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Register of Charities and other Non Profit Organisations

The Register of Charities and Other Non Profit Organisations is administered by the Guernsey Registry and consists of both non-profit organisations (NP) and charities (CH) who are registered under The Charities Etc. (Guernsey and Alderney) Ordinance, 2021. The Charities etc. (Amendments, Exemptions,  Governance and Specified Amount) (Guernsey and Alderney) Regulations, 2022 provides details of the registration requirements.

The Ordinance and Regulations can be read in full under the Legislation section.

The purpose, contact address and managing officer details for each organisation can be found by clicking the links in the Register Statement column.

Register search: If you wish to search for a charity or non profit organisation by name or registration number please press 'Ctrl-F or Cmd-F' in order to search this web page.

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NumberNameRegister StatementTypeStatusStatus Date
CH661100 Women Who Care LBGpdf icon CH statement (661) [280kb]CharityNormal21/04/2021
CH5372021 Games LBGpdf icon CH statement (537) [280kb]CharityNormal13/09/2016
CH4903SM Scout Group LBGpdf icon CH statement (490) [280kb]CharityNormal23/12/2014
CH2438th Guernsey Sea Scouts Holdings LBGpdf icon CH statement (243) [280kb]CharityNormal01/02/2010
CH481Abigail House LBG-CharityCeased28/02/2018
CH388Access Ability-CharityCeased14/04/2020
CH542Access for Allpdf icon CH statement (542) [280kb]CharityNormal21/10/2016
CH347ACSC Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (347) [280kb]CharityNormal19/10/2010
CH330Action for Children - Guernsey Youth Housing Projectpdf icon CH statement (330) [281kb]CharityNormal19/07/2010
CH458ADHD Support Group Guernsey-CharityCeased26/04/2016
CH372African Children's Trust-CharityCeased13/11/2013
CH529Age Concern Alderney pdf icon CH statement (529) [280kb]CharityNormal20/06/2016
CH96Age Concern Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (96) [281kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH650Ageda Foundationpdf icon CH statement (650) [281kb]CharityNormal07/01/2021
CH571AgeFit Guernsey-CharityStruck off21/05/2019
CH259Aid Reaching Children (A.R.C.)pdf icon CH statement (259) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH612Air Rescue Channel Islands Limitedpdf icon CH statement (612) [281kb]CharityNormal15/03/2019
CH556Alderney Ambulance Service Limited-CharityCeased06/12/2021
CH343Alderney Animal Welfare Trust (inc. Alderney Animal Welfare Society)pdf icon CH statement (343) [280kb]CharityNormal14/09/2010
NP172Alderney Baby and Toddler Grouppdf icon NP Statement (172) [278kb]NPONormal21/02/2013
CH624Alderney Bird Observatory Limitedpdf icon CH statement (624) [280kb]CharityNormal23/08/2019
NP190Alderney Broadcasting Company LBGpdf icon NP Statement (190) [278kb]NPONormal20/10/2014
NP191Alderney Broadcasting Company Ltd-NPOCeased13/12/2016
CH84Alderney Cancer Reliefpdf icon CH statement (84) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP262Alderney Chamber of Commercepdf icon NP Statement (262) [278kb]NPONormal20/06/2019
CH483Alderney Civil Protection Volunteers-CharityStruck off13/05/2019
NP153Alderney Cricket Clubpdf icon NP Statement (153) [278kb]NPONormal01/10/2018
NP293Alderney Duke of Edinburghpdf icon NP Statement (293) [278kb]NPONormal10/06/2021
NP287Alderney Flying Clubpdf icon NP Statement (287) [278kb]NPONormal02/03/2021
CH139Alderney Football Associationpdf icon CH statement (139) [58kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH354Alderney Horse Homepdf icon CH statement (354) [280kb]CharityNormal18/11/2010
CH146Alderney Island Games Association Trustpdf icon CH statement (146) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
NP161Alderney KFApdf icon NP Statement (161) [278kb]NPONormal15/02/2012
CH362Alderney Librarypdf icon CH statement (362) [280kb]CharityNormal23/12/2010
NP138Alderney Miniature Railwaypdf icon NP Statement (138) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
CH361Alderney Quaker Meetingpdf icon CH statement (361) [280kb]CharityNormal23/12/2010
NP137Alderney Railway Company Ltdpdf icon NP Statement (137) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
NP136Alderney Railway Societypdf icon NP Statement (136) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
NP278Alderney Rugby Football Union Clubpdf icon NP Statement (278) [278kb]NPONormal14/08/2020
NP142Alderney Sailing Clubpdf icon NP Statement (142) [102kb]NPONormal02/12/2010
NP132Alderney Tennis Clubpdf icon NP Statement (132) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
CH488Alderney Theatre Grouppdf icon CH statement (488) [280kb]CharityNormal04/12/2014
CH466Alderney Tripsfundpdf icon CH statement (466) [280kb]CharityNormal05/06/2014
NP216Alderney Voicespdf icon NP Statement (216) [278kb]NPONormal10/06/2016
CH261Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT Ltd)pdf icon CH statement (261) [88kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH314Alderney Wildlife Trust Enterprises Ltdpdf icon CH statement (314) [84kb]CharityNormal28/04/2010
CH453Allied Aircrew Memorial Fund-CharityCeased17/12/2015
CH48Alzheimer's Society - Bailiwick of Guernsey Branchpdf icon CH statement (48) [281kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP155Amalgamated Boxing Club-NPOConverted (see CH515)05/11/2015
CH206Amherst Primary School P.T.A.pdf icon CH statement (206) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
CH21An Vien Village Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (21) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH407Animals in Need-CharityStruck off20/11/2015
CH251Army Benevolent Fund-CharityCeased14/08/2018
NP36Army Benevolent Fund-NPOConverted (see CH251)27/03/2009
CH560Arpana Guernseypdf icon CH statement (560) [280kb]CharityNormal20/07/2017
CH659Art for Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (659) [281kb]CharityNormal24/03/2021
NP64Artcollective LBG-NPOCeased07/06/2010
CH546Arts for Impact LBGpdf icon CH statement (546) [280kb]CharityNormal30/12/2016
NP199Association of Guernsey Civil Servants Branch of Prospect-NPOStruck off20/08/2020
NP266Atlantic Angels Cheerleading-NPOStruck off20/08/2020
CH419Autism Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (419) [280kb]CharityNormal22/10/2012
CH639AY Enterprise Trustpdf icon CH statement (639) [280kb]CharityNormal06/05/2020
CH173Bailiwick Folk and Roots LBG (AKA Sark Folk Festival)pdf icon CH statement (173) [280kb]CharityNormal01/02/2010
CH614Bailiwick Maternity Voices (BHMV)pdf icon CH statement (614) [281kb]CharityNormal05/04/2019
NP240Bailiwick of Guernsey Data Protection Associationpdf icon NP Statement (240) [279kb]NPONormal21/03/2018
NP195Bailiwick of Guernsey Guild of Accredited Guidespdf icon NP Statement (195) [278kb]NPONormal31/10/2014
CH106Bailiwick of Guernsey Scout Associationpdf icon CH statement (106) [281kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008
CH71Bailiwick of Guernsey Victim Support and Witness Service LBGpdf icon CH statement (71) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH450Baubigny Schools PTApdf icon CH statement (450) [280kb]CharityNormal06/12/2013
NP271Beat Enterprise Gsy Limitedpdf icon NP Statement (271) [278kb]NPONormal27/01/2020
CH248Beau Sejour Barracudas Swimming Club (Guernsey) LBGpdf icon CH statement (248) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
NP23Beau Sejour Barracudas Swimming Club (Guernsey) LBG-NPOConverted (see CH248)27/03/2009
NP238Belles & Broomsticks Morris Sidepdf icon NP Statement (238) [278kb]NPONormal22/02/2018
NP12Blanchelande College LBGpdf icon NP Statement (12) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
