited62946

Annual validation filed 31/05/2018

16/03/18Bleu I.T. Consultants Limited37240Annual validation filed 05/04/2018-
16/03/18BLUE NAVIS IC LIMITED56495Annual validation filed 09/04/2018-
16/03/18Blue Ocean Development Agribusiness Limited62390-16/05/18
16/03/18Blue Ocean Development Holdings Limited62382-16/05/18
16/03/18BOOKS AND MUSIC LIMITED53924Annual validation filed 20/03/2018-
16/03/18Bracken Partners Investments Channel Islands Limited38160-16/05/18
16/03/18Brimpton Limited1909Annual validation filed 17/05/2018-
16/03/18Broadland Estates Limited16456-16/05/18
16/03/18BROOK HOLDINGS LIMITED58502-16/05/18
16/03/18BUILDPOD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED50505Annual validation filed 23/03/2018-
16/03/18Burgage Investments Limited1951Annual validation filed 26/03/2018-
16/03/18BURLEIGH Limited42114-16/05/18
16/03/18Business Continuity Planning CI Limited29561Annual Validation filed 09/08/2018-
16/03/18C.W.N. HOLDINGS LIMITED58196Annual validation filed 18/05/2018-
16/03/18C-Air Transport Services Limited5665Annual validation filed 27/04/2018-
16/03/18Cambridge Limited63120Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
16/03/18CAPITAL PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED52982Annual validation filed 28/03/2018-
16/03/18Channel Car Traders Limited62521Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18Cigarbank Limited62966Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18CMBM INTERNATIONAL LBG57471-16/05/18
16/03/18CMM CARS LIMITED55995-16/05/18
16/03/18Cobo Investment Holdings Limited61856-16/05/18
16/03/18Coffee House Limited44867-16/05/18
16/03/18CORNERSTONE PAVING LIMITED59440Annual validation filed 17/05/2018-
16/03/18Craigmore Investments Limited15237-16/05/18
16/03/18CRESCENT PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED53954Annual validation filed 28/03/2018-
16/03/18Crown Worldwide Limited14152Annual validation filed 26/03/2018-
16/03/18CURTIS, MALLET-PREVOST, COLT & MOSLE LTD.54798Annual validation filed 21/03/2018-
16/03/18DABBLE INVESTMENTS LIMITED52109-16/05/18
16/03/18De Carteret Group Ltd.63648-16/05/18
16/03/18Deladem Limited63571Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18Diamond Industry Associates Limited41344Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
16/03/18DIDDY DAYS PRE-SCHOOL LIMITED59435Annual validation filed 18/03/2018-
16/03/18Doughlicious Limited63216Retained at the request of Social Security and the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18ECO PLUMB LIMITED56992Retained at the request of  the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18ENG CONSULTANT LTD.55592-16/05/18
16/03/18Engineering Project Management Limited31157Annual validation filed 21/03/2018-
16/03/18ESTIBUILD LIMITED52638Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18ETERMA GUERNSEY LIMITED47576-16/05/18
16/03/18EVENTURE 2010 LIMITED52312Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18EVOLVE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED59584Annual validation filed 19/03/2018-
16/03/18Executive Solutions Limited54269Annual validation filed 20/03/2018-
16/03/18Farndon Investments Limited61825-16/05/18
16/03/18Fat Rascal Limited62823Annual validation filed 20/03/2018-
16/03/18First Principle Design Limited41013Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18FourP Limited By Guarantee.40950-16/05/18
16/03/18FRITH SYKES LIMITED57206Annual validation filed 19/03/2018-
16/03/18GB HOLDINGS LIMITED39220Annual validation filed 16/05/2018-
16/03/18GBMS Tech International Limited61933Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18GCM PARTNERS I GP LIMITED60673Annual validation filed 23/03/2018-
16/03/18GENEROTTE FARM LIMITED47629-16/05/18
16/03/18GET FIT GUERNSEY LIMITED54880Annual validation filed 20/03/2018-
16/03/18GFF Limited37516-16/05/18
16/03/18GIFFARD PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED47037Annual validation filed 26/04/2018-
16/03/18Global Trade Finance and Receivables Finance Limited63091Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18GOLD CONSULTANCY LIMITED52055Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
16/03/18GRANGE COURT LIMITED42502Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
16/03/18Greg Forino Flooring Limited40614Annual validation filed 19/03/2018-
