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The Register details the Non Profit Organisations that have been registered in Guernsey.

The NPO purpose, contact name and address details and officer names and titles can be found by clicking the links in the Register Statement column.

Should you require any further information please call the office on +44 1481 743800 or email:

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NumberNameBusiness AddressRegister StatementStatusStatus Date
NP3Shiloh Properties LBG-Converted now CH246- ConvertedNow CH246
NP4The Guernsey CamarataC/O BWCI Service Company Ltd, P O Box 68, Albert House, South Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3AW Struck Off22/11/2016
NP5Sarnia Arts & Crafts ClubC/O The Hon. Treasurer, Trenez, Clos Du Moulin, St Martin, Guernsey GY4 6XEpdf icon NPO Statement (5) [248kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP6Guernsey Electricity Sports & Social ClubC/O Guernsey Electricity Ltd, Electricity House, Northside, Vale, Guernsey GY3 5TWpdf icon NPO Statement (6) [79kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP10Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club (Guernsey) LBG57, Lower Pollet, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WLpdf icon NPO Statement (10) [79kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP11Elizabeth College-Converted now CH599- ConvertedNow CH599
NP12Blanchelande  College LBGLes Vauxbelets, St Andrew, Guernsey, GY6 8XYpdf icon NPO Statement (12) [163kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP14Guernsey Race Club LBGc/o  Donegal, Pleinmont Road, St Peters, Guernsey, GY7 9BNpdf icon NPO Statement (14) [163kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP15Guernsey Club de Petanque LBGThe Guernsey Petanque Centre, Les Friquets, St Andrew, Guernsey, GY6 8SJpdf icon NPO Statement (15) [78kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP17The Ladies' College-Converted now CH311- ConvertedNow CH311
NP18Practical Assistance in Christian Education (PACE)-Converted now CH305- ConvertedNow CH305
NP22Guernsey Kart & Motor Club LBGC/O Rocksand, Les Landes, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5JFpdf icon NPO Statement (22) [230kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP23Beau Sejour Barracudas Swimming Club (Guernsey) LBG-Converted now CH248- ConvertedNow CH248
NP25Guernsey Triathlon ClubMaison De Haut, La Grande Rue, St Saviours, Guernsey, GY7 9PRpdf icon NPO Statement (25) [247kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP27Friends of Acorn House-Converted now CH249- ConvertedNow CH249
NP29Guernsey Union D'Escrime LBGBeggars Roost, Vale Road, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4DHpdf icon NPO Statement (29) [232kb]Normal06/03/2009

Trustees of the Guernsey Symphony Orchestra

Converted - CH588

  NormalNow CH588
NP32The Channel Islands Occupation SocietyP O Box 338, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3UJpdf icon NPO Statement (32) [62kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP34Guernsey Housing Association LBGFirst Floor, Newlands House, Lowlands Trading Estate, Braye Road, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5XJ      pdf icon NPO Statement (34) [88kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP35Sarnia Sword ClubMonuriki, Rue De La Maladerie, St Saviour, Guernsey, GY7 9RApdf icon NPO Statement (35) [86kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP36Army Benevolent Fund-Converted now CH251- ConvertedNow CH251
NP38Churches Together in GuernseyPO Box 370, Town Mills, Trinity Square, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3YN Struck off24/09/2018
NP39Guernsey Concert BrassFigtree Farm, Landes du Marche, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8DGpdf icon NPO Statement (39) [229kb]Normal20/04/2017
NP40Guernsey Amateur Swimming Association LBG-Converted now CH252- ConvertedNow CH252
NP41Guernsey Rugby Association LBG-Converted now CH292- ConvertedNow CH292
NP42Soroptimist International of GuernseyLorier Place, Rocque Balan, L'Ancresse, Vale, GY3 5AJpdf icon NPO Statement (42) [87kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP44Guernsey Badminton Association-Converted now CH517Badminton Halls, Rohais, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1YP   Converted