CH149Blanchelande College PTFApdf icon CH statement (149) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH545Blanchelande Development Fund LBGpdf icon CH statement (545) [280kb]CharityNormal24/11/2016
CH102Bowel Cancer Guernseypdf icon CH statement (102) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008
NP148Bowls Guernsey Associationpdf icon NP Statement (148) [278kb]NPONormal18/04/2011
NP66Bowmen of Guernsey-NPOStruck off20/11/2015
NP250Bright Futures LBGpdf icon NP Statement (250) [278kb]NPONormal24/08/2018
CH442Bright Tightspdf icon CH statement (442) [280kb]CharityNormal23/07/2013
NP220British Computer Society (Guernsey) LBG pdf icon NP Statement (220) [278kb]NPONormal16/11/2016
CH142British Red Crosspdf icon CH statement (142) [288kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH566Buchanan Friendship Foundationpdf icon CH statement (566) [280kb]CharityNormal26/10/2017
NP194buildAbillionHomes International-NPOStruck off22/11/2016
CH16Bus Users Guernseypdf icon CH statement (16) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH99BWCI Foundation-CharityCeased31/08/2022
CH81Canaccord Genuity Wealth Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (81) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH256Cancer Research UK - Guernsey Branchpdf icon CH statement (256) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH478Cancer Research UK (Alderney Team)pdf icon CH statement (478) [280kb]CharityNormal16/09/2014
CH224Capelles Church and Community Centrepdf icon CH statement (224) [280kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
CH570Carers Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (570) [280kb]CharityNormal20/12/2017
CH579Carmwest Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (579) [280kb]CharityNormal07/02/2018
CH296Castel School Parent Teacher Associationpdf icon CH statement (296) [280kb]CharityNormal11/12/2009
CH480Cat Concern Guernsey-CharityCeased06/07/2022
CH378Cats Protection - Guernsey Branch-CharityCeased17/03/2015
NP297Cercle Français de Guerneseypdf icon NP Statement (297) [78kb]CharityNormal07/02/2022
CH12Changing Faces (Channel Islands) LBGpdf icon CH statement (12) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH40Channel Islands Air Searchpdf icon CH statement (40) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP222Channel Islands Contract Bridge Association - Guernsey Districtpdf icon NP Statement (222) [278kb]NPONormal28/12/2016
NP158Charities Events Grouppdf icon NP Statement (158) [278kb]NPONormal07/10/2011
CH189Charity Flowers Ltd-CharityCeased01/08/2016
CH317Chartered Institute of Taxation Guernsey Branchpdf icon CH statement (317) [280kb]CharityNormal28/04/2010
CH20Chernobyl Children Life Line Guernsey Link-CharityCeased07/07/1905
CH3Choices LBGpdf icon CH statement (3) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH340Christian Aid - Guernsey Branchpdf icon CH statement (340) [280kb]CharityNormal14/09/2010
CH172Christian Science Societypdf icon CH statement (172) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
NP38Churches Together in Guernsey-NPOStruck off24/09/2018
NP72Ciné Guernsey-NPOCeased15/05/2009
CH1Citizens Advice Guernseypdf icon CH statement (1) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH662CLIC Sargentpdf icon CH statement (662) [281kb]CharityNormal29/04/2021
CH642Climb LBGpdf icon CH statement (642) [280kb]CharityNormal20/08/2020
CH497Club Bons Amispdf icon CH statement (497) [280kb]CharityNormal06/03/2015
NP197Club Bons Amis-NPOConverted (see CH497)23/01/2015
NP277COGS Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (277) [279kb]NPONormal10/08/2020
CH197Combined Services Charity Guernseypdf icon CH statement (197) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
CH62Community Partners Association Guernsey Branch-CharityCeased21/01/2019
NP87Confederation of Guernsey Industrypdf icon NP Statement (87) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP106Cornwall Place Owners Associationpdf icon NP Statement (106) [278kb]NPONormal10/07/2009
CH433Creative Learning in Prison LBGpdf icon CH statement (433) [280kb]CharityNormal17/042013
NP292Crimean War Research Society (2014)pdf icon NP Statement (292) [278kb]NPONormal02/06/2021
CH211Crimestoppers (Guernsey Branch)pdf icon CH statement (211) [280kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
CH531Cystic Fibrosis Guernseypdf icon CH statement (531) [281kb]CharityNormal26/07/2016
CH80Daisy Chain Preschool Charitable Trust-CharityCeased23/12/2014
CH670Dancefloor Challenge and Eventspdf icon CH Statement (670) [60kb]CharityNormal12/11/2021
NP257Dancefloor Challenge and Events-NPOConverted to CH67019/03/2019
CH552Dandelion Foundationpdf icon CH statement (552) [280kb]CharityNormal13/03/2017
CH636Dementia Friendly Guernseypdf icon CH statement (636) [280kb]CharityNormal10/03/2020
CH590Diabetes Guernseypdf icon CH statement (590) [82kb]CharityNormal04/07/2018
CH653Dig Alderneypdf icon CH statement (653) [281kb]CharityNormal16/02/2021
NP252Distance.ggpdf icon NP Statement (252) [278kb]NPONormal03/10/2018
CH492Dizzy Donkeypdf icon CH statement (492) [281kb]CharityNormal28/01/2015
CH505Donate "Keeping It Local"pdf icon CH statement (505) [280kb]CharityNormal15/06/2015
CH337Downside Up Guernsey-CharityCeased08/08/2016
CH239Dyslexia Day Centre (Gsy) Ltdpdf icon CH statement (239) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
NP294EDABL Guernsey LBGpdf icon NP Statement (294) [278kb]NPONormal08/10/2021
CH479Edible Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (479) [280kb]CharityNormal25/11/2014
CH272Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliancepdf icon CH statement (272) [280kb]CharityNormal10/07/2009
CH599Elizabeth Collegepdf icon CH statement (599) [280kb]CharityNormal06/03/2009
NP11Elizabeth College-NPOConverted (see CH599)20/09/2018
CH91Elizabeth College Foundationpdf icon CH statement (91) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP68Elizabeth College Summer Orchestral Course-NPOCeased10/07/2022
CH77Emmanuel Evangelical Baptist Churchpdf icon CH statement (77) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH326End Polio Now Shop Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (326) [82kb]CharityNormal09/06/2010
CH607Epilepsy Guernsey-CharityStruck off20/08/2020
CH567Ernie's Angelspdf icon CH statement (567) [280kb]CharityNormal29/11/2017
CH412Every Child Our Future LBGpdf icon CH statement (412) [280kb]CharityNormal03/05/2012
CH597Face Equality International LBGpdf icon CH statement (597) [280kb]CharityNormal24/08/2018
NP256Fairtrade Guernsey Steering Grouppdf icon NP Statement (256) [278kb]NPONormal22/02/2019
CH253Families First at Roseville-CharityStruck off30/11/2018
NP46Families First at Roseville-NPOConverted (see CH253)27/03/2009
NP84Festung Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (84) [277kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP118Floral Guernsey-NPOConverted20/02/2015
CH430Food From Friendspdf icon CH statement (430) [280kb]CharityNormal08/02/2013
CH226Forest Primary School PTApdf icon CH statement (226) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH562FreeRange Education-CharityStruck off30/04/2019
CH303Friends of  St. Peter's Church Trust-CharityWound up01/02/2010
NP27Friends of Acorn House-NPOConverted (see CH249)27/03/2009
CH249Friends of Acorn House - Ceased (Merged with CH90)-CharityCeased27/03/2009
CH511Friends of Anthony Thomaspdf icon CH statement (511) [281kb]CharityNormal26/08/2015
CH474Friends of CKNJ Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (474) [280kb]CharityNormal29/08/2014
CH90Friends of ECJSpdf icon CH statement (90) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH434Friends of Frossard Children's Ward Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (434) [280kb]CharityNormal01/05/2013
CH646Friends of GreenAcrespdf icon CH statement (646) [85kb]CharityNormal14/10/2020
CH596Friends of KGV Limitedpdf icon CH statement (596) [280kb]CharityNormal13/08/2018