16/03/18GUERNSEY AIRTEL LIMITED45232Annual validation filed 19/03/2018-
16/03/18Guernsey Clockmakers Limited8169Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18GUERNSEY COLLEGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY LBG58065Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
16/03/18Guernsey Ladies Football Club LBG61790Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
16/03/18GUERNSEY POLICE ASSOCIATION LBG51472Annual validation filed 22/03/2018-
16/03/18GUERNSEY SPORTING DINNER CLUB LBG54291Annual validation filed 20/03/2018-
16/03/18Guernsey Squash and Racketball Association LBG39388-16/05/18
16/03/18Guernsey Touch LBG42970Annual validation filed 23/03/2018-
16/03/18Halo Holdings II Ltd58874-16/05/18
16/03/18Hardhill Limited62645-16/05/18
16/03/18HAUT MAISON LIMITED54501-16/05/18
16/03/18Havelet Court Limited34998-16/05/18
16/03/18HEREWARD LIMITED56360-16/05/18
16/03/18Hilltop Investments Limited63338Annual validation filed 21/03/2018-
16/03/18HMJ INVESTMENTS LIMITED56926-16/05/18
16/03/18Hotel Dunchoille Limited22923Annual validation filed 20/03/2018-
16/03/18Hyde Park Estates (Guernsey) Limited23364-16/05/18
16/03/18INFINITY SERVICES LIMITED59356Annual validation filed 25/04/2018-
16/03/18Inkiton Limited63155Annual validation filed 11/05/2018-
16/03/18Irongate Holdings Limited63399-16/05/18
16/03/18Island Medicines Limited63621Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18Jamie Falla Architecture Limited55796Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
16/03/18JJJ LIMITED60829Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18JOY'S LIMITED52572Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
16/03/18Joys Technical Services Limited14452Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
16/03/18JRJ CONSTRUCTION LIMITED61926Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18KALAHARI HOLDINGS LIMITED53839-16/05/18
16/03/18Kite Properties Limited45306Annual validation filed 01/05/2018-
16/03/18Knightsbridge Films Ltd.63079Annual validation filed 03/04/2018-
16/03/18Konstanz Finance Limited61860Annual validation filed 16/04/2018-
16/03/18Konstanz Group Limited61859Annual validation filed 16/04/2018-
16/03/18Konstanz Originations Limited61861Annual validation filed 16/04/2018-
16/03/18Konstanz Security Trustees Limited61862Annual validation filed 16/04/2018-
16/03/18LA COLOMBIERE LIMITED49264Annual validation filed 19/03/2018-
16/03/18LA Consultancy Services Limited61368Annual validation filed 26/03/2018-
16/03/18LA ROSEE HOLDINGS LIMITED47827-16/05/18
16/03/18LA VUE DU MARCHÉ MANAGEMENT LIMITED56477Annual validation filed 20/03/2018-
16/03/18Ladybird Holdings Limited42820-16/05/18
16/03/18LANDMARK INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED56132Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
16/03/18LANDMARK INVESTMENTS LIMITED54592Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
16/03/18Landmark Lofts Ltd.63800Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
16/03/18LANDMARK PTC LIMITED57187-16/05/18
16/03/18LANDMARK SAMAYA LIMITED56802-16/05/18
16/03/18LE COIN DE LA VILLE MANAGEMENT LIMITED61212Annual validation filed 16/03/2018-
16/03/18Leading Successful Partnerships (Guernsey) Limited63907Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
16/03/18Leconfield House Limited34845Annual validation filed 21/03/2018-
16/03/18LES VIEUX MARCHANDS MANAGEMENT LIMITED56766Annual validation filed 19/03/2018-
16/03/18LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN LIMITED60413-16/05/18
16/03/18Liliana's Kitchen Limited63087Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18Loft Capital Limited35643Annual validation filed 24/05/2018-
16/03/18Lonely Star Holdings Limited33744-16/05/18
16/03/18LUMICA INVESTMENTS LIMITED46026-16/05/18
16/03/18Lys Rose Limited18270Annual validation filed 26/04/2018-
16/03/18MADDING CROWD LTD.63573Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18Mahogany Investments PCC Ltd49922-16/05/18
16/03/18Mantavia Group Limited19207-16/05/18
16/03/18MAPLE LEAF LIMITED59672Annual validation filed 28/03/2018-
16/03/18Marakand Minerals Limited35479-16/05/18
16/03/18MARCAR INVESTMENTS LIMITED51849-16/05/18
16/03/18MARK DAVIES & ASSOCIATES (OFFSHORE) LIMITED51744Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18MAST Investment Holdings Limited52108-16/05/18