NP45Royal Guernsey Agricultural & Horticultural Society-Converted now CH342- ConvertedNow CH342
NP46Families First at Roseville-Converted now CH253- ConvertedNow CH253
NP47Guernsey Foster & Adoption Association-Converted now CH254- ConvertedNow CH254
NP49Guernsey Enterprise Retail Networkc/o  Ferndale, Landes du Marche, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8DNpdf icon NPO Statement (49) [59kb]Normal06/03/2009
NP50Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association-Converted now CH491The Bowls Stadium, Hougue du Pommier, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8BD   ConvertedNow CH491
NP51The Procureur of the Poor for St Peter PortConstable's Office, Lefebvre Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2JSpdf icon NPO Statement (51) [77kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP52Guernsey Chamber of CommerceSuite 1, 16 Glategny Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WNpdf icon NPO Statement (52) [163kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP54Cobo Cricket ClubLaurel House, Ville Au Roi, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1NXpdf icon NPO Statement (54) [86kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP56Guernsey Amateur Dancesport AssociationPenrith, Route de Carteret, Cobo, Câtel, Guernsey, GY5 7YUpdf icon NPO Statement (56) [230kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP57Guernsey Touring Motorcycle ClubC/O 4 Clos de Pierre, Collings Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1FS    pdf icon NPO Statement (57) [85kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP58Greenman Motorcycle ClubLa Cocquerie, Rue de la Terre Norgiot, St Saviour, GY7 9JWpdf icon NPO Statement (58) [87kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP59Rocquaine Regatta LBGCarlington, Rue Rocheuse, L'Eree, St Peter, Guernsey, GY7 9LQ     pdf icon NPO Statement (59) [165kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP60Guernsey Cricket Board LGB-Converted now CH299- ConvertedNow CH299
NP61Guernsey Round Tablec/o  Alma Cottage, Rue Des Croutes, St Martins, Guernsey GY4 6REpdf icon NPO Statement (61) [78kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP62Guernsey Yacht Club LBGCastle Emplacement, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1AUpdf icon NPO Statement (62) [61kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP63Guernsey Sea Anglers ClubCornerstones, 11 Clos de Priaulx, Brock Road, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4PWpdf icon NPO Statement (63) [88kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP64Artcollective LBG-Ceased38 Mill Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey Ceased07/06/2010
NP65Insurance Institute of GuernseyC/O Network Direct Limited, Network House, 3 Jubilee Terrace, South Esplanade, St Peter Port, GY1 1AHpdf icon NPO Statement (65) [59kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP66Bowmen of Guernsey-Struck offSunray, Monument Gardens, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1UL Struck Off20/11/2015
NP67Guernsey Festival of DanceLa Fontaine, Courtil de la Fontaine, King's Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1QBpdf icon NPO Statement (67) [89kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP68Elizabeth College Summer Orchestral CourseChamp Verts, Les Mauxmarquis, St Andrews, Guernsey, GY6 8TUpdf icon NPO Statement (68) [79kb]Normal08/05/2009
NP71The Guernsey Sylvans Sports Club LBGThe Club House, Rue de la Corderie, St Peter, Guernsey, GY7 9RUpdf icon NPO Statement (71) [163kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP72Ciné Guernsey - Ceasedc/o Alma, Route de Clos Landais, Guernsey,  Ceased22/09/2017
NP74Guernsey Rovers Athletic Club LBG - Converted (Now CH610)Port Soif Lane, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8AQ Converted08/02/2019
NP75The Guernsey Sunday Soccer League-Struck offEverglades, Lowlands Road, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY3 5SZ Struck Off20/11/2015
NP76The Guernsey Kennel ClubLiberty, 21 La Neuve Rue, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1SFpdf icon NPO Statement (76) [58kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP80La Mare Car Boot Sale Group-Struck offLa Mare de Carteret Primary School, Mare de Carteret, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7FL Struck Off20/11/2015
NP81Guernsey Island Amateur Athletic ClubLa Garenne Stand, Footes Lane, St Peter Port, Guernseypdf icon NPO Statement (81) [246kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP82Guernsey Island Games Association LBGLe Coudre Halle, La Route Du Coudre, St Peter, Guernsey, GY7 9HX  pdf icon NPO Statement (82) [88kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP84Festung GuernseyNewlands, Route Des Coutures, St Martins, Guernsey, GY4 6HNpdf icon NPO Statement (84) [79kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP85Guernsey Military Vehicle GroupHideaway, Pointes Rocques, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4HNpdf icon NPO Statement (85) [77kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP86Guernsey Occupational Safety & Health AssociationC/O Dominica, Rue De Houmet, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8JHpdf icon NPO Statement (86) [248kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP89North Community MarketVale Douzaine Room, Maraitaine Road, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5QEpdf icon NPO Statement (89) [58kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP90Guernsey Electronic Organ Society-CeasedMoniko, Doyle Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1RD Ceased03/10/2014