CH47Friends of Les Bourgs Hospice LBGpdf icon CH statement (47) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH49Friends of Les Cotilspdf icon CH statement (49) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH470Friends of Loveridgepdf icon CH statement (470) [280kb]CharityNormal21/08/2014
CH127Friends of Romania Guernseypdf icon CH statement (127) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH409Friends of Saumarez Park Playground LBGpdf icon CH statement (409) [281kb]CharityNormal03/04/2012
CH471Friends of Sri Lankapdf icon CH statement (471) [280kb]CharityNormal26/08/2014
CH184Friends of St James Association-CharityCeased10/12/2015
CH651Friends of The Alzheimers Associationpdf icon CH statement (651) [280kb]CharityNormal28/01/2021
CH644Friends of the Corbet Field-CharityCeased27/09/2021
CH199Friends of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Guernseypdf icon CH statement (199) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
CH137Friends of the Princess Elizabeth Hospitalpdf icon CH statement (137) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH551Friends of the Vale Commonspdf icon CH statement (551) [280kb]CharityNormal07/03/2017
CH233Friends of Wildlife Foundation LBG-CharityCeased31/12/2018
CH676Friends of Ukraine EOD LBGpdf icon CH Statement (676) [60kb]CharityNormal10/03/2022
CH561Gamblers Support Group Guernsey-CharityCeased02/07/2020
NP 227Game Changers Guernsey-NPOCeased27/09/2018
NP247GBAC Limited-NPOCeased03/12/2021
CH273Georgina's Gang-CharityCeased31/12/2021
CH637GFC Stadium Holdings LBGpdf icon CH statement (637) [280kb]CharityNormal16/03/2020
CH648Gifts for the Elderly and Vulnerablepdf icon CH statement (648) [280kb]CharityNormal01/12/2020
CH244Girlguiding Guernseypdf icon CH statement (244) [81kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
NP248GNet Radiopdf icon NP Statement (248) [278kb]NPONormal30/07/2018
CH145GO LBGpdf icon CH statement (145) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH344Goal50pdf icon CH statement (344) [280kb]CharityNormal19/10/2010
NP92Golf Course Management LBGpdf icon NP Statement (92) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
CH586Gracie's Guernsey Angelspdf icon CH statement (586) [280kb]CharityNormal08/06/2018
NP58Greenman Motorcycle Clubpdf icon NP Statement (58) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
CH147Grow Limitedpdf icon CH statement (147) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH264GRT Jessant LBGpdf icon CH statement (264) [280kb]CharityNormal10/07/2009
CH216GSF MENTAL HEALTH FELLOWSHIPpdf icon CH statement (216) [280kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
NP184GTA University Centre Limitedpdf icon NP Statement (184) [278kb]NPONormal05/06/2014
CH103Guernsey Adolescent Smoke-Free Project (GASP)-CharityCeased31/10/2013
CH44Guernsey Adult Literacy Project LBGpdf icon CH statement (44) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH645Guernsey Aidpdf icon CH statement (645) [280kb]CharityNormal24/09/2020
CH666Guernsey Air Display Foundationpdf icon CH statement (666) [280kb]CharityNormal28/07/2021
CH88Guernsey Alcohol Advisory Service LBG (Formerly Guernsey Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council LBG)pdf icon CH statement (88) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH669Guernsey All Dancesport Associationpdf icon CH Statement (669) [62kb]CharityNormal12/11/2021
NP56Guernsey All Dancesport Association-NPOConverted to CH66908/05/2009
CH293Guernsey Alzheimer's Association LBGpdf icon CH statement (293) [280kb]CharityNormal20/11/2009
CH252Guernsey Amateur Swimming Association LBGpdf icon CH statement (252) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
NP40Guernsey Amateur Swimming Association LBG-NPOConverted (see CH252)27/03/2009
NP217Guernsey American Football Associationpdf icon NP Statement (217) [278kb]NPONormal10/06/2016
CH89Guernsey Animal Aidpdf icon CH statement (89) [59kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH547Guernsey Army Cadet Force (RGLI)pdf icon CH statement (547) [281kb]CharityNormal18/01/2017
NP93Guernsey Army Cadet Force (RGLI)-NPOConverted (see CH547)17/01/2017
CH555Guernsey Art Networkpdf icon CH statement (555) [60kb]CharityNormal18/04/2017
CH558Guernsey Arts Commission Charitable Foundation-CharityCeased01/09/2022
CH280Guernsey Arts Commission LBGpdf icon CH statement (280) [280kb]CharityNormal22/09/2009
NP200Guernsey Arts Network-NPOConverted25/02/2015
NP280Guernsey Association for Shooting & Conservation LBGpdf icon NP Statement (280) [278kb]NPONormal25/11/2020
NP108Guernsey Association of Compliance Officerspdf icon NP Statement (108) [278kb]NPONormal10/07/2009
NP129Guernsey Association of Trusteespdf icon NP Statement (129) [278kb]NPONormal19/07/2010
NP44Guernsey Badminton Association-NPOConverted (see CH517)30/12/2015
CH517Guernsey Badminton Association pdf icon CH statement (517) [280kb]CharityNormal30/12/2015
NP268Guernsey Basketball Associationpdf icon NP Statement (268) [278kb]NPONormal07/11/2019
NP163Guernsey Beekeepers Association-NPOCeased23/07/2022
CH8Guernsey Bereavement Service LBGpdf icon CH statement (8) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP284Guernsey Billiards & Snooker Associationpdf icon NP Statement (284) [278kb]NPONormal18/01/2021
CH460Guernsey Cancer Supportpdf icon CH statement (460) [280kb]CharityNormal05/03/2014
CH499Guernsey Caring For Ex-Offenders LBGpdf icon CH statement (499) [280kb]CharityNormal24/03/2015
CH351Guernsey Chamber Choir Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (351) [280kb]CharityNormal19/10/2010
NP52Guernsey Chamber of Commercepdf icon NP Statement (52) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
CH355Guernsey Cheshire Home pdf icon CH statement (355) [280kb]CharityNormal18/11/2010
NP69Guernsey Chess Federation (inc. Guernsey Chess Club)pdf icon NP Statement (69) [82kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
CH28Guernsey Chest & Heart LBGpdf icon CH statement (28) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH117Guernsey Choral & Orchestral Societypdf icon CH statement (117) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008
CH658Guernsey Choral Festival LBGpdf icon CH statement (658) [280kb]CharityNormal12/03/2021
CH186Guernsey Choral Workshop-CharityCeased06/01/2015
CH235Guernsey Climate Action Network (GCAN)-CharityCeased31/12/2017
CH574Guernsey Community Savings LBGpdf icon CH statement (574) [280kb]CharityNormal12/01/2018
NP105Guernsey Community Theatre Project-NPOCeased31/07/2014
NP39Guernsey Concert Brasspdf icon NP Statement (39) [278kb]NPONormal20/04/2017
CH255Guernsey Conservation Volunteerspdf icon CH statement (255) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH13Guernsey Counselling Service LBGpdf icon CH statement (13) [103kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH299Guernsey Cricket Boardpdf icon CH statement (299) [281kb]CharityNormal11/12/2009
NP60Guernsey Cricket Board LBG-NPOConverted (see CH299)11/12/2009
CH138Guernsey Deaf Children's Societypdf icon CH statement (138) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH110Guernsey Deanery Trustspdf icon CH statement (110) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008
CH41Guernsey Disability Alliance LBGpdf icon CH statement (41) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH496Guernsey Disability Swimming LBGpdf icon CH statement (496) [280kb]CharityNormal25/02/2015
CH606Guernsey Down Syndrome Grouppdf icon CH statement (606) [280kb]CharityNormal03/01/2019
CH22Guernsey DriveAbilitypdf icon CH statement (22) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH322Guernsey Driving for the Disabled Association-CharityStruck off30/11/2018
CH600Guernsey Dynamic Football Club (G.D.F.C.)pdf icon CH statement (600) [280kb]CharityNormal04/10/2018
