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Failure to file Annual Validation - 2017

The strike off list in this section gives details of companies who failed to comply with Section 234 or 235 of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 and file an Annual Validation submission by 31 January. Companies listed for strike off will be struck from the Register 2 months from the published date unless cause is shown to the contrary. Those companies listed in the 'Struck off' section have now been struck from the Register

Companies listed for strike off on 9 March 2017 for failure to file annual validation

Date listed for strike offLink to PDF detailing listed companies
09 March 2017pdf icon Listed for Strike Off - failure to file AV in 2017 [59kb]

Companies listed for strike off/struck off for failure to file annual validation in a previous year

At times during the year companies can be either listed for strike off, or struck off, as a result of failing to make an annual validation submission in a previous year. In such cases, the delay in listing, or striking off, may be as a result of other third parties requesting the company is retained whilst other matters are being finalised.

Date of Publication

Company NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Listed for Strike Off

09/03/20171ST POINT ELECTRICAL LIMITED53990Retained at the request of Social Security-
Struck off
11/01/17Puffins Pre-School LBG56829Struck off on 11/01/2017-
17/01/17Pulse Holdings Limited55264Struck off on 17/01/2017-
26/01/17Consortium Solutions Limited59603Struck off on 26/01/2017-
26/01/17APQ Investments Limited59730Struck off on 26/01/2017-
26/01/17Optronics Limited33765Struck off on 26/01/2017-
27/01/17Planet Africa Safaris Limited60455Struck off on 27/01/2017-
27/01/17Kenneally Management (G) Limited60525Struck off on 27/01/2017-
27/01/17WDG Galleries Limited60542Struck off on 27/01/2017-
27/01/17Nooker Limited60563Struck off on 27/01/2017-
31/01/17Cardea Limited55298Struck off on 31/01/2017-
02/02/17CDP LTD.56156Struck off on 02/02/2017-
07/02/17CHANNEL ISLANDS DAMAGE MANAGEMENT (CIDM) LIMITED56444Struck off on 07/02/2017-
07/02/17Little Orchard Childcare Limited58821Struck off on 07/02/2017-
14/02/17GENCO INVESTMENTS LIMITED59182Struck off on 14/02/2017-
14/02/17Tumblehome & Prussik Limited45105Struck off on 14/02/2017-
07/03/17Sock Island Investments Limited42381

Struck off on 07/03/2017

08/03/17JAY 3 LIMITED48557Struck off on 08/03/2017-
17/03/17StoryHouse Limited55516Struck off on 14/03/2017-
17/03/17J & G DINER LIMITED52090Struck off on 17/03/2017-