NP92Gold Course Management LBGC/O Royal Guernsey Golf Club, L'Ancresse, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5BYpdf icon NPO Statement (92) [72kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP93Guernsey Army Cadet Force (RGLI)C/O Rousay, Bailiff's Cross Road, St Andrew, Guernsey, GY6 8RYpdf icon NPO Statement (93) [87kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP95The Sarnian Singers - CeasedLe Grand Menage, Rue de L'Aitte, ToCdsarteval, Guernsey, GY8 0PB Ceased11/02/2017
NP96Guernsey Velo Clubc/o Clair de Lune, Village Rochelle, Rue des Goddards, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7BPpdf icon NPO Statement (96) [61kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP97The World Guernsey Cattle FederationThe Hollyhocks, 10 Clos des Goddards, Rue des Goddards, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7JDpdf icon NPO Statement (97) [87kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP98St Martin's Lawn Tennis ClubLe Rue de Hurel, St Martin, Guernseypdf icon NPO Statement (98) [165kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP99Guernsey Marine Traders Association LBGMarine and General, P.O. Box 470, The Shipyard, St Sampsons Yard, Guernsey, GY1 6ATpdf icon NPO Statement (99) [76kb]Normal15/05/2009
NP100Guernsey Junior Golf Club-CeasedC/O Royal Guernsey Golf Club, L'Ancresse, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5BY CeasedCeased 2015
NP105Guernsey Community Theatre Project-CeasedC/O Genesis, Clos des Sous Les Courtils, Sous Les Courtils, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7HY Ceased31/07/2014
NP108Guernsey Association of Compliance Officers3 Elm Grove, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1URpdf icon NPO Statement (108) [60kb]Normal10/07/2009
NP112The Guild of St Joseph-Converted now CH263Ampthill House, Cordier Hill, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1JL     ConvertedNow CH263
NP114The Portuguese Association in Guernsey-CeasedC/O Funchal, Les Effards Road, Baubigny, 0, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4YN CeasedCeased 2014
NP118Floral Guernsey-Converted now CH495C/O Clarity House, Doyle Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1RF ConvertedNow CH495
NP119Guernsey Glee Singers now CH578La Pepiniere, Route De Vaugrat, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4TA ConvertedNow CH578
NP120Les Danseurs de L'Assembllaie D'GuernesiaiseThe Moorings, Ruette de la Perelle, St Saviour, Guernsey, GY7 9NApdf icon NPO Statement (120) [230kb]Normal28/04/2010
NP122St Martin's Athletic Club LBGBlanche Pierre Lane, St Martin, Guernsey, GY4 6RZpdf icon NPO Statement (122) [165kb]Normal28/04/2010
NP124Guernsey Riding and Hunt Clubc/o Brycroft, Rue De La Maladerie, St Saviours, Guernsey, GY7 9RApdf icon NPO Statement (124) [60kb]Normal11/05/2010
NP125Guernsey Table Tennis Association-Converted now CH486C/O The Poplars, Les Canus, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4UL   ConvertedNow CH486
NP126The Guernsey Sporting Club LBGWarwick House, The Grange, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2PXpdf icon NPO Statement (126) [88kb]Normal09/06/2010
NP128Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners - Guernsey BranchC/O FWS Ltd, St Helena, Les Nouettes, Forest, GY8 0EDpdf icon NPO Statement (128) [88kb]Normal19/07/2010
NP129Guernsey Association of TrusteesC/O Imperium Trust Company Limited, PO Box 635, Second Floor, St Peters House, Le Bordage, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3DSpdf icon NPO Statement (129) [63kb]Normal19/07/2010
NP131Women in Profession-CeasedC/O Opus Fiduciary Services Ltd - FAO K Cleal), P O Box 139, 9 - 12 The Grange, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3JL CeasedCeased 2011
NP132Alderney Tennis ClubRoute de Picaterre, Platte Saline, Alderney, GY9 3XFpdf icon NPO Statement (132) [87kb]Normal14/09/2010
NP133Alderney RunnersC/O Valongis House, Alderney, GY9 3YWpdf icon NPO Statement (133) [162kb]Normal14/09/2010
NP134The Alderney Music SocietyWingspan, 1, Rue Genet, Alderney, GY9 3XDpdf icon NPO Statement (134) [78kb]Normal14/09/2010
NP135The New Alderney Snooker ClubLe Val, Alderney, GY9 3ULpdf icon NPO Statement (135) [162kb]Normal14/09/2010
NP136Alderney Railway SocietyP O Box 1075, Alderney, GY9 3DApdf icon NPO Statement (136) [87kb]Normal14/09/2010
NP137Alderney Railway Company LtdP O Box 1075, Alderney, GY9 3DApdf icon NPO Statement (137) [86kb]Normal14/09/2010
NP138Alderney Miniature RailwayP O Box 1075, Alderney, GY9 3DApdf icon NPO Statement (138) [86kb]Normal14/09/2010
NP139Guernsey Motorcycle Training Scheme LBGc/o Courtil Revel, Rue St. Pierre, St Peter, Guernsey, GY7 9SWpdf icon NPO Statement (139) [164kb]Normal14/09/2010
NP140The Alderney Cinema ClubP O Box 64, Alderney, GY9 3JXpdf icon NPO Statement (140) [87kb]Normal19/10/2010
NP142Alderney Sailing ClubBraye Harbour, Alderney, GY9 3XXpdf icon NPO Statement (142) [86kb]Normal02/12/2010
NP144The Guernsey MajorettesC/O Trantchilitaie, Rue des Pages, St Martin, Guernsey, GY4 6QUpdf icon NPO Statement (144) [249kb]Normal09/02/2011
NP146Guernsey Photography Festival LBGLa Croute, Route De Carteret, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7YGpdf icon NPO Statement (146) [230kb]Normal16/03/2011
NP148Bowls Guernsey AssociationC/O Sleepy Hollow, Route de Cobo, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7RZpdf icon NPO Statement (148) [87kb]Normal18/04/2011
NP149Guernsey Society of DowsersRocquemer, Val au Bourg, St Martin, Guernsey, GY4 6EPpdf icon NPO Statement (149) [87kb]Normal18/04/2011
NP152Alderney Island Bandc/o  Wingspan, 1 Rue Genet, La Petite Blaye, Alderney, GY9 3XDpdf icon NPO Statement (152) [78kb]Normal15/07/2011
NP155Amalgamated Boxing Club-Converted now CH515La Route des Coutures, St Martin, Guernsey, GY4 6HH   ConvertedNow CH515
NP158Charities Events GroupC/O Maison de Fous, La Brigade, St Andrew, Guernsey, GY5 7RQpdf icon NPO Statement (158) [58kb]Normal07/10/2011