CH489Guernsey Early Years Foundationpdf icon CH statement (489) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2014
CH50Guernsey Eisteddfod Societypdf icon CH statement (50) [288kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP6Guernsey Electricity Sports & Social Club-NPORemoved - No longer required to be registered26/11/2021
NP90Guernsey Electronic Organ Society-NPOCeased03/10/2014
CH484Guernsey Employment Trust LBGpdf icon CH statement (484) [281kb]CharityNormal24/11/2014
CH633Guernsey En Gardepdf icon CH statement (633) [59kb]CharityNormal21/01/2020
NP270Guernsey En Garde-NPOConverted (see CH633)21/01/2020
NP49Guernsey Enterprise Retail Networkpdf icon NP Statement (49) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
CH401Guernsey Extreme Sports Association (GXSA)-CharityStruck off29/11/2016
CH341Guernsey Fibromyalgia Support Group-CharityCeased25/07/2017
CH382Guernsey Football Club LBGpdf icon CH statement (382) [280kb]CharityNormal01/07/2011
CH550Guernsey for Freedompdf icon CH statement (550) [281kb]CharityNormal02/03/2017
CH151Guernsey Forest Congregation of Jehovah's Witnessespdf icon CH statement (151) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
NP47Guernsey Foster & Adoption Association-NPOConverted27/03/2009
CH539Guernsey Friends of Dog Rescue and Rehomingpdf icon CH statement (539) [280kb]CharityNormal05/10/2016
CH627Guernsey Friends of Maggie's (GFoM)pdf icon CH statement (627) [282kb]CharityNormal10/10/2019
CH572Guernsey Friends of Mary's Meals, UKpdf icon CH statement (572) [280kb]CharityNormal28/12/2017
CH165Guernsey Gateway Club LBGpdf icon CH statement (165) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH578Guernsey Glee Singerspdf icon CH statement (578) [280kb]CharityNormal06/02/2018
NP119Guernsey Glee Singers-NPOConverted (see CH578)06/02/2018
CH223Guernsey Group of the Riding for the Disabled Associationpdf icon CH statement (223) [280kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
CH230Guernsey Hard of Hearing Associationpdf icon CH statement (230) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH128Guernsey Healing and Spiritual Centre LBGpdf icon CH statement (128) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
NP229Guernsey Health Show-NPOCeased02/10/2018
CH247Guernsey Hockey LBGpdf icon CH statement (247) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
NP246Guernsey Honey Bee Health Association-NPOStruck off20/08/2020
NP50Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association-NPOConverted (see CH491)06/03/2009
CH491Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association LBGpdf icon CH statement (491) [280kb]CharityNormal29/12/2014
CH387Guernsey Infertility Support Group-CharityStruck off29/11/2016
NP244Guernsey Investment Fund Associationpdf icon NP Statement (244) [108kb]NPONormal30/05/2018
NP231Guernsey Irish Dance Academy-NPOStruck off20/08/2020
NP81Guernsey Island Amateur Athletic Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (81) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP82Guernsey Island Games Association LBGpdf icon NP Statement (82) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
CH6Guernsey Jumbulance Holidayspdf icon CH statement (6) [58kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP100Guernsey Junior Golf Club-NPOCeased01/01/2015
NP22Guernsey Kart & Motor Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (22) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
CH115Guernsey Kidney Patient's Associationpdf icon CH statement (115) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008
CH130Guernsey Ladies' College Guildpdf icon CH statement (130) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH514Guernsey Latvian Associationpdf icon CH statement (514) [281kb]CharityNormal02/10/2015
CH193Guernsey Lifeboat Guild-CharityCeased01/01/2021
CH455Guernsey Literary Festival LBGpdf icon CH statement (455) [280kb]CharityNormal05/03/2014
CH549Guernsey Lymphoma and Leukaemia Support Grouppdf icon CH statement (549) [280kb]CharityNormal02/03/2017
NP99Guernsey Marine Traders Association LBGpdf icon NP Statement (99) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
CH162Guernsey Mencap LBGpdf icon CH statement (162) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
NP85Guernsey Military Vehicle Grouppdf icon NP Statement (85) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
CH164Guernsey Mind LBG pdf icon CH statement (164) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH204Guernsey Motor Neurone LBGpdf icon CH statement (204) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
NP290Guernsey Mountain Bike Associationpdf icon NP Statement (290) [279kb]NPONormal04/05/2021
CH524Guernsey Multiple Myeloma Support Grouppdf icon CH statement (524) [280kb]CharityNormal24/03/2016
CH673Guernsey Music Bursary LBGpdf icon CH Statement (673) [79kb]CharityNormal23/11/2021
CH679Guernsey Nature Commission LBGpdf icon CH Statement (679) [61kb]CharityNormal05/05/2022
NP173Guernsey Netball Associationpdf icon NP Statement (173) [278kb]NPONormal21/02/2013
CH134Guernsey Neuro Concern LBGpdf icon CH statement (134) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
NP86Guernsey Occupational Safety & Health Associationpdf icon NP Statement (86) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP146Guernsey Photography Festival LBGpdf icon NP Statement (146) [278kb]NPONormal16/03/2011
NP286Guernsey Policy and Economic Group LBGpdf icon NP Statement (286) [278kb]NPONormal22/02/2021
CH416Guernsey Post - Natal Depression Support Group (Formerly
NP171Guernsey Powerboat Association LBGpdf icon NP Statement (171) [278kb]NPONormal11/02/2013
CH411Guernsey R.F.C.pdf icon CH statement (411) [280kb]CharityNormal03/04/2012
NP53Guernsey Rabbit & Cavy Clubpdf icon NP Statement (53) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP14Guernsey Race Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (14) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP232Guernsey Radio Control Car Clubpdf icon NP Statement (232) [278kb]NPONormal21/12/2017
CH403Guernsey RAF Air Cadetspdf icon CH statement (403) [280kb]CharityNormal15/02/2012
NP269Guernsey Retail Group LBGpdf icon NP Statement (269) [278kb]NPONormal18/12/2019
CH616Guernsey Revivalpdf icon CH statement (616) [280kb]CharityNormal11/04/2019
NP160Guernsey RFC-NPOConverted (see CH411)03/04/2012
NP61Guernsey Round Tablepdf icon NP Statement (61) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP74Guernsey Rovers Athletic Club LBG-NPOConverted08/02/2019
CH349Guernsey Rugby Academy LBGpdf icon CH statement (349) [280kb]CharityNormal19/10/2010
CH292Guernsey Rugby Association LBGpdf icon CH statement (292) [280kb]CharityNormal20/11/2009
NP41Guernsey Rugby Association LBG-NPOConverted (see CH292)20/11/2009
CH170Guernsey Samaritans LBGpdf icon CH statement (170) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH461Guernsey Sandspdf icon CH statement (461) [280kb]CharityNormal05/03/2014
NP63Guernsey Sea Anglers Club-NPOCeased21/07/2022
NP230Guernsey Senior Citizens Association-NPOCeased11/09/2021
CH133Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animalspdf icon CH statement (133) [281kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH203Guernsey Specials Gym Club LBGpdf icon CH statement (203) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
NP242Guernsey Sports & Arts Lottery LBG-NPOCeased25/10/2019
CH79Guernsey Sports Association for the Disabledpdf icon CH statement (79) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH31Guernsey Sports Commission LBGpdf icon CH statement (31) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH632Guernsey Street Festival LBGpdf icon CH statement (632) [281kb]CharityNormal25/02/2020
CH383Guernsey Swimming Club LBGpdf icon CH statement (383) [280kb]CharityNormal01/07/2011