16/03/18MAST SOLUTIONS LIMITED55113-16/05/18
16/03/18Maximum Security Limited38792Annual validation filed 03/05/2018-
16/03/18MCM (GUERNSEY) HOLDINGS LIMITED59833-16/05/18
16/03/18Media Direct Limited28545Annual validation filed 16/03/2018-
16/03/18Melsons Limited3218Annual validation filed 30/04/2018-
16/03/18MERLON LIMITED42272-16/05/18
16/03/18MERRION HOLDINGS LIMITED59197Annual validation filed 24/05/2018-
16/03/18Mind Matters CI Ltd.63302Annual validation filed 21/03/2018-
16/03/18Mipos ICC Limited35461Annual validation filed 03/04/2018-
16/03/18Mistral Aviation Limited40242-16/05/18
16/03/18Mitco Germany Three Limited44306-16/05/18
16/03/18MM GUERNSEY LIMITED52777Annual validation filed 26/04/2018-
16/03/18Mondial Technical Services Limited51223-16/05/18
16/03/18MRU SPECTRUM Limited63231Annual validation filed 24/08/2018-
16/03/18Myers Investments Limited34567Annual validation filed 03/05/2018-
16/03/18NASHVILLE HOUSE LIMITED42027Annual validation filed 16/03/2018-
16/03/18NEBULOUS  LIMITED55412Annual validation filed 04/04/2018-
16/03/18NEW EUROPE SPECIAL SITUATIONS LIMITED56695Annual validation filed 16/05/2018-
16/03/18Nibalk Limited23896-16/05/18
16/03/18Norna Investments Limited54679Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
16/03/18OCTANE PROPERTY LIMITED59544Annual validation filed 21/03/2018-
16/03/18OES PCC Limited49838Annual validation filed 19/04/2018-
16/03/18Oleochem International Services Limited58349Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
16/03/18P C K Limited39729-16/05/18
16/03/18Padina Limited7899-16/05/18
16/03/18PAPAJ LIMITED44675-16/05/18
16/03/18PDC PARTS LTD.60805Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18PELICAN MANAGEMENT LIMITED52758Annual validation filed 03/04/2018-
16/03/18Penguin Limited29278-16/05/18
16/03/18Planning Forward Limited18000Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18PORTFOLIO LIMITED57316Annual validation filed 03/04/2018-
16/03/18Portolan Limited63116Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
16/03/18PQ61 Limited54900Annual validation filed 28/03/2018-
16/03/18Premier Education Consultants Limited23624Annual validation filed 30/04/2018-
16/03/18Premium Payment Facilities Limited24080-16/05/18
16/03/18R.Green Limited35146Annual validation filed 21/03/2018-
16/03/18RA INVESTMENTS LIMITED56499Annual validation filed 16/03/2018-
16/03/18RAPID PROPERTIES LIMITED46764Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
16/03/18Raptor International Limited62081Annual validation filed 13/05/2018-
16/03/18Recoverco Limited37929-16/05/18
16/03/18REFRESH LIMITED55454Annual validation filed 20/03/2018-
16/03/18RELENDEX PCC LIMITED56394Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
16/03/18RE-STYLE KITCHENS (C.I.) LTD.56478Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18RETIREMENT HOLIDAY LIMITED59704-16/05/18
16/03/18RIBOCCO LIMITED45327-16/05/18
16/03/18RIDGELINE ROOFING LTD.59873Annual validation filed 30/04/2018-
16/03/18Ridout Limited47836-16/05/18
16/03/18Ropharma Limited18856Annual validation filed 21/03/2018-
16/03/18S.M.S. Limited24516Annual validation filed 30/04/2018-
16/03/18SACKVILLE HOLDINGS LIMITED42498Annual validation filed 16/04/2018-
16/03/18Sandra Robinson Kitchens and Bedrooms Limited63779Annual validation filed 11/05/2018-
16/03/18Sarbut Properties Limited41710Annual validation filed 23/05/2018-
16/03/18SATORI HOLDING LIMITED59222-16/05/18
16/03/18Sciens Group Alternative Strategies PCC Limited38959Annual validation filed 22/03/2018-
16/03/18Sciens Group Fund Services Limited47280Annual validation filed 23/03/2018-
16/03/18Select Finance Investments Limited61909Annual validation filed 17/05/2018-
16/03/18SGAS Omicron SPV Limited55924Annual validation filed 22/03/2018-
16/03/18SHOREHAVEN CAPITAL LIMITED54615-16/05/18
16/03/18SHUTTERTON PARK LIMITED53639-16/05/18
16/03/18Sign Solutions Limited63349Annual validation filed 19/03/2018-
16/03/18Silver Bay Enterprises Limited1928Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
16/03/18SKILL SET CI LIMITED49132Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18SKYLAND SERVICES LIMITED59573Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18SLOUGH INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED60834Annual validation filed 25/05/201816/05/18
16/03/18SME Strategic Consulting Ltd.63583