Sarnia Motorsport Rescue-Converted CH510

Starlake, Robergerie, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4NH     ConvertedNow CH510
NP160Guernsey RFC-Converted now 411Footes Lane, Osmond Priaulx Memorial Fields, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2UL    ConvertedNow CH411
NP161Alderney KFAc/o 1 Mare Jean Bott, Alderney, GY9 3TXpdf icon NPO Statement (161) [163kb]Normal15/02/2012
NP162Lions Table Tennis ClubC/O Les Chanterelles, La Passee, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4TSpdf icon NPO Statement (162) [162kb]Normal15/02/2012
NP166Vale Recreation Club LBGCorbet Field, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4FGpdf icon NPO Statement (166) [77kb]Normal21/11/2012
NP167Chaos Events LBGc/o D'Aval, Rue Closel, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5ESpdf icon NPO Statement (167) [231kb]Normal06/12/2012
NP168The Scottish Woodlands Alliance - CeasedSt Anne's House, Victoria Street, Alderney, GY9 3UF Ceased22/03/2017
NP170The Finance Sector Non-Executive Director Forum LBG1st Floor, Somers House, Rue Du Pre, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1LH     pdf icon NPO Statement (170) [248kb]Normal11/02/2013
NP171Guernsey Powerboat Association LBG1 La Rousse Apartments, Les Dicqs, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8JWpdf icon NPO Statement (171) [61kb]Normal11/02/2013
NP172Alderney Baby and Toddler GroupC/O L'Etable Du Marais, Venelle Jeanette, Alderney, GY9 3TY     pdf icon NPO Statement (172) [165kb]Normal21/02/2013
NP173Guernsey Netball AssociationC/O 28 Courtil Leonie, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4JWpdf icon NPO Statement (173) [81kb]Normal21/02/2013
NP174Sarnia Sea Lions Swim School LBG-Converted now CH477C/O Rose Villa, Clos de Beaupre, Saint's Road, St Martin, Guernsey, GY4 6HT      ConvertedNow CH477
NP177Guernsey Youth & Community TheatreLes Ozouets Campus, Les Ozouets, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2UBpdf icon NPO Statement (177) [165kb]Normal23/10/2013
NP178The British Motorcycle Club GuernseyThe Cedars, Holly Drive, Braye Road, St Sampsons, Guernsey, GY2 4EFpdf icon NPO Statement (178) [79kb]Normal05/11/2013
NP179Vale Earth Fair Limitedc/o La Cachette, 12 New Place, Vauvert, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1NDpdf icon NPO Statement (179) [59kb]Normal13/11/2013
NP184Guernsey Training Agency Ltd.Suite D, St Peter Port House, Union Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2PTpdf icon NPO Statement (184) [164kb]Normal05/06/2014
NP185The Guernsey Rowing Club LBGThe Boathouse, Mont Crevelt, Bulwer Avenue, St Sampsons, Guernseypdf icon NPO Statement (185) [80kb]Normal26/06/2014
NP186St John Commercial Services Guernsey LtdSt John Training Services Guernsey, Rohais, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1YNpdf icon NPO Statement (186) [247kb]Normal11/07/2014
NP188St Peter's Community MarketCommunity Hut, Rue de Brehaut, St Pierre du Bois, Guernsey, GY7 9SDpdf icon NPO Statement (188) [165kb]Normal16/09/2014
NP189Guernsey Autocross ClubManhattan, Route de Coutanchez, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2TUpdf icon NPO Statement (189) [87kb]Normal16/09/2014
NP190Alderney Broadcasting Company LBGBraye Broadcasting Centre, Braye Lodge, Braye Harbour, Alderney, GY9 3XX    pdf icon NPO Statement (190) [60kb]Normal20/10/2014
NP191Alderney Broadcasting Corporation LTD - CeasedBraye Broadcasting Centre, Braye Lodge, Braye Harbour, Alderney, GY9 3XX Ceased13/12/2016
NP192THE GUERNSEY RANGERS FOOTBALL & ATHLETIC CLUB LBGAllways, Belval Road, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5LWpdf icon NPO Statement (192) [61kb]Normal24/10/2014
NP193Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators  Guernsey BranchC/o Private Equity Administrators Limited, PO Box 669, Elm House, St Julian's Avenue, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1GZpdf icon NPO Statement (193) [233kb]Normal28/10/2014
NP194buildAbillionHomes InternationalLe Clos au Comte, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7QG Struck Off22/11/2016
NP195Bailiwick of Guernsey Guild of Accredited Guides55 Le Bordage, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1BPpdf icon NPO Statement (195) [87kb]Normal31/10/2014
NP196La Frog (French Organisation in Guernsey) - Ceased

22 Saumarez Street

St Peter Port

Guernsey GY1 2PU

NP197Club Bons Amis-Converted now CH197Les Etincelles, Rue Des Marais, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8AU   ConvertedNow CH197
NP199Association of Guernsey Civil Servants Branch of ProspectNew Jetty, White Rock, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2LLpdf icon NPO Statement (199) [176kb]Normal16/02/2015

Guernsey Arts Network - Converted

(Now CH555)