NP125Guernsey Table Tennis Association-NPOConverted (see CH486)26/11/2014
CH486Guernsey Table Tennis Association LBGpdf icon CH statement (486) [280kb]CharityNormal26/11/2014
NP57Guernsey Touring Motorcycle Club-NPOCeased16/08/2020
CH148Guernsey Town Centre Partnership-CharityWound up31/12/2019
CH301Guernsey Trees for Lifepdf icon CH statement (301) [280kb]CharityNormal08/01/2010
NP25Guernsey Triathlon Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (25) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP29Guernsey Union D'Escrime LBGpdf icon NP Statement (29) [278kb]NPONormal08/06/2021
NP96Guernsey Velo Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (96) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
CH70Guernsey Voluntary Servicepdf icon CH statement (70) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH629Guernsey Walking Football LBGpdf icon CH statement (629) [280kb]CharityNormal28/01/2020
CH516Guernsey Water Polopdf icon CH Statement (516) [59kb]CharityNormal22/12/2015
CH108Guernsey Welfare Service Ltdpdf icon CH statement (108) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008
NP283Guernsey Welsh Male Voice Choirpdf icon NP Statement (283) [278kb]NPONormal15/12/2020
CH284Guernsey Women's Aid-CharityCeased30/12/2016
CH46Guernsey Women's Refugepdf icon CH statement (46) [280kb]CharityNormal13/09/2017
CH171Guernsey World Aid Walkpdf icon CH statement (171) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
NP62Guernsey Yacht Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (62) [81kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP177Guernsey Youth & Community Theatrepdf icon NP Statement (177) [278kb]NPONormal23/10/2013
CH205Guernsey Youth LBGpdf icon CH statement (205) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
CH405Guide Dogs - Guernsey Branchpdf icon CH statement (405) [280kb]CharityNormal15/02/2012
CH222Guille-Allès Library and Museum Trustpdf icon CH statement (222) [280kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
CH593Happy Childhood Shelterpdf icon CH statement (593) [281kb]CharityNormal 13/07/2018
CH100Haverstock Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (100) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH26Headway Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (26) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH39Health Connections LBGpdf icon CH statement (39) [281kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH15Hearing Dogs for Deaf People (Guernsey Branch)-CharityCeased11/02/2022
CH300Heaven Sent Missions LBG-CharityCeased20/11/2013
CH95Help a Guernsey Child-CharityCeased (see CH583)29/03/2019
CH583Help a Guernsey Child LBGpdf icon CH statement (583) [280kb]CharityNormal11/04/2018
CH336Help for Heroes-CharityCeased26/07/2016
CH534Help Madeira-CharityCeased20/07/2018
CH519Helping Jonah - Helping Otherspdf icon CH statement (519) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2016
CH421Helping Wings Guernsey-CharityCeased19/11/2020
CH594Holy Trinity Church Trust LBGpdf icon CH statement (594) [280kb]CharityNormal16/07/2018
CH126Home-Start Guernsey LBG-CharityCeased31/12/2021
CH291Hope For A Child LBGpdf icon CH statement (291) [280kb]CharityNormal20/11/2009
CH32Hope for Guernseypdf icon CH statement (32) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH298House of Hopepdf icon CH statement (298) [280kb]CharityNormal11/12/2009
CH677Humanitarian Aid Guernseypdf icon CH Statement (677) [60kb]CharityNormal16/03/2022
CH617Humankind LBGpdf icon CH statement (617) [280kb]CharityNormal10/05/2019
NP193ICSA The Chartered Governance Institute Guernsey Branchpdf icon NP Statement (193) [279kb]NPONormal28/10/2014
CH64In-dependencepdf icon CH statement (64) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH428Inflammatory Bowel Disease Support Grouppdf icon CH statement (428) [280kb]CharityNormal08/02/2013
CH540InitiAid UA-CharityCeased27/12/2019
NP65Insurance Institute of Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (65) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP296Interacademy Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (296) [81kb]NPONormal13/01/2022
CH101International Association for Human Values (Guernsey)pdf icon CH statement (101) [281kb]CharityNormal01/02/2010
CH262International Institute for Religious Freedom-CharityCeased18/09/2009
CH114International Spinal Research (Guernsey) Trust-CharityCeased04/12/2017
CH665Isbrisa Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (665) [280kb]CharityNormal07/07/2021
CH68Island Dog Training Clubpdf icon CH statement (68) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP233Island Language LBGpdf icon NP Statement (233) [278kb]NPOCeased09/11/2021
NP243Islanders Association LBG-NPOStruck off08/09/2020
CH584Islanders Charity LBG-CharityStruck off08/09/2020
CH462Jake's Heartfelt Fundspdf icon CH statement (462) [280kb]CharityNormal09/04/2014
CH364JOG to LE-CharityCeased07/01/2014
CH582John Ramplin Cadet Centre LBGpdf icon CH statement (582) [281kb]CharityNormal16/02/2018
CH390Judo Association of Guernseypdf icon CH statement (390) [280kb]CharityNormal26/08/2011
CH266King Edward VII Hospital League of Friends-CharityCeased21/12/2014
NP196La Frog (French Organisation in Guernsey)-NPOCeased12/07/2018
CH177La Hougette School P.T.A.pdf icon CH statement (177) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
NP80La Mare Car Boot Sale Group-NPOStruck off20/11/2015
CH424La Mare de Carteret High School PTApdf icon CH statement (424) [280kb]CharityNormal22/11/2012
CH287La Mare de Carteret Primary School Parent Teacher's Associationpdf icon CH statement (287) [281kb]CharityNormal20/11/2009
NP225La Nouvelle Maraitaine Community Associationpdf icon NP Statement (225) [279kb]NPONormal03/02/2017
CH285La Societe Guernesiaisepdf icon CH statement (285) [287kb]CharityNormal20/11/2009
CH60La Villiaze Congregational Churchpdf icon CH statement (60) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP181L'Ancresse Golf Clubpdf icon NP Statement (181) [278kb]NPONormal05/03/2014
CH589Lauren Ellis LBGpdf icon CH statement (589) [281kb]CharityNormal03/07/2018
NP206Le Grand Courtil Community Association-NPOStruck off20/08/2020
NP288Le Petit Bigard Residents Associationpdf icon NP Statement (288) [278kb]NPONormal06/04/2021
CH124Le Platon Homepdf icon CH statement (124) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH310Le Rondin School Parents, Staff & Friends Associationpdf icon CH statement (310) [280kb]CharityNormal02/03/2010
CH621League of Friends Mignot Memorial Hospital Alderneypdf icon CH statement (621) [280kb]CharityNormal08/07/2019
CH595Les Bordes Charitable Trust-CharityCeased31/12/2019
CH660Les Bourgs Hospice Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (660) [280kb]CharityNormal15/04/2021
CH25Les Bourgs Hospice LBGpdf icon CH statement (25) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH655Les Cotils Charitable Company LBGpdf icon CH statement (655) [280kb]CharityNormal26/02/2021
CH29Les Cotils Limitedpdf icon CH statement (29) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP120Les Danseurs de L'Assembllaie D'Guernesiaisepdf icon NP Statement (120) [278kb]NPONormal28/04/2010
CH384Les Naftiaux Community Centrepdf icon CH statement (384) [280kb]CharityNormal01/17/2011
CH418Les Naftiaux Playground Committee-CharityCeased06/12/2013
CH668Les Voies PTFApdf icon CH Statement (668) [78kb]CharityNormal10/11/2021
CH565Les Voies Schoolpdf icon CH statement (565) [281kb]CharityNormal24/10/2017
CH468Liberatepdf icon CH statement (468) [106kb]CharityNormal26/06/2014
NP272Liberté Netball Clubpdf icon NP Statement (272) [278kb]NPONormal04/02/2020
CH506Light of My Heart, Miscarriage Support-CharityStruck off22/11/2016
CH376Lily Packham Girls Hostelpdf icon CH statement (376) [280kb]CharityNormal18/04/2011
