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Annual Renewal Process

Every registered organisation must apply to renew its registration on an annual basis, at the commencement of each calendar year.

A renewal reminder will be sent out, from the Guernsey Registry, to the registered correspondence address each year, with links to pre-populated renewal forms.

The organisation will be asked to confirm whether the details held on the Register remain correct.  There is no fee to renew a registration.

Where any changes have occurred the organisation will be asked to complete and return a change of particulars form (provided with the renewal form) providing full details of the changed registered particulars.

The renewal form should be returned to the Registry (together with the latest annual accounts if required) between 1 and 31 January of the relevant renewal year.

A registered organisation that fails to renew its registration in any calendar year by the end of January in that year shall be struck off the Register. The Registrar will write to the organisation providing 2 weeks' notice of his intention to strike the organisation from the Register.  In addition the Registrar may, at his discretion, impose an administrative penalty for a failure to file a registration renewal. (Details of the level of administrative penalties can be found on the Enforcement and Strike Off page.)

Where an organisation has been struck off the Register, it will be deemed to have failed to register, without reasonable excuse, in accordance with the requirements of the Law and will be guilty of an offence and liable upon summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the uniform scale.