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Ineffective Registered Office - 2017

Section 355 (2) of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 provides that the Registrar of Companies may strike off companies, from the Guernsey Register of Companies, where a notice under section 32 of the Law (registered office ineffective), has been filed with the Registrar of Companies.

Upon the filing of such notice with the Registrar, a company has 14 days in which to provide to the Registrar a new address for its registered office. A failure to do so renders a company liable to be struck off.

Accordingly the Registrar has received notice of ineffective registered office for the companies published here, and hereby gives notice that, unless cause to the contrary is shown, at the expiration of 2 months from the date of these publication notices, the listed companies will be struck from the Register and dissolved.

Upon the striking off of these companies the Registrar will publish a further notice listing those companies so struck off and dissolved, and such notice may include the names of the directors of the companies struck off.

Any person wishing to show cause as to why the Registrar should not strike off any of the companies published here should do so in writing to the Registrar of Companies. A company will not be considered to have shown cause to the contrary until the Registrar has been provided with details of a new effective address for its registered office.

Note: Where a company is dissolved as a result of striking off, all property and rights then vested in it or held on trust for it (but not property held by it on trust for another person) shall, unless Her Majesty's Receiver-General directs otherwise, become bona vacantia belonging to the Crown.

You are advised to carry out a company search to establish the status of any of the companies included on this list to confirm whether they remain on the register or were struck off at the end of the notice period -


Date of Publication

Company NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Listed for Strike Off


Taymouth Castle Estates Limited


26/01/17Paragon Diamonds Limited51819-26/03/17
31/01/17Liquid Pace Limited60354-31/03/17
03/02/17JOURNEY LIMITED56505-03/04/17
09/02/17CEDAR CREDIT INSURANCE PCC LIMITED54066New Registered Office address provided 22/02/1709/04/17
10/02/17Transafrik International Limited14560-10/04/17
10/02/17Polymer Holdings Limited49127-10/04/17
10/02/17Minkie Marine Limited56883-10/04/17
10/02/17Zyadah Limited57588-10/04/17
10/02/17Triple G Enterprises (Guernsey) Limited62033-10/04/17
10/02/17Tadin Limited60135-10/04/17
10/02/17Starlite Limited60272-10/04/17
14/02/17Third Eye Management International Limited55740-14/04/17
14/02/17Fleet Services Limited7497-14/04/17
15/02/17Next Gen Investments Limited54944-15/04/17
15/02/17Global Investments Holdings Limited61294-15/04/17
15/02/17M Yachting Limited58521-15/04/17
15/02/17HR Water Limited60936-15/04/17
21/02/17PERAMA HOLDINGS LIMITED59103New Registered Office address provided 28/03/1721/04/17
21/02/17PERAMA INVESTMENTS NO. 1 LIMITED59104New Registered Office address provided 28/03/1721/04/17
21/02/17PERAMA INVESTMENTS NO. 2 LIMITED59105New Registered Office address provided 28/03/1721/04/17
21/02/17TAVERNA HOLDINGS LIMITED59217New Registered Office address provided 28/03/1721/04/17
21/02/17KR8 LIMITED60235New Registered Office address provided 07/07/1721/04/17
21/02/17PERAMA INVESTMENTS NO. 3 LIMITED60447New Registered Office address provided 28/03/1721/04/17
21/02/17Taverna Investments 2015 Limited61484New Registered Office address provided 28/03/1721/04/17
22/02/17TAVERNA INVESTMENTS LIMITED59218New Registered Office address provided 28/03/1722/04/17
27/02/17Nora Limited29190-27/04/17
06/03/17Tizzy Media Holdings Limited59762-06/05/17
08/03/17SUBSERV PRO (GUERNSEY) LIMITED46598-08/05/17
16/03/17Cassidy Group Limited44259New Registered Office address provided 14/06/1816/05/17
16/03/17Material Management Resources International Limited49282-16/05/17
21/03/17T AND E PROPERTIES LIMITED55862-21/05/17
29/03/17THAMES ONE LIMITED44520-29/05/17
18/04/17Y-roam (Trademarks) Limited61873-18/06/17
27/04/17Jet Enterprises Limited40656New Registered Office address provided 18/07/1727/06/17
03/05/17Autumn Fire Rose Limited by Guarantee47053-03/07/17
04/05/17PORT VIEW LIMITED45047New Registered Office address provided 29/06/1704/07/17
16/05/17Penoni Limited26456-16/07/17
22/05/17Reparata Holdings Limited59144-22/07/17
21/06/17INDIAN ENERGY LIMITED46601-21/08/17
23/06/17YTD Limited41620-23/08/17
28/06/17Kotton Limited59305-28/08/17
19/07/17Ducast Limited41841-19/09/17
25/07/17Clophill Limited62905-25/09/17
12/09/17JVI Limited29878-12/11/17
26/09/17SUNRISE CAPITAL LIMITED57963-26/11/17
26/09/17SUNRISE HOUSING LIMITED57965-26/11/17
02/10/17Blackbird Holdings Ltd.33071New Registered Office address provided 06/02/18.02/12/17
02/10/17Bellingen Limited32140New Registered Office address provided 25/05/18.02/12/17
02/10/17Trafalgar Holdings Limited31781New Registered Office address provided 12/12/1702/12/17
02/10/17Wallington Properties Limited32955Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office02/12/17
02/10/17Benassay Limited29514New Registered Office address provided 19/01/201802/12/17
02/10/17Kalamit Holdings Limited40539New Registered Office address provided 29/11/1702/12/17
02/10/17Caterham Limited33931New Registered Office address provided 12/12/1702/12/17
02/10/17Phoenix Solutions Limited56254-02/12/17
02/10/17Envosol IndiAg Ltd.60194Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office02/12/17
02/10/17Envosol Global Ltd.60192Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office02/12/17
03/10/17Prego International Limited55858Struck of by Registrar 3/11/202103/12/17
03/10/17Prego Prepaid Solutions Limited56110Struck of by Registrar 3/11/202103/12/17
03/10/17Aldor Investment Holding Limited56490Retained at the request of the Income Tax Office03/12/17
14/11/17VALENS INVESTMENTS LIMITED58817-14/01/18
29/11/17CHEADLE MANAGEMENT LIMITED60526-29/01/18
18/12/17Morrell Investments Limited4135New Registered Office address provided 07/02/201818/02/18
18/12/17Oslo Investments Limited13387Retained by Third Party18/02/18
18/12/17GS GUERNSEY Limited42988-18/02/18
18/12/17SHAHEEN ALSHAMAL I LIMITED57287-18/02/18
18/12/17SHAHEEN ALSHAMAL II LIMITED57288-18/02/18
18/12/17SHAHEEN ALSHAMAL III LIMITED57289-18/02/18
18/12/17Ojay Limited38594-18/02/18
18/12/17Eastgate Properties Limited36983-18/02/18
27/12/17River Green Limited35836-27/02/18