CH221Lions Club of Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (221) [280kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
NP162Lions Table Tennis Clubpdf icon NP Statement (162) [278kb]NPONormal15/02/2012
CH563Little Black Dog - Guernsey Rescue & Adoptionpdf icon CH statement (563) [280kb]CharityNormal25/09/2017
CH535Little Buttons Pre-school Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (535) [280kb]CharityNormal06/09/2016
CH457Living Islands Limited-CharityCeased30/09/2016
CH288Living Streets (Guernsey) LBGpdf icon CH statement (288) [280kb]CharityNormal20/11/2009
CH302Lungevitypdf icon CH statement (302) [280kb]CharityNormal01/02/2010
CH368Maison Maritaine League of Friends-CharityCeased03/12/2014
CH207Maison St Pierrepdf icon CH statement (207) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
NP207Makerspace Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (207) [278kb]NPONormal01/10/2015
CH399Male Uprising in Guernsey (MUG) pdf icon CH statement (399) [280kb]CharityNormal25/01/2012
CH674Man Club (Channel Islands)pdf icon CH Statement (674) [81kb]CharityNormal22/12/2021
CH236Melrose PTApdf icon CH statement (236) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH585Men's Shed Guernseypdf icon CH statement (585) [117kb]CharityNormal29/05/2018
NP224Men's Shed Guernsey-NPOConverted (see CH585)29/05/2018
CH279Methodist Homes for the Aged (Guernsey) Ltdpdf icon CH statement (279) [280kb]CharityNormal18/09/2009
CH672Mill Street Community Café LBGpdf icon CH Statement (672) [80kb]CharityNormal18/11/2021
CH447Milly's Foundationpdf icon CH statement (447) [280kb]CharityNormal06/12/2013
CH283Monday Clubpdf icon CH statement (283) [280kb]CharityNormal20/11/2009
CH559Mostly Bookspdf icon CH statement (559) [280kb]CharityNormal17/07/2017
CH36Multiple Sclerosis Society, Bailiwick of Guernsey Grouppdf icon CH statement (36) [281kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH150National Autistic Society (Guernsey) Branchpdf icon CH statement (150) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH258National Childbirth Trust Guernsey Branch 462-CharityCeased30/08/2022
CH214National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)pdf icon CH statement (214) [289kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
CH678Network Ukrainepdf icon CH Statement (678) [59kb]CharityNormal17/03/2022
CH78New Life Churchpdf icon CH statement (78) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH410New Testament Church of God Ebenezer Fellowship-CharityStruck off22/11/2016
CH345New Wine Guernsey LBG-CharityCeased01/01/2020
NP89North Community Marketpdf icon NP Statement (89) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
CH417North Youth Centre - La Moye (Taken over by The Youth Commission - CH119)-CharityCeased31/12/2015
CH353Northern Agricultural & Horticultural Societypdf icon CH statement (353) [280kb]CharityNormal18/11/2010
NP279Northern Bowls Associationpdf icon NP Statement (279) [278kb]NPONormal13/11/2020
CH404Northerners Athletic Club LBGpdf icon CH statement (404) [59kb]CharityNormal15/02/2012
CH231Notre Dame du Rosaire School PTFApdf icon CH statement (231) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
NP201Occupation Archivepdf icon NP Statement (201) [279kb]NPONormal12/03/2015
CH306Only Fools and Donkeys LBGpdf icon CH statement (306) [280kb]CharityNormal07/12/2016
CH508Ormer FC-CharityStruck off20/08/2020
CH357Orthomolecular Oncology (Survive Cancer)pdf icon CH statement (357) [281kb]CharityNormal18/11/2010
CH156Parish Church of St Sampsonpdf icon CH statement (156) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH104Parkinson's Disease Society - Guernsey Branch-CharityCeased01/10/2020
CH641Parkinson's Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (641) [280kb]CharityNormal14/08/2020
CH573Paws for Support (PFS)pdf icon CH statement (573) [280kb]CharityNormal10/01/2018
CH451Philippine Rural Victims Fund-CharityStruck off22/11/2016
CH76Pink Ladiespdf icon CH statement (76) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH125Plant Heritage Guernsey Group (Formerly National Council For The Conservation Of Plants and Gardens Guernsey Group)pdf icon CH statement (125) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH609Plastic Free Guernseypdf icon CH statement (609) [280kb]CharityNormal07/02/2019
CH263Portsmouth Diocesan Trustpdf icon CH statement (263) [280kb]CharityNormal07/05/2009
CH305Practical Assistance in Christian Education (P.A.C.E.)pdf icon CH statement (305) [280kb]CharityNormal22/02/2010
NP18Practical Assistance in Christian Education (P.A.C.E.)-NPOConverted (see CH305)22/02/2010
NP212Priaulx Librarypdf icon NP Statement (212) [278kb]NPONormal02/02/2016
CH374Prison Fellowship Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (374) [280kb]CharityNormal16/03/2011
CH27Prostate Cancer Guernsey - The Orchidians-CharityCeased20/03/2017
CH438Protect Foundation (Formerly Guernsey Against Sex Trafficking Foundation)-CharityCeased19/08/2017
NP208Quality Schools International Foundationpdf icon NP Statement (208) [289kb]NPONormal13/10/2015
CH396Ray Lowe Sporting Foundationpdf icon CH statement (396) [280kb]CharityNormal08/12/2011
CH360Red Cross Children's Hospital Cape Townpdf icon CH statement (360) [280kb]CharityNormal23/12/2010
CH56Relate Guernsey Limitedpdf icon CH statement (56) [101kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP204Retired States Employees' Associationpdf icon NP Statement (204) [278kb]NPONormal13/07/2015
CH386RNLI Alderney Lifeboat Stationpdf icon CH statement (386) [280kb]CharityNormal01/07/2011
NP213Rock the Frock-NPOStruck off24/09/2018
NP264Rock the Frock pdf icon NP Statement (264) [278kb]NPONormal06/08/2019
NP59Rocquaine Regatta LBGpdf icon NP Statement (59) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
CH65Ron Short Centre LBGpdf icon CH statement (65) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP260Rosaire Community Associationpdf icon NP Statement (260) [279kb]NPONormal29/05/2019
CH385Rotary Club of Alderneypdf icon CH statement (385) [280kb]CharityNormal01/07/2011
CH192Rotary Guernesiais Trust Fundpdf icon CH statement (192) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
CH51Royal British Legion Poppy Appealpdf icon CH statement (51) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP10Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club (Guernsey) LBGpdf icon NP Statement (10) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
CH87Royal Commonwealth Society - Guernsey Branchpdf icon CH statement (87) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP45Royal Guernsey Agricultural & Horticultural Society-NPOConverted (see CH342)14/09/2010
CH342Royal Guernsey Agricultural & Horticultural Society pdf icon CH statement (342) [280kb]CharityNormal14/09/2010
CH400SAFER LBGpdf icon CH statement (400) [280kb]CharityNormal27/01/2012
NP255Sarnia Artistic Roller Skating Clubpdf icon NP Statement (255) [278kb]NPONormal02/01/2019
CH57Sarnia Festival Arts LBG-CharityCeased31/12/2019
CH493Sarnia Guinea Pig Rescue-CharityCeased23/07/2017
CH281Sarnia Housing Association Ltdpdf icon CH statement (281) [280kb]CharityNormal02/10/2009
CH510Sarnia Motorsport Rescuepdf icon CH statement (510) [280kb]CharityNormal20/08/2015
NP159Sarnia Motorsport Rescue-NPOConverted (see CH510)20/08/2015
CH477Sarnia Sea Lions Swim School LBGpdf icon CH statement (477) [280kb]CharityNormal15/09/2014
NP174Sarnia Sea Lions Swim School LBG-NPOConverted (see CH477)15/09/2014
NP35Sarnia Sword Clubpdf icon NP Statement (35) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP55Sarnia Woodturning Grouppdf icon NP Statement (55) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
CH242Sausmarez Manor Trust (inc. Sausmarez Manor Preservation Trust)pdf icon CH statement (242) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH544Saving Grace-CharityCeased07/08/2017
