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Ineffective Registered Office - 2014

Section 355 (2) of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 provides that the Registrar of Companies may strike off companies, from the Guernsey Register of Companies, where a notice under section 32 of the Law (registered office ineffective), has been filed with the Registrar of Companies.

Upon the filing of such notice with the Registrar, a company has 14 days in which to provide to the Registrar a new address for its registered office. A failure to do so renders a company liable to be struck off.

Accordingly the Registrar has received notice of ineffective registered office for the companies published here, and hereby gives notice that, unless cause to the contrary is shown, at the expiration of 2 months from the date of these publication notices, the listed companies will be struck from the Register and dissolved.

Upon the striking off of these companies the Registrar will publish a further notice listing those companies so struck off and dissolved, and such notice may include the names of the directors of the companies struck off.

Any person wishing to show cause as to why the Registrar should not strike off any of the companies published here should do so in writing to the Registrar of Companies. A company will not be considered to have shown cause to the contrary until the Registrar has been provided with details of a new effective address for its registered office.

Note: Where a company is dissolved as a result of striking off, all property and rights then vested in it or held on trust for it (but not property held by it on trust for another person) shall, unless Her Majesty's Receiver-General directs otherwise, become bona vacantia belonging to the Crown.

You are advised to carry out a company search to establish the status of any of the companies included on this list to confirm whether they remain on the register or were struck off at the end of the notice period -

Date of Publication

Company NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Listed for Strike Off


Albemarle Fairoaks Limited


01/05/20142Spark Limited44766-01/07/2014
01/05/2014Amber Sea Limited15230-01/07/2014
01/05/2014Amie (Guernsey) Limited47529-01/07/2014
01/05/2014Armstrong PCC Limited49687-01/07/2014
01/05/2014Barry Harte Holdings (Guernsey) Limited49096-01/07/2014
01/05/2014Bayfield Consulting Limited31911-01/07/2014
01/05/2014Euro Contractors (Channel Islands) Limited24648New address for registered office provided on 30/01/201401/07/2014
01/05/2014GR8 Hotels PCC Limited54290-01/07/2014
01/05/2014HPS (Guernsey) Limited56252-01/07/2014
01/05/2014JB International (Guernsey) Limited33870-01/07/2014
01/05/2014Neenam Limited43802New address for registered office provided on 14/01/201401/07/2014
01/05/2014Rhapsody Marine Limited24251-01/07/2014
01/05/2014SDK Eire Limited37910-01/07/2014
01/05/2014Sesame Properties Limited13024New address for registered office provided on 23/12/201301/07/2014
01/05/2014Solidus Limited54403Retained at the request of Income Tax Office01/07/2014
01/05/2014Willow Tree Property Limited45738New address for registered office provided on 19/06/201401/07/2014
02/05/2014Hemisphere International Co. Limited7248-02/07/2014
01/07/2014GHD International Investments Limited14047-01/09/2014
01/07/2014Confresi Bay Limited24240-01/09/2014
01/07/2014Fairlakes (Guernsey) Limited26986-01/09/2014
01/07/2014Myers Investments Limited34567New address for registered office provided on 02/09/201401/09/2014
01/07/2014Navarra Limited39111-01/09/2014
01/07/2014Green Trust Investments Limited51752-01/09/2014
21/08/2014ABIL HOLDINGS LIMITED53667-21/10/2014
21/08/2014INTEGRO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED58461-21/10/2014
06/10/2014Brantridge Estates Limited30041-06/12/2014
06/10/2014Fortis Health Limited53046-06/12/2014
06/10/2014OC1 (Guernsey) Limited52776-06/12/2014
02/12/2014AlalytX Software Limited44630-02/02/2015
02/12/2014Danview Limited25591-02/02/2015
02/12/2014La Moye Limited1477-02/02/2015

Struck Off

06/03/2014Smith & Ken Holdings Limited56259Struck off on 06/03/2014-
06/03/2014Joyful Days Limited27462Struck off on 06/03/2014-
26/03/2014Ablemarle Fairoaks Limited47106Struck off on 26/03/2014-
10/04/2014Nodco Limited54717Struck off on 10/04/2014-
10/04/2014Blaen Coed (Guernsey) Limited51481Struck off on 10/04/2014-
01/07/2014HPS (Guernsey) Limited56252Struck off on 13/06/2014-
04/07/2014Hemisphere International Co. Limited7248Struck off on 04/07/2014-
07/07/20142Spark Limited44766Struck off on 07/07/2014-
07/07/2014Amber Sea Limited15230Struck off on 07/07/2014-
07/07/2014Amie (Guernsey) Limited47529Struck off on 07/07/2014-
07/07/2014Armstrong PCC Limited49687Struck off on 07/07/2014-
07/07/2014Barry Harte Holdings (Guernsey) Limited49096Struck off on 07/07/2014-
07/07/2014Bayfield Consulting Limited31911Struck off on 07/07/2014 
07/07/2014GR8 Hotels PCC Limited54290Struck off on 07/07/2014-
07/07/2014JB International (Guernsey) Limited33870Struck off on 07/07/2014-
07/07/2014Rhapsody Marine Limited24251Struck off on 07/07/2014-
07/07/2014SDK Eire Limited37910Struck off on 07/07/2014-
10/09/2014Legal Intelligence Group Limited53684Struck off on 03/02/2014-
10/09/2014Melbourne Productions (Guernsey) Limited47556Struck off on 20/02/2014-
10/09/2014International Pump Supplies Limited42517Struck off on 14/04/2014-
10/09/2014IT Group Limited50133Struck off on 30/04/2014-
10/09/2014Bullion Services Limited54128Struck off on 10/01/2013-
10/09/2014G & E Holdings Limited11601Struck off on 09/12/2013-
10/09/2014Mansour Shipping Limited32334Struck off on 10/01/2013-
10/09/2014Omega Latin Holdings Limited32835Struck off on 10/01/2013-
10/09/2014Overseas Trading Corporation Limited25171Struck off on 10/01/2013-
10/09/2014Strictly Electronics Limited51162Struck off on 10/01/2013-
10/09/2014Warrant Props Limited40413Struck off on 10/01/2013-
10/09/2014Arrowhead (Aylesbury) Limited36707Struck off on 23/09/2013-
10/09/2014Delta Investment Company Limited31102Struck off on 10/05/2013-
10/09/2014Delta Oil Capital Limited43714Struck off on 10/05/2013-
10/09/2014Delta Oil Company Limited27710Struck off on 10/05/2013-
10/09/2014Erringham Holdings Limited40253Struck off on 14/01/2013-
10/09/2014Platinum Petroleum Limited31913Struck off on 10/05/2013-
10/09/2014ROK 3D Filmed Entertainment Limited53508Struck off on 14/01/2013-
10/09/2014Specialist Supplies Limited26460Struck off on 14/01/2013-
10/09/2014Tax Planning Worldwide Limited55043Struck off on 11/03/2013-
06/10/2014GHD International Investments Limited14047Struck off on 03/10/2014-
06/10/2014Green Trust Investments Limited51752Struck off on 03/10/2014-
11/12/2014Abil Holdings Limited53667Struck off on 11/12/2014-
11/12/2014Integro International Limited58461Struck off on 11/12/2014-
11/12/2014OC1 (Guernsey) Limited52776Struck off on 11/12/2014-
11/12/2014Fortis Health Limited53046Struck off on 11/12/2014-
11/12/2014Bantridge Estates Limited30041Struck off on 11/12/2014-