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Restoration Notices 2013

Notice is hereby given that the following companies were restored to the Guernsey Register of Companies during 2013.

Registration NumberCompany Registered NameEffective Date of Restoration
25600Ribbon Revival Limited18/01/2013
7899Padina Limited10/04/2013
53280Moulin Manor Limited12/04/2013
36865Mattar Estates Limited12/04/2013
42606Galena Limited20/05/2013
27759Natang Limited19/06/2013
42565SMS Consulting Limited25/06/2013
45669Papillon Properties Limited27/06/2013
52400Taymouth Estate Limited15/08/2013
24532West Hill Investments Ltd.15/10/2013
44017Andertec Limited15/10/2013
47637FPS (PROPERTY) LIMITED01/11/2013