CH443School Farms Africa LBGpdf icon CH statement (443) [280kb]CharityNormal16/08/2013
NP211Septimal Limitedpdf icon NP Statement (211) [59kb]NPONormal14/01/2016
CH297Shiloh Churchpdf icon CH statement (297) [280kb]CharityNormal11/12/2009
CH246Shiloh Properties LBGpdf icon CH statement (246) [280kb]CharityNormal31/03/2009
NP3Shiloh Properties LBG-NPOConverted (see CH246)31/03/2009
CH439SISU Charitable Trust LBG-CharityCeased23/08/2017
NP295Sleep Better Live Better Foundationpdf icon NP Statement (295) [93kb]NPONormal24/12/2021
CH501Small Animal and Rodent Rescue Guernsey-CharityCeased22/02/2017
CH577Smile for Georgie Foundationpdf icon CH statement (577) [280kb]CharityNormal31/01/2018
CH638Social Investment Fundpdf icon CH statement (638) [281kb]CharityNormal01/04/2020
NP128Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners - Guernsey Branchpdf icon NP Statement (128) [278kb]NPONormal19/07/2010
CH289Soldiers Sailors Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA)pdf icon CH statement (289) [280kb]CharityNormal20/11/2009
CH625Sophie's Smile Poniespdf icon CH statement (625) [280kb]CharityNormal01/10/2019
NP42Soroptimist International of Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (42) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
CH564Sound Guernsey-CharityCeased01/07/2022
CH538Sovereign Art Foundationpdf icon CH statement (538) [280kb]CharityNormal27/09/2016
CH109Specsavers Children's Charity-CharityCeased25/07/2016
NP228Spotlight Guernsey LBG-NPOCeased01/01/2020
CH188Spurgeon Memorial Baptist Churchpdf icon CH statement (188) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
NP265St Anne's Pre-School Playgrouppdf icon NP Statement (265) [278kb]NPONormal09/08/2019
CH473St Jamespdf icon CH statement (473) [280kb]CharityNormal29/08/2014
CH278St James Youth Promotions Trustpdf icon CH statement (278) [280kb]CharityNormal18/09/2009
CH227St John Ambulance and Rescue Servicepdf icon CH statement (227) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
NP186St John Commercial Services Guernsey Ltdpdf icon NP Statement (186) [278kb]NPONormal11/07/2014
CH121St John Guernsey LBGpdf icon CH statement (121) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008
CH218St John's Residential Home LBGpdf icon CH statement (218) [280kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
NP122St Martin's Athletic Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (122) [278kb]NPONormal28/04/2010
CH201St Martin's P.T.A.pdf icon CH statement (201) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
CH265St Mary & St Michael School Parent, Teacher & Friend Associationpdf icon CH statement (265) [280kb]CharityNormal10/07/2009
CH30St Mary's Churchpdf icon CH statement (30) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH309St Matthew's Community Centre LBGpdf icon CH statement (309) [281kb]CharityNormal26/02/2010
CH238St Peter Port Christmas Lightspdf icon CH statement (238) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH135St Peter Port Lifeboat Stationpdf icon CH statement (135) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
NP188St Peter's Community Marketpdf icon NP Statement (188) [278kb]NPONormal16/09/2014
CH111St Philippe de Torteval Parish Churchpdf icon CH statement (111) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008
CH371St Sampson's Infant School PTA-CharityCeased10/12/2014
CH393St Saviour's Community Centre LBGpdf icon CH statement (393) [280kb]CharityNormal03/11/2016
CH379St Saviour's Community Trustpdf icon CH statement (379) [280kb]CharityNormal03/11/2016
CH92St Stephen's Community Centre Trustpdf icon CH statement (92) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP236St. John Property LBG pdf icon NP Statement (236) [278kb]NPONormal07/02/2018
CH185Styx Centrepdf icon CH statement (185) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH215STYX Playground-CharityCeased21/06/2017
CH420Sure Community Foundationpdf icon CH statement (420) [281kb]CharityNormal20/11/2012
CH154Swallow Charitable Trust-CharityCeased19/03/2019
NP219Taste Guernsey-NPOCeased10/05/2019
CH367Teenage Cancer Trust - Guernsey Appealpdf icon CH statement (367) [281kb]CharityNormal12/01/2011
NP258The 2020 Associationpdf icon NP Statement (258) [278kb]NPONormal27/03/2019
CH397The 66 Humanitarian Foundation-CharityCeased31/12/2016
CH654The Accidental Zoo LBGpdf icon CH statement (654) [280kb]CharityNormal18/02/2021
CH158The ActionAid Guernsey Support Grouppdf icon CH statement (158) [281kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH324The Admiral de Saumarez Trust-CharityCeased07/11/2017
CH389The Affray Submarine Memorial Trust-CharityCeased07/07/2014
CH432The Alderney Bayeux Tapestry Trustpdf icon CH statement (432) [280kb]CharityNormal26/02/2013
NP140The Alderney Cinema Clubpdf icon NP Statement (140) [278kb]NPONormal19/10/2010
NP223The Alderney Foundation-NPOConverted 06/01/2017
CH452The Alderney Literary Trustpdf icon CH statement (452) [280kb]CharityNormal06/12/2013
NP134The Alderney Music Societypdf icon NP Statement (134) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
CH426The Alderney Performing Arts Festival Foundationpdf icon CH statement (426) [280kb]CharityNormal21/11/2012
CH431The Alderney Rock Trustpdf icon CH statement (431) [280kb]CharityNormal18/02/2013
CH464The Alderney Skate Fund Raising Charitable Trust-CharityCeased25/07/2018
CH398The Alderney Societypdf icon CH statement (398) [280kb]CharityNormal08/12/2011
CH335The Alderney Week Trustpdf icon CH statement (335) [280kb]CharityNormal14/09/2010
CH515The Amalgamated Boxing Club Guernseypdf icon CH statement (515) [281kb]CharityNormal05/11/2015
CH536The Andy Stewart Charitable Foundationpdf icon CH statement (536) [280kb]CharityNormal09/09/2016
CH4The Art of Living Foundation (Guernsey)pdf icon CH statement (4) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH626The Arts Society Guernseypdf icon CH statement (626) [281kb]CharityNormal07/10/2019
CH86The Association of Guernsey Charitiespdf icon CH statement (86) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH144The Bailiwick Trustpdf icon CH statement (144) [60kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH241The Bertram Gosselin Lefebvre Memorial Fundpdf icon CH statement (241) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH429The Bethanie Properties Charitable Trust-CharityCeased14/05/2018
CH240The Bien de la Court Fundpdf icon CH statement (240) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH649The BLE Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (649) [280kb]CharityNormal04/12/2020
CH33The Boys' Brigade Guernsey Battalionpdf icon CH statement (33) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH334The Bridge Project Taken over by The Youth Commission-CharityCeased17/11/2014
NP178The British Motorcycle Club Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (178) [278kb]NPONormal05/11/2013
CH414The Brock Memorial Foundation-CharityStruck off29/11/2016
CH472The Butes Play Park, Community Project-CharityCeased27/04/2019
CH271The Caritas Community LBGpdf icon CH statement (271) [271kb]CharityNormal10/07/2009
CH209The Catenian Association (Guernsey Circle)pdf icon CH statement (209) [280kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
NP32The Channel Islands Occupation Societypdf icon NP Statement (32) [279kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
CH194The Church of Scotlandpdf icon CH statement (194) [289kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
CH592The Clean Earth Trustpdf icon CH statement (592) [280kb]CharityNormal13/07/2018
CH469The Commandery of the Bailiwick of Guernsey of the most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalempdf icon CH statement (469) [281kb]CharityNormal10/07/2014
CH463The Connaughtpdf icon CH statement (463) [82kb]CharityNormal05/06/2014
CH487The Cure Cancer Support Group-CharityCeased11/02/2016
