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Ineffective Registered Office - 2016

Section 355 (2) of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 provides that the Registrar of Companies may strike off companies, from the Guernsey Register of Companies, where a notice under section 32 of the Law (registered office ineffective), has been filed with the Registrar of Companies.

Upon the filing of such notice with the Registrar, a company has 14 days in which to provide to the Registrar a new address for its registered office. A failure to do so renders a company liable to be struck off.

Accordingly the Registrar has received notice of ineffective registered office for the companies published here, and hereby gives notice that, unless cause to the contrary is shown, at the expiration of 2 months from the date of these publication notices, the listed companies will be struck from the Register and dissolved.

Upon the striking off of these companies the Registrar will publish a further notice listing those companies so struck off and dissolved, and such notice may include the names of the directors of the companies struck off.

Any person wishing to show cause as to why the Registrar should not strike off any of the companies published here should do so in writing to the Registrar of Companies. A company will not be considered to have shown cause to the contrary until the Registrar has been provided with details of a new effective address for its registered office.

Note: Where a company is dissolved as a result of striking off, all property and rights then vested in it or held on trust for it (but not property held by it on trust for another person) shall, unless Her Majesty's Receiver-General directs otherwise, become bona vacantia belonging to the Crown.

You are advised to carry out a company search to establish the status of any of the companies included on this list to confirm whether they remain on the register or were struck off at the end of the notice period -

Date of Publication

Company NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Listed for Strike Off




Struck Off06/03/2016
06/01/2016Middleway Properties Limited22895New Registered Office Address provided 20/04/201606/03/2016
18/01/2016ABS Limited59875Struck Off18/03/2016
04/02/2016Per Sempre Holding Limited58765-04/04/2016
04/02/2016Super Nova Limited57939New Registered Office address provided 01/04/201604/04/2016
04/02/2016Southmed Holdings Limited26717-04/04/2016
04/02/2016ANTURION LIMITED52232-04/04/2016
04/02/2016GVA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED44937-04/04/2016
04/02/2016Omega Securities Limited3612-04/04/2016
04/02/2016SARNIA TRADING LIMITED60617-04/04/2016
09/02/2016Westley Pannell Limited38961New Registered Office address provided 29/02/1609/04/2016
09/02/2016Astoria Marine Holdings Limited60595-09/04/2016
09/02/2016Dyarb Property Limited53920-09/04/2016
09/02/2016Bustan Property Company Limited53364-09/04/2016
10/02/2016Ribbon Revival Limited25600Retained by 3rd party10/04/2016
10/02/2016Tjuneric Solutions Limited35480-10/04/2016
10/02/2016Law Transitions Limited36264Extension granted until 10/05/2016.10/04/2016
10/02/2016Sumobene Limited42017-10/04/2016
10/02/2016Domus Trading Limited44841-10/04/2016
10/02/2016Equus Global Investments Limited48046-10/04/2016
10/02/2016Redd Investments Limited51753-10/04/2016
10/02/2016Semo Holdings Limited53406-10/04/2016
10/02/2016Mondioma Limited57126-10/04/2016
22/02/2016Pyne Holdings Limited58688-22/04/2016
24/02/2016Snowman Limited by Guarantee.40853New Registered Office address provided 19/04/201624/04/2016
24/02/2016Sanctuary International PCC Limited53355-24/04/2016
25/02/2016Law Secretary Limited48419-25/04/2016
25/02/2016Law Director One Limited48417-25/04/2016
25/02/2016Law Director Two Limited48418-25/04/2016
15/03/2016VV I Company Limited55827-15/05/2016
15/03/2016bb I Company Limited55828-15/05/2016
15/03/2016Jointforce Holding Company Limited57186-15/05/2016
17/03/2016A1 Recycling Solutions Limited52568-17/05/2016
30/03/2016Universal Distributors Limited26127-30/05/2016
27/05/2016Abbey Road Properties Limited40069-27/07/2016
13/06/2016Doumejour Property Company Limited9243-13/08/2016
17/06/2016Bisys Fund Services (Guernsey) Limited34256-17/08/2016
12/07/2016Eagle Ventures Limited34780-12/09/2016
12/07/2016Symbal Homes Limited37679-12/09/2016
15/07/2016FASTJET LEASING PCC LIMITED55703New Registered Office address provided 12/09/201615/09/2016
15/07/2016FASTJET HOLDINGS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED55684New Registered Office address provided 12/09/201615/09/2016
09/08/2016McKenzie Investments Limited62051-09/10/2016
12/08/2016TMS Holdings Limited37961-12/10/2016
23/08/2016Global Emerging Markets Limited26761-23/10/2016
15/09/2016Actium Holdings Limited46384-15/11/2016
27/09/2016BLUE SKYE MANAGEMENT LIMITED50513-27/11/2016
29/09/2016INZPIRES LIMITED60251New Registered Office provided 13/12/201629/11/2016
29/09/2016MEDIZEN LIMITED60514New Registered Office provided 13/12/201629/11/2016
07/10/2016Ansol Limited34451New Registered Office address provided 28/11/201607/12/2016
14/10/2016PMS Project Management Services Limited35850-14/12/2016
17/10/2016TIAN CAPITAL LIMITED60812-17/12/2016
19/10/2016Chard Trading and Finance Company Limited31009-19/12/2016
27/10/2016GREENFIELDS LIMITED51541-27/12/2016
08/11/2016Phoenix Ventures Limited34749-08/01/2017
20/12/2016HALVALLA LIMITED53065-20/02/2017
20/12/2016Al Wady Limited39761-20/02/2017