Annual validation filed 27/04/2018

16/03/18SofaBed Wizard Limited62989-16/05/18
16/03/18Sogosa Limited48352-16/05/18
16/03/18Soli Minerals Limited9805-16/05/18
16/03/18Specialist Construction Supplies Limited39910Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18SPORT CAPITAL LIMITED57556-16/05/18
16/03/18SQUEAKY CLEAN LIMITED60333-16/05/18
16/03/18SR HOLDINGS LIMITED59747-16/05/18
16/03/18St Johns Wood Properties Limited46363Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
16/03/18St. Martins Lawn Tennis Club Limited27560Annual validation filed 22/03/2018-
16/03/18Steam Mill Company Limited33713-16/05/18
16/03/18Strategic Global Asset Management PCC Limited40578-16/05/18
16/03/18SUPER MARCHE (GUERNSEY) LIMITED60068Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office and Social Security16/05/18
16/03/18SUSS'DIT LIMITED62879Annual validation filed 28/03/2018-
16/03/18Sweeney Investments Limited42646Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
16/03/18SWELL LIMITED52415-16/05/18
16/03/18Swiss Cross Insurance PCC Limited61114Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
16/03/18SYSTEMS RESEARCH LIMITED59753-16/05/18
16/03/18T & S Properties Limited38501Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18TEMPLE (GUERNSEY) LIMITED44726-16/05/18
16/03/18TESS Holdings Limited57280Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office and Social Security16/05/18
16/03/18THE BEACON CO. LTD.52780-16/05/18
16/03/18THE CONFEDERATION OF GUERNSEY INDUSTRY42918Annual validation filed 19/04/2018-
16/03/18THE VAULT LIMITED57642Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18Tiandi Holding Limited63264-16/05/18
16/03/18TING PROPERTIES LIMITED51806Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
16/03/18Tower Estates Limited12142Annual validation filed 30/04/2018-
16/03/18TR Investments Ltd.63590-16/05/18
16/03/18Transworld Corporate Services (Guernsey) Limited63688-16/05/18
16/03/18Tropical Sun Limited44641Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18TUDOR APARTMENTS LIMITED48252Annual validation filed 03/04/2018-
16/03/18URBAN LUCY LIMITED54791Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office16/05/18
16/03/18Ursaria Limited62934Annual validation filed 10/05/2018-
16/03/18VERTICAL PROPERTIES LIMITED57151Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
16/03/18Victoria Arms 2017 Limited63401Annual validation filed 20/03/2018-
16/03/18VOLUNTEER LBG48000-16/05/18
16/03/18VTML MANAGEMENT LIMITED58280-16/05/18
16/03/18Whitewalls Limited23274-16/05/18
16/03/18WONDERLAND (RV) CAPITAL LIMITED54882-16/05/18
16/03/18Worsley Asset Management Limited54625Annual validation filed 28/03/2018-
16/03/18Yachting Overseas (Guernsey) Limited29201Annual validation filed 03/04/2018-
16/03/18YORKSWOOD (HOLDINGS) LIMITED57574Annual validation filed 20/04/2018-
16/03/18Zozma Investments Limited30291Annual validation filed 27/04/2018-


Companies listed for strike off on 23 March 2018 for failure to file an annual validation

Unless cause is shown to the contrary, the companies listed below will be struck off on the notice expiry date.