Struck Off

10/01/17Phoenix Ventures Limited34749Struck off on: 10/01/2017-
20/02/17HALVALLA LIMITED53065Struck off on: 20/02/2017-
06/03/17Taymouth Castle Estates Limited52459Struck off on: 06/03/2017-
27/03/17Paragon Diamonds Limited51819Struck off on: 27/03/2017-
10/04/17Starlite Limited60272Struck off on: 10/04/2017-
10/04/17Tadin Limited60135Struck off on: 10/04/2017-
10/04/17Triple G Enterprises (Guernsey) Limited62033Struck off on: 10/04/2017-
10/04/17Zyadah Limited57588Struck off on: 10/04/2017-
10/04/17Minkie Marine Limited56883Struck off on: 10/04/2017-
10/04/17Polymer Holdings Limited49127Struck off on: 10/04/2017-
10/04/17Transafrik International Limited14560Struck off on: 10/04/2017-
18/04/17HR Water Limited60936Struck off on: 18/04/2017-
18/04/17M Yachting Limited58521Struck off on: 18/04/2017-
18/04/17Global Investments Holdings Limited61294Struck off on: 18/04/2017-
18/04/17Next Gen Investments Limited54944Struck off on: 18/04/2017-
18/04/17Fleet Services Limited7497Struck off on: 18/04/2017-
18/04/17Third Eye Management International Limited55740Struck off on: 18/04/2017-
21/04/17Sport Courts Channel Islands Limited60316Struck off on: 21/04/2017-
27/04/17Nora Limited29190Struck off on: 27/04/2017-
04/05/17Tariro Limited61938Struck off on: 04/05/2017-
08/05/17Tizzy Media Holdings Limited59762Struck off on: 08/05/2017-
08/05/17SUBSERV PRO (GUERNSEY) LIMITED46598Struck off on: 08/05/2017-
10/05/17Al Wady Limited39761Struck off on: 10/05/2017-
16/05/17Material Management Resources International Limited49282Struck off on: 16/05/2017-
22/05/17T and E Properties Limited55862Struck off on: 22/05/2017-
30/05/17Thames One Limited44520Struck off on: 30/05/2017-
31/05/17MANCHESTER PROPERTY LIMITED58193Struck off on: 31/05/2017-
19/06/17Y-roam (Trademarks) Limited61873Struck off on: 19/06/2017-
03/07/17Autumn Fire Rose Limited by Guarantee47053Struck off on: 03/07/2017-
17/07/17Penoni Limited26456Struck off on: 17/07/2017-
24/07/17Reparata Holdings Limited59144Struck off on: 24/07/2017-
21/08/17INDIAN ENERGY LIMITED46601Struck off on: 21/08/2017-
23/08/17YTD Limited41620Struck off on: 23/08/2017-
29/08/17Kotton Limited59305Struck off on: 29/08/2017-
19/09/17Ducast Limited41841Struck off on: 19/09/2017-
25/09/17Clophill Limited62905Struck off on: 25/09/2017-
25/10/17Law Transitions Limited36264Struck off on: 25/10/2017-
13/11/17JVI Limited29878Struck off on: 13/11/2017-
28/11/17SUNRISE CAPITAL LIMITED57963Struck off on: 28/11/2017-
28/11/17SUNRISE HOUSING LIMITED57965Struck off on: 28/11/2017-
04/12/17Phoenix Solutions Limited56254Struck off on: 04/12/2017-
07/12/17Mooarc Limited41762Struck off on: 07/12/2017-