La Croix, Plaisance Road, St Peters, Guernsey,   GY7 9SJ    ConvertedNow CH555
NP201Occupation ArchiveThe Gables, Les Sauvagees, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4XTpdf icon NPO Statement (201) [60kb]Normal12/03/2015
NP204Retired States Employees Association4 Elysian Terrace, St John's Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WZpdf icon NPO Statement (204) [80kb]Normal13/07/2015
NP205Young Enterprise GuernseySunflower Lodge, Clos des Goddards, Rue des Goddards, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7JDpdf icon NPO Statement (205) [87kb]Normal06/08/2015
NP206Le Grand Courtil Community AssociationLe Grand Courtil, La Route Des Cornus, St Martin, Guernsey, GY4 6PJpdf icon NPO Statement (206) [229kb]Normal23/09/2015
NP207Makerspace GuernseyLes Escaliers, Les Merriennes, St Martin, Guernsey, GY4 6NWpdf icon NPO Statement (207) [77kb]Normal01/10/2015
NP208Quality Schools International FoundationPO Box 265, Suite 6, Borough House, Rue du Pre,  St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3QUpdf icon NPO Statement (208) [272kb]Normal13/10/2015
NP212Priaulx LibraryPriaulx Library, Candie Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1UGpdf icon NPO Statement (212) [164kb]Normal02/02/2016
NP213Rock the Frock

Flat 2, The Cottage, Les Petites Fontaines, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1HT