Date of PublicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date
23/03/1843 Springfield Limited64010-23/05/18
23/03/18Aagan Limited63194Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18ACP Guernsey Limited63526Annual validation filed 18/05/2018-
23/03/18ACTIVE LEARNING CHILDCARE (GUERNSEY) LIMITED44608Annual Validation filed 10/04/2018-
23/03/18Admiralty Freehold Properties Limited39367Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18ADMIRALTY OFFICES (CARDIFF) LIMITED43443Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18Admiralty Residential Limited39369Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18Adventure Limited28961-23/05/18
23/03/18Aero Maritime Limited15368Annual validation filed 03/05/2018-
23/03/18AET & PARTNERS LIMITED59419-23/05/18
23/03/18AGIFROB LIMITED62056-23/05/18
23/03/18AGRANTEC HOLDINGS LIMITED52892Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18AGRANTEC LICENSE LIMITED53060Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18AGRANTEC LIMITED53079Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18Al Bahar Co. Limited27088Annual validation filed 18/04/2018-
23/03/18Alhamar Limited24501-23/05/18
23/03/18ALIA PROPERTY LIMITED45048-23/05/18
23/03/18ARC SALVAGE & RECYCLING LIMITED55331-23/05/18
23/03/18Atlas African Industries Limited55964-23/05/18
23/03/18ATLAS MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED44386Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
23/03/18Baagan Limited62931-23/05/18
23/03/18Bedford Freehold Properties Limited41851Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18BEDFORD HOLDINGS LIMITED45722Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18BEG PayForce Limited61881-23/05/18
23/03/18Best Holding Company Limited28339-23/05/18
23/03/18BIG NOTE CARDS LIMITED49442-23/05/18
23/03/18BK (GUERNSEY) LIMITED60750-23/05/18
23/03/18BLINK HOLDING CO. LIMITED52651Annual validation filed 23/04/2018-
23/03/18BOLASHAK GUERNSEY PCC LIMITED53592Annual validation filed 26/04/2018-
23/03/18Brighton Limited31513Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
23/03/18BUSHVELD MINERALS LIMITED54506Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
23/03/18Caagan Ltd.63023-23/05/18
23/03/18CAMBRIDGE PARK HOLDINGS LIMITED58159Annual validation filed 10/05/2018-
23/03/18Camp De Putron Limited64085-23/05/18
23/03/18CARBONVIRGIN LIMITED54100-23/05/18
23/03/18CATLIN TREASURY GUERNSEY LIMITED57591Annual validation filed 23/05/2018-
23/03/18Cavendish Sport Limited61235-23/05/18
23/03/18Celtic Marine (Guernsey) Limited44289Annual validation filed 26/04/2018-
23/03/18Cherry Homes (Guernsey) Limited61603Annual validation filed 16/05/2018-
23/03/18Chronos Leads Limited63915-23/05/18
23/03/18Cityview nom Limited45978Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18CMC GUERNSEY LIMITED53517Annual validation filed 23/03/2018-
23/03/18Comar Limited35823-23/05/18
23/03/18Concerto Limited61802-23/05/18
23/03/18COTRAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED42864Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18COWICK HOLDINGS LIMITED60575-23/05/18
23/03/18CPK HOLDINGS LIMITED43723Annual validation filed 17/05/2018-
23/03/18Craigwillan Investments Limited20280-23/05/18
23/03/18Crazy Kangaroo (Guernsey) Limited55407-23/05/18
23/03/18CYCAS PROPERTIES Limited43518Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
23/03/18Dawnay Holdings Limited62522-23/05/18
23/03/18Demeter Consulting Limited41830-23/05/18
23/03/18Denver Holdings Limited25241Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18DMC Investments Limited57790-23/05/18
23/03/18DOWNTON ESTATES LIMITED56771Annual validation filed 09/04/2018-
23/03/18EIP HOLDING LIMITED60387Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18Elements Nine Ltd.63871Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
23/03/18Endeavour Investments Limited14482Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
23/03/18Era Properties Limited21119Annual validation filed 18/04/2018-
23/03/18ESENCIA TRADING LIMITED53314-23/05/18
23/03/18ETALON DEVELOPMENT LIMITED49400Annual validation filed 21/05/2018-
23/03/18Ethics Foundation Limited61448-23/05/18
23/03/18Evergrow Management Consultancy Limited63976-23/05/18
23/03/18F.W. Rihoy & Son Limited10740Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office23/05/18
23/03/18FACOR ENERGY LIMITED52945-23/05/18
23/03/18Falcon Finance Limited62101-23/05/18
23/03/18Far Eastern African Holdings Limited10313Annual validation filed 28/03/2018-
23/03/18FAREHAM PROPERTIES LIMITED55057Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18Fashion by Diane Limited62129-23/05/18
23/03/18FastPay Limited61801-23/05/18
23/03/18FINCOR LIMITED57716-23/05/18
23/03/18FK (GUERNSEY) LIMITED60751-23/05/18
23/03/18FLYING DRAGON CREW IC LIMITED59758-23/05/18
23/03/18FOX PROPERTIES LIMITED56540Annual validation filed 23/05/2018-
23/03/18Fuschia Holdings Limited38766Annual validation filed 09/04/2018-
23/03/18G. A. Holdings (Guernsey) Limited14904Annual validation filed 28/03/2018-
23/03/18Gadbury Fold Limited40724-23/05/18
23/03/18Gayane Limited20083Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18Gem Manufacturing Limited21123Annual validation filed 18/04/2018-