Struck Off

09/02/2016Anastasia Capital Limited56750Struck off on: 09/02/2016-
09/02/2016Anastasia Holdings Limited56731Struck off on: 09/02/2016-
09/02/2016U.S.C. Sea Charter Limited43755Struck off on: 09/02/2016-
09/02/2016Lion Growth SL Agriculture Limited56994Struck off on: 09/02/2016-
09/02/2016PetroQuest Global Limited57323Struck off on: 09/02/2016-
10/02/2016Flovac Middle East Limited48351Struck off on: 10/02/2016-
07/03/2016African Minerals Finance Limited52796

Struck off on: 07/03/2016

22/03/2016ABS Limited59875Struck off on: 22/03/2016-
04/04/2016Per Sempre Holding Limited58765Struck off on: 04/04/2016 -
04/04/2016Super Nova Limited57939Struck off on: 04/04/2016 -
04/04/2016Southmed Holdings Limited26717Struck off on: 04/04/2016 -
04/04/2016Anturion Limited52232Struck off on: 04/04/2016 -
04/04/2016GVA International Limited44937Struck off on: 04/04/2016 -
04/04/2016Omega Securities Limited3612Struck off on: 04/04/2016 -
04/04/2016Sarnia Trading Limited60617Struck off on: 04/04/2016 -
25/04/2016Pyne Holdings Limited58688Struck off on: 25/04/2016-
25/04/2016Sanctuary International PCC Limited53355Struck off on: 25/04/2016-
25/04/2016Law Director Two Limited48418Struck off on: 25/04/2016-
25/04/2016Law Director One Limited48417Struck off on: 25/04/2016-
25/04/2016Law Secretary Limited48419Struck off on: 25/04/2016-
23/10/2016Global Emerging Markets Limited26761Struck off on: 23/10/2016-
09/11/2016Astoria Marine Holdings Limited60595Struck off on: 11/04/2016-
09/11/2016Dyarb Property Limited53920Struck off on: 11/04/2016-
09/11/2016Bustan Property Company Limited53364Struck off on: 11/04/2016-
09/11/2016Tjuneric Solutions Limited35480Struck off on: 11/04/2016-
09/11/2016Sumobene Limited42017Struck off on: 11/04/2016-
09/11/2016Domus Trading Limited44841Struck off on: 11/04/2016-
09/11/2016Equus Global Investments Limited48046Struck off on: 11/04/2016-
09/11/2016Redd Investments Limited51753Struck off on: 11/04/2016-
09/11/2016Semo Holdings Limited53406Struck off on: 11/04/2016-
09/11/2016Mondioma Limited57126Struck off on: 11/04/2016-
09/11/2016VV I Company Limited55827Struck off on: 16/05/2016-
09/11/2016bb I Company Limited55828Struck off on: 16/05/2016-
09/11/2016Jointforce Holding Company Limited57186Struck off on: 16/05/2016-
09/11/2016A1 Recycling Solutions Limited52568Struck off on: 17/05/2016-
09/11/2016Universal Distributors Limited26127Struck off on: 30/05/2016-
09/11/2016Abbey Road Properties Limited40069Struck off on: 01/08/2016-
09/11/2016Doumejour Property Company Limited9243Struck off on: 15/08/2016-
09/11/2016Bisys Fund Services (Guernsey) Limited34256Struck off on: 17/08/2016-
09/11/2016Eagle Ventures Limited34780Struck off on: 12/09/2016-
09/11/2016Symbal Homes Limited37679Struck off on: 12/09/2016-
09/11/2016TMS Holdings Limited37961Struck off on: 12/10/2016-
15/11/2016Actium Holdings Limited46384Struck off on: 15/11/2016-
09/12/2016McKenzie Investments Limited62051Struck off on: 09/12/2016-
19/12/2016PMS Project Management Services Limited35850Struck off on: 14/12/2016-
19/12/2016Tian Capital Limited60812Struck off on: 19/12/2016-
19/12/2016Chard Trading and Finance Company Limited31009Struck off on: 19/12/2016-
28/12/2016GREENFIELDS LIMITED51541Struck off on: 28/12/2016-