 Struck off24/09/2018
NP216Alderney Voicesc/o Mrs B. Featherstone, Hon. Treasurer, Les Alouettes, Little Street, Alderney, GY9 3TTpdf icon NPO Statement (216) [165kb]Normal10/06/2016
NP217Guernsey American Football AssociationArkham, 22 Clos des Pecqueries, Rue des Cottes, St Sampsons, Guernsey, GY2 4TUpdf icon NPO Statement (217) [80kb]Normal10/06/2016
NP218Guernsey Football League Management LBG1st Floor, Tudor House, Le Bordage, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1DBpdf icon NPO Statement (218) [258kb]Normal04/10/2016
NP219Taste GuernseyUnit 6, Dysons Complex, Southside, St Sampsons, Guernsey, GY2 4QJ Ceased10/05/2019
NP222Channel Islands Contract Bridge Association - Guernsey DistrictClarte, Les Cherfs, Cobo, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7HGpdf icon NPO Statement (222) [89kb]Normal28/12/2016
NP223The Alderney FoundationBordage House, Le Bordage, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1BUpdf icon NPO Statement (223) [79kb]Normal06/01/2017
NP224Men's Shed Guernsey - Converted (Now CH585)Tamarind House, Clos Du Marais, Rues Des Marais, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8AZ Converted29/05/2018
NP225La Nouvelle Maraitaine Community AssociationApartment 241 Bordeaux Block, La Nouvelle Maraitaine, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5QDpdf icon NPO Statement (225) [61kb]Normal03/02/2017
NP226The Leo Club of Guernsey2 Blanche Carriere Cottages, La Rochelle Road, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5DZ   Struck off24/09/2018
NP227Game Changers GuernseyRockcliffe House, Houmet du Nord, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8JL Ceased27/09/2018
NP228Spotlight Guernsey LBGOasis, Les Hautes Landes, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5DApdf icon NPO Statement (228) [164kb]Normal08/06/2017
NP229Guernsey Health ShowVivre La Vie, Les Quatre Vents, St Martins, Guernsey, GY4 6SS Ceased02/10/2018
NP230Guernsey Senior Citizens Association9, Maison Gauthier, Clos de Roi, Ville Au Roi, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1PApdf icon NPO Statement (230) [87kb]Normal29/11/2017
NP231Guernsey Irish Dance AcademyMaison de Folie, Les Mares Pellees, Vale, GY3 5PNpdf icon NPO Statement (231) [60kb]Normal29/11/2017
NP233Island Language LBGDolphin House, Le Foulon, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1YYpdf icon NPO Statement (233) [87kb]Normal09/01/2018
NP234The Guernsey Poultry Clubc/o Meadow Lodge, Rue des Marais, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8AUpdf icon NPO Statement (234) [101kb]Normal22/01/2018
NP235The Guernsey Long Distance Running Club LBG - CEASEDMontreux, Rouge Rue, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1ZE Normal30/04/2019
NP236 St. John Property LBGThe Commandery of St John, Bailiwick Office, Rohais, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1YNpdf icon NPO Statement (236) [77kb]Normal07/02/2018
NP238Belles & Broomsticks Morris SideC/o The Town House, Doyle Road, St Peter Port, GY1 1RGpdf icon NPO Statement (238) [88kb]Normal22/02/2018
NP239Try A Tri Community LBGLes Hurettes, La Hurette Lane, St Martins, Guernsey, GY4 6QSpdf icon NPO Statement (239) [87kb]Normal07/03/2018
NP240Bailiwick of Guernsey Data Protection Associationc/o Midshore Consulting, Unit 8, Trinity Square Centre, Upper Mansell Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WRpdf icon NPO Statement (240) [62kb]Normal21/03/2018