23/03/ Limited63509-23/05/18
23/03/18GLOUCESTER HOLDINGS LIMITED58261Annual validation filed 02/05/2018 
23/03/18GMS Guernsey Pension Plans Limited36861Annual validation filed 23/03/2018-
23/03/18GNTR HOLDING LIMITED57989Annual validation filed 30/04/2018-
23/03/18GPA HOLDINGS LIMITED52975Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18Grey Wolf Interests and Technologies Limited61934Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18GSC Consulting Limited61253-23/05/18
23/03/18GT PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED52466Annual validation filed 03/04/2018-
23/03/18Guernsey Consultants Limited11722Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office23/05/18
23/03/18Guildhall Corporate Investments Limited61345Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18Guildhall Investment Services Limited62126Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18HAMPSON HOLDINGS LIMITED59772-23/05/18
23/03/18HBS PROPERTY LIMITED52391Annual validation filed 25/05/2018-
23/03/18Heathcote Holdings Limited43223-23/05/18
23/03/18Hereford LBG.37352-23/05/18
23/03/18HERK SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LBG60046-23/05/18
23/03/18Hermes OFC999 Limited62980-23/05/18
23/03/18HERTFORD RESOURCES LIMITED56320-23/05/18
23/03/18Hobart 39 Limited40806Annual validation filed 26/03/2018-
23/03/18Home Farm Hill Development Limited61121-23/05/18
23/03/18Home Farm Meadow Development Limited61123-23/05/18
23/03/18HORIZON ASSET HOLDINGS LIMITED51951Annual validation filed 19/04/2018-
23/03/18Hyper Active No 1 Limited54048Annual validation filed 27/04/2018-
23/03/18IB ROOFING LIMITED57673Annual validation filed 27/04/2018-
23/03/18IKON GROUP LIMITED59165Retained at request of third party23/05/18
23/03/18IMM International Limited9177-23/05/18
23/03/18Integra Limited61774Annual validation filed 10/04/2018-
23/03/18IPD LIMITED56654-23/05/18
23/03/18IRG Limited50685Retained by third party23/05/18
23/03/18Isle Escape Ltd.64273Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office23/05/18
23/03/18IVC Acquisition Topco Limited62852Annual validation filed 10/05/2018-
23/03/18Jack and Edward Holdings Limited62583-23/05/18
23/03/18JADE DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED59040-23/05/18
23/03/18JAWAHER PROPERTY LIMITED50944-23/05/18
23/03/18JKKM HOLDINGS LIMITED53073Annual validation filed 03/04/2018-
23/03/18John Mowlem (Guernsey) Limited39351Retained by third party23/05/18
23/03/18JPR Capital Limited61290Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18KARO RESOURCES LIMITED57292-23/05/18
23/03/18Ken Properties Limited16725Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18Kimberley Holdings Limited38523-23/05/18
23/03/18Knightsbridge Finance and Capital Group Limited60951-23/05/18
23/03/18L & M LIMITED54253Annual validation filed 28/03/2018-
23/03/18Lady Luck Crew IC Limited-55101-23/05/18
23/03/18Laesa Limited24417Annual validation filed 17/05/2018-
23/03/18Lam Investments Limited44477Retained by third party23/05/18
23/03/18LANGOUSTINE YACHT COMPANY LIMITED50907Annual validation filed 17/05/2018-
23/03/18Les Ormes Limited28717Annual validation filed 28/03/2018-
23/03/18Levoir Limited41859-23/05/18
23/03/18LIONESS LIMITED58490-23/05/18
23/03/18LIPHOOK HOLDINGS LIMITED59178-23/05/18
23/03/18Liquid Assets Limited63049Annual validation filed 23/05/2018-
23/03/18Logistix Limited64150Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office23/05/18
23/03/18LONDON AND HANOVER LIMITED56211-23/05/18
23/03/18LONDON AND ZURICH LIMITED57063-23/05/18
23/03/18LONG COPSE LIMITED55054Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18Ma Niel UK Limited62979-23/05/18
23/03/18MAD CO LTD.57995Annual validation filed 17/04/2018-
23/03/18MALIN LIMITED52475-23/05/18
23/03/18MARTINLANE2013 LIMITED56462-23/05/18
23/03/18MAVERICK YACHTING AND CONSULTING LIMITED54312Annual validation filed 18/05/2018-
23/03/18MEGA International Limited34147-23/05/18
23/03/18Mezzanine Syndicate Finance Limited25543Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18MEZZANINE SYNDICATE PARTNERS LIMITED48430Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18MEZZANINE SYNDICATE SECURITIES LIMITED42878Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18Minc Property Investments (Guernsey) Limited39615Annual validation filed 02/05/2018-
23/03/18MIU CARE Limited63228-23/05/18
23/03/18MONET MANAGEMENT LIMITED49388-23/05/18
23/03/18MONTGOMERY INVESTMENTS LTD.57014Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18Moonmist International Limited59568-23/05/18
23/03/18Mory Global Limited40402Annual validation filed 17/05/2018-
23/03/18MORY GLOBAL TWO LIMITED42965Annual validation filed 17/05/2018-
23/03/18MPG Holding Limited47370Annual validation filed 27/04/2018-
23/03/18MUSA HOLDINGS Limited43524Annual validation filed 25/05/2018-
23/03/18MVL Limited35378Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18MYRTLE INVESTMENTS LIMITED60171-23/05/18
23/03/18N.C. Company Limited62394Annual validation filed 06/04/2018-
23/03/18Nafylla Limited43167Annual validation filed 18/04/2018-
23/03/18Navigator Guernsey GP Limited58971Annual validation filed 18/05/2018-