NP241Guernsey History in Action CompanyAndros, Rosaire Avenue, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1XUpdf icon NPO Statement (241) [90kb]Normal10/04/2018
NP242Guernsey Sports & Arts Lottery LBGCourt Place, Rue du Manoir, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3XZpdf icon NPO Statement (242) [79kb]Normal24/05/2018
NP243Islanders Association LBGThe Shed, c/o Charleston, Route Carre, L'Islet, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4REpdf icon NPO Statement (243) [62kb]Normal25/05/2018
NP244Guernsey Investment Fund Associationc/o PwC, PO Box 321, 1st Floor, Royal Bank Place, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1DBpdf icon NPO Statement (244) [83kb]Normal30/05/2018
NP245Tin Whistle LBGc/o Youth Commission for Guernsey, Les Ozouets Campus, Les Ozouets, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2UBpdf icon NPO Statement (245) [62kb]Normal15/06/2018
NP246Guernsey Honey Bee Health AssociationHorsham, Camp du Roi, Vale, Guernsey, GY6 8LXpdf icon NPO Statement (246) [63kb]Normal19/06/2018
NP247GBAC LimitedGrandview, Les Vardes, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3BGpdf icon NPO Statement (247) [86kb]Normal20/06/2018
NP248GNet RadioNotre Coin, 31 Jardin de L'Epine, Collings Road, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1TXpdf icon NPO Statement (248) [60kb]Normal30/07/2018
NP249The Let it B Group - CeasedMont Saint Lodge, Rue des Hougues, Le Mont Saint, St Saviour, Guernsey, GY3 5NRCeasedNormal12/11/2018
NP250Bright Futures LBGPO Box 335, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3UGpdf icon NPO Statement (250) [102kb]Normal24/08/2018
NP251The Hammond Memorial FundLa Ramee, Archies Rowe, Les Chevaliers Estate, Alderney, GY9 3XDpdf icon NPO Statement (251) [90kb]Normal13/09/2018
NP252Distance.ggOhana, Hougues Magues Lane, St Sampsons, Guernsey, GY2 4WApdf icon NPO Statement (252) [86kb]Normal03/10/2018
NP253Gymnastics Association of Guernsey LBGSarnia House, Le Truchot, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 4NApdf icon NPO Statement (253) [86kb]Normal16/10/2018
NP254The Guernsey Deanery Board of Finance LBG - Converted (now CH608)Holy Trinity Centre, Trinity Square, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1LP Converted05/02/2019
NP255Sarnia Artistic Roller Skating ClubHaute Terrain, Vale Road, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4DHpdf icon NPO Statement (255) [73kb]Normal02/01/2019
NP256Fairtrade Guernsey Steering GroupThe Ferrers, Milton Gardens, St Martin, Guernsey, GY4 6NVpdf icon NPO Statement (256) [70kb]Normal22/02/2019
NP257Dancefloor Challenge and EventsPenrith, Route de Carteret, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7YUpdf icon NPO Statement (257) [88kb]Normal19/03/2019
NP258The 2020 AssociationBonamy House, St. James Street, St. Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2NZpdf icon NPO Statement (258) [71kb]Normal27/03/2019
NP259The Friends of KD Dancec/o Pernera, Maladerie Road, St Sampsons, Guernsey, GY2 4RQpdf icon NPO Statement (259) [74kb]Normal05/04/2019
NP260Rosaire Community Associationc/o The Housing Office, Housing 21, Rosaire Court, Rosaire Avenue, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1XWpdf icon NPO Statement (260) [87kb]Normal29/05/2019
NP261Guernsey Shooting ClubSaiYan, Lowlands Road, Vale GY3 5SZpdf icon NPO Statement (261) [72kb]Normal04/06/2019
NP262Alderney Chamber of CommercePO Box 1074, Alderney, GY9 3BZpdf icon NPO Statement (262) [74kb]Normal20/06/2019