23/03/18NAVIGATOR PCC LIMITED58786Annual validation filed 18/05/2018-
23/03/18NC GROUP (GUERNSEY) PCC LIMITED56609Annual validation filed 26/04/2018-
23/03/18NCL (GUERNSEY) LIMITED58657Annual validation filed 26/04/2018-
23/03/18Oi Limited62135Annual validation filed 16/05/2018-
23/03/18OLIVIA SPRING LIMITED45517Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18ONYX INVESTMENT VIEWS LIMITED56523Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
23/03/18OPTIMUM SOLUTIONS LIMITED43139-23/05/18
23/03/18Opus Limited63118Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
23/03/18Orsini Limited40778Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18Palladian Mallorca Limited57383-23/05/18
23/03/18PayForce Limited61804-23/05/18
23/03/18PCP GUERNSEY LIMITED54549Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18PF Holdings Limited56983Annual validation filed 16/05/2018-
23/03/18PHARAONIC PROPERTY LIMITED49323Annual validation filed 17/04/2018-
23/03/18PIER STREET LIMITED52283Annual validation filed 09/04/2018-
23/03/18PLATINUM ST JAMES LIMITED46562Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18Plexus Limited34952-23/05/18
23/03/18Presi 2 Limited61567-23/05/18
23/03/18Princes Yachting Limited18106-23/05/18
23/03/18Private Blue Yachting Company Limited62180Annual validation filed 06/04/2018-
23/03/18RADSTOCK LAND LIMITED55055Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18RAME SOLAR LIMITED60565-23/05/18
23/03/18RECARTA (C.I.) LIMITED56336Annual validation filed 04/04/2018-
23/03/18REES INVESTMENTS LIMITED49441Annual validation filed 06/04/2018-
23/03/18RFLIPF CopFav Real Estate Limited51134Annual validation filed 26/03/2018-
23/03/18RFLIPF Faversham Real Estate Limited51609Annual validation filed 26/03/2018-
23/03/18RFLIPF International Investments Limited51608Annual validation filed 26/03/2018-
23/03/18Roussalka Limited19787Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18Rowcote Limited6520Annual validation filed 17/05/2018-
23/03/18ROYALE OCEANIC GUERNSEY PCC LIMITED55244Annual validation filed 17/04/2018-
23/03/18RU VITAL Limited63227-23/05/18
23/03/18S.B HOLDINGS LIMITED57560-23/05/18
23/03/18SAJNIVAS PROPERTIES LTD.59757-23/05/18
23/03/18SALTER GUERNSEY LIMITED58290Annual validation filed 23/05/2018-
23/03/18SAM PROPERTIES LIMITED52204Annual validation filed 26/03/2018-
23/03/18Santa Fe Properties Limited37958Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18SATURN CIRCLES LIMITED59855-23/05/18
23/03/18SBM FRAM LIMITED55871Annual validation filed 11/05/2018-
23/03/18Sea Breeze Properties Limited19143Annual validation filed 30/04/2018-
23/03/18Seatechs (Guernsey) Limited46634Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18SECOND TIESTO LIMITED48928-23/05/18
23/03/18Sec-Trans Services Limited21137Annual validation filed 18/04/2018-
23/03/18SEDGEDON LIMITED54201Annual validation filed 23/05/2018-
23/03/18SEQUOYAH FINANCE ONE LIMITED53388Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
23/03/18Sheedah Investments Limited33668Annual validation filed 13/04/2018-
23/03/18Siberian Diamonds Limited44455Annual validation filed 21/05/2018-
23/03/18Silver Stream Investments Limited36744Annual validation filed 18/05/2018-
23/03/18Silverback Capital Limited63068-23/05/18
23/03/18Silverline Cars (1985) Limited13646Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office23/05/18
23/03/18SJ BARS LIMITED50729Annual validation filed 04/04/2018-
23/03/18SKA (HOLDINGS) LIMITED44308Annual validation filed 17/04/2018-
23/03/18Sligbur Limited62930Annual validation filed 22/05/2018-
23/03/18SOCRATES LIMITED42775-23/05/18
23/03/18SOMNAR CENTRAL HOLDINGS LIMITED58641Annual validation filed 27/03/2018-
23/03/18SPC INVESTMENTS LIMITED57868Annual validation filed 26/04/2018-
23/03/18Surrey LBG.36703-23/05/18
23/03/18SV HOLDINGS LIMITED59583-23/05/18
23/03/18SWB Holdings Limited43255-23/05/18
23/03/18Tamarind G.P. Limited62933-23/05/18
23/03/18TANGLEY LANE LIMITED55052Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18Tap Tap Media Limited60938-23/05/18
23/03/18TecHullClean Limited61870Annual validation filed 26/03/2018-
23/03/18Tech-Zone Limited64312Annual validation filed 27/04/2018-
23/03/18Tetesworth Limited38887Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18THE CORNERSTONE PUB LIMITED60243Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office23/05/18
23/03/18The Geneva Investment Company Limited35900Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18Third Millenium Publications (Holdings) Ltd.22971-23/05/18
23/03/18Tirol Investments Limited19428-23/05/18
23/03/18TLS CONSULTANCY LIMITED52910-23/05/18
23/03/18Tower Gate Volpi GP Limited62457-23/05/18
23/03/18Trade Mark & Designs (Licensing) Limited47507Annual validation filed 21/05/2018-
23/03/18Triumph Limited63117Annual validation filed 16/05/2018-
23/03/18TRK HOLDINGS LIMITED55319Annual validation filed 01/05/2018-
23/03/18Up To You Ltd.62312-23/05/18
23/03/18VALA LIMITED58752Annual validation filed 18/04/2018-
23/03/18Veneti Limited62113Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office23/05/18
23/03/18Ventura Limited by Guarantee43863Annual validation filed 26/04/2018-

Annual validation filed 26/04/2018

23/03/18Waref Invest Limited62059Annual validation filed 26/03/2018-
23/03/18WATA-WALL LIMITED57179-23/05/18
23/03/18West Hill Investments Ltd.24532Annual validation filed 24/04/2018-
23/03/18WESTPOINT HOLDINGS LIMITED45206-23/05/18
23/03/18White Horses Investments Limited40559Annual validation filed 21/05/2018-
23/03/18White Horses Trading Company Limited27831Annual validation filed 21/05/2018-
23/03/18WHITE ROCK PUB CO. LIMITED60241Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office and Social Security23/05/18
23/03/18WINNERS WORLD WIDE LIMITED51239Annual validation filed 29/03/2018-
23/03/18XINGYUN LIMITED58142Retained by third party23/05/18
23/03/18ZAMBIA EXPLORATION LIMITED57291-23/05/18
23/03/18ZZ Investments Limited63533Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office23/05/18


Companies listed for strike off for failure to file an annual validation in 2018

Unless cause is shown to the contrary, the companies listed below will be struck off on the notice expiry date.

Date of PublicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date
12/04/18Affinity PCC Limited57563-12/06/18
12/04/18AROS INSURANCE LIMITED59008Annual validation filed 05/05/2018-
12/04/18FASTJET LEASING PCC LIMITED55703-12/06/18
12/04/18CAMBRIDGE PARK CAPITAL LIMITED58594Annual validation filed 10/05/2018-
12/04/18Direct Social Services Recruitment Limited44253Annual validation filed 15/05/2018-
12/04/18Catalyst Investment Management (Guernsey) Limited61366Annual validation filed 13/04/2018-
12/04/18HRMG Nominees Limited23320Annual validation filed 30/04/2018-
12/04/18Tropical Sun Limited44641Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office12/06/18
12/04/18Fantasea Limited24830-12/06/18
12/04/18Curlew Tenth Property GP1 Limited63757-12/06/18
12/04/18Curlew Tenth Property GP2 Limited63758-12/06/18
12/04/18Maggies Limited


Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office12/06/18
25/05/18Heath Lodge Investments Limited64339-25/07/18
21/08/18Sarnia Estate Agency Limited11784

Retained at the request of Social Security and the Income Tax Office.

Resolution passed on 28/08/18 to voluntarily wind up the company.

21/08/18APPLE TREE (GUERNSEY) LIMITED46495Retained at the request of a third party21/10/18
21/08/18BAIDAR HOUSE (GUERNSEY) LIMITED50514Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office21/10/18
21/08/18Charroterie Property Ltd.59345Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office21/10/18
21/08/18DAKOTA GUERNSEY LIMITED48378Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office21/10/18
21/08/18ESTIBUILD LIMITED52638Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office21/10/18
21/08/18Ferndale GSY Limited60992Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office21/10/18
21/08/18Grisnoir Limited13426Annual Validation filed 31/08/2018-
21/08/18GSY MEDIA LTD59343Retained at the request of Social Security21/10/18
21/08/18HERALD MANAGEMENT LIMITED55427Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office21/10/18
21/08/18H-iCheck Limited40043-21/10/18
21/08/18HPH GUERNSEY LIMITED52996-21/10/18
21/08/18MKZ PROPERTY GSY LIMITED59962Retained at the request of a third party21/10/18
21/08/18Montrose Asset Management Limited41028Annual Validation filed 05/09/201821/10/18
21/08/18MPG CONSULTING LIMITED58957Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office21/10/18
21/08/18Q GSY Limited55671Retained at the request of Social Security and Third Party21/10/18
21/08/18Quay Trading (Guernsey) Limited61011Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office & Social Security21/10/18
21/08/18Ricochet Group Guernsey Limited62862Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office21/10/18
21/08/18RICOCHET LTD.59344Retained at the request of Social Security21/10/18
21/08/18STEELE DEVELOPMENTS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED49924Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office21/10/18


Companies listed for strike off for failure to file annual validation in a previous year

At times during the year companies can be either listed for strike off, or struck off, as a result of failing to make an annual validation submission in a previous year. In such cases, the delay in listing, or striking off, may be as a result of other third parties requesting the company is retained whilst other matters are being finalised.


Date of Publication

Company NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Listed for Strike Off

01/03/18Mattar Estates Limited36865-01/05/18