CH441The Deanery Fund LBGpdf icon CH statement (441) [280kb]CharityNormal18/06/2013
CH618The E.J Rihoy Trustpdf icon CH statement (618) [280kb]CharityNormal30/05/2019
CH425The Eleanor Foundation LBGpdf icon CH statement (425) [280kb]CharityNormal21/11/2012
CH448The Equiom Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (448) [280kb]CharityNormal06/12/2013
CH325The F G Manchester Fund-CharityCeased30/06/2015
NP170The Finance Sector Non-Executive Director Forum LBGpdf icon NP Statement (170) [278kb]NPONormal11/02/2013
CH663The Freddie Willcocks Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (663) [280kb]CharityNormal03/06/2021
CH459The Friends of Elizabeth Collegepdf icon CH statement (459) [280kb]CharityNormal05/03/2014
CH42The Friends of Katete-CharityCeased21/01/2019
CH485The Friends of KGV Trustpdf icon CH statement (485) [280kb]CharityNormal26/11/2014
CH523The Friends of Le Platon Home pdf icon CH statement (523) [280kb]CharityNormal22/02/2016
CH465The Friends of Les Beaucamps High Schoolpdf icon CH statement-CH465 [102kb]CharityNormal05/06/2014
CH657The Friends of St Anne's Trustpdf icon CH statement (657) [280kb]CharityNormal10/03/2021
CH38The Friends of St Julian's-CharityCeased18/07/2016
CH373The Friends of St Martins Day Service-CharityCeased17/09/2015
CH366The Friends of the Croft-CharityCeased05/03/2015
CH5The Friends of the Priaulx Librarypdf icon CH statement (5) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH557The FRM Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (557) [280kb]CharityNormal04/07/2017
CH131The Full Gospel Missionpdf icon CH statement (131) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH635The Ghost Seas Projectpdf icon CH statement (635) [280kb]CharityNormal09/03/2020
CH308The Gideons International - Guernsey Branchpdf icon CH statement (308) [280kb]CharityNormal22/02/2010
CH220The Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre P.T.A.pdf icon CH statement (220) [281kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
CH587The Grove Clinic LBG CharityCeased26/07/2021
NP291The Guernsey 41 Clubpdf icon NP Statement (291) [278kb]NPONormal17/05/2021
CH282The Guernsey Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Club LBG (GADOC)pdf icon CH statement (282) [281kb]CharityNormal22/10/2009
CH58The Guernsey Association of Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Merchant Navypdf icon CH statement (58) [281kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP189The Guernsey Autocross Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (189) [278kb]NPONormal16/09/2014
CH163The Guernsey Blind Associationpdf icon CH statement (163) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH66The Guernsey Botanical Trust-CharityCeased30/04/2015
CH415The Guernsey Botanical Trust LBGpdf icon CH statement (415) [280kb]CharityNormal20/06/2012
NP4The Guernsey Camarata-NPOStruck off22/11/2016
CH406The Guernsey Cardiac Action Grouppdf icon CH statement (406) [280kb]CharityNormal15/02/2012
CH69The Guernsey Charities Trust-CharityCeased15/12/2020
CH356The Guernsey Child Contact Centre LBGpdf icon CH statement (356) [280kb]CharityNormal18/11/2010
CH331The Guernsey Community Foundation LBGpdf icon CH statement (331) [281kb]CharityNormal19/07/2010
CH608The Guernsey Deanery Board of Finance LBGpdf icon CH statement (608) [280kb]CharityNormal05/02/2019
NP254The Guernsey Deanery Board of Finance LBG-NPOConverted (see CH608)05/02/2019
CH521The Guernsey Giving Trustpdf icon CH statement (521) [280kb]CharityNormal12/02/2016
CH591The Guernsey Harpsichord Trustpdf icon CH statement (591) [280kb]CharityNormal10/07/2018
CH423The Guernsey Heart Support Grouppdf icon CH statement (423) [280kb]CharityNormal20/11/2012
CH67The Guernsey Hedgehog Rescue Centrepdf icon CH statement (67) [59kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH363The Guernsey Hockey Foundationpdf icon CH statement (363) [280kb]CharityNormal23/12/2010
CH358The Guernsey Islamic Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (358) [280kb]CharityNormal24/11/2010
CH675The Guernsey Island Memorial Fundpdf icon CH Statement (675) [79kb]CharityNormal01/02/2022
NP235The Guernsey Long Distance Running Club LBG-NPOCeased30/04/2019
NP144The Guernsey Majorettespdf icon NP Statement (144) [278kb]NPONormal09/02/2011
CH59The Guernsey Open Charity Golf Classic Trust-CharityCeased15/01/2018
NP276The Guernsey Partnership of Independentspdf icon NP Statement (276) [279kb]NPONormal07/08/2020
NP282The Guernsey Partypdf icon NP Statement (282) [279kb]NPONormal09/12/2020
NP289The Guernsey Protea Societypdf icon NP Statement (289) [278kb]NPONormal20/04/2021
NP192THE GUERNSEY RANGERS FOOTBALL & ATHLETIC CLUB LBGpdf icon NP Statement (192) [278kb]NPONormal24/10/2014
NP185The Guernsey Rowing Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (185) [278kb]NPONormal26/06/2014
CH348The Guernsey Sailing Trust LBGpdf icon CH statement (348) [59kb]CharityNormal19/10/2010
CH122The Guernsey Sea Cadet Corpspdf icon CH statement (122) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH17The Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief Trustpdf icon CH statement (17) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH52The Guernsey Society for holidays and activities for adults with a learning disability (ACTIVE) (Formally M.E.N.F.U.N)pdf icon CH statement (52) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH155The Guernsey Stroke Association-CharityStruck off20/08/2020
NP75The Guernsey Sunday Soccer League-NPOStruck off20/11/2015
CH631The Guernsey Sylvans Sports Club LBGpdf icon CH statement (631) [280kb]CharityNormal12/02/2020
NP71The Guernsey Sylvans Sports Club LBG-NPOConverted (see CH631)12/02/2020
NP112The Guild of St Joseph-NPOConverted (see CH263)07/09/2009
NP251The Hammond Memorial Fundpdf icon NP Statement (251) [278kb]NPONormal13/09/2018
CH10The Healing Music Trustpdf icon CH statement (10) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH522The Health & Consciousness Group-CharityCeased31/01/2017
CH601The Health Improvement Commission for Guernsey and Alderney LBGpdf icon CH statement (601) [280kb]CharityNormal15/10/2018
CH444The Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotlandpdf icon CH statement (444) [280kb]CharityNormal16/08/2013
CH449The Ivy Trustpdf icon CH statement (449) [280kb]CharityNormal06/12/2013
CH350The Jenson Button Trust-CharityCeased14/05/2019
CH530The John Ramplin Charitable Trust pdf icon CH statement (530) [280kb]CharityNormal 20/07/2016
CH613The Junior Choir Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (613) [280kb]CharityNormal15/03/2019
CH85The KGV Memorial Playing Field Trustpdf icon CH statement (85) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH311The Ladies' Collegepdf icon CH statement (311) [280kb]CharityNormal14/04/2010
NP17The Ladies' College-NPOConverted (see CH311)14/04/2010
NP226The Leo Club of Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (226) [57kb]NPONormal28/02/2017
NP249The Let it B Group-NPOCeased12/11/2018
CH178The Lihou Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (178) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH533The Little Chapel Foundationpdf icon CH statement (533) [280kb]CharityNormal19/08/2016
CH268The Little Extras Trust (Formerly The Guernsey Health Service Charitable Trust)pdf icon CH statement (268) [280kb]CharityNormal10/07/2009
CH652The Livingroom Foundationpdf icon CH statement (652) [280kb]CharityNormal11/02/2021
CH620The Louvre Trust Charitable Foundationpdf icon CH statement (620) [280kb]CharityNormal21/06/2019
CH422The L'Vair Project-CharityCeased31/01/2020
CH161The Masonic Province of Guernsey and Alderneypdf icon CH statement (161) [281kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH195The Methodist Church - Bailiwick of Guernsey Circuitpdf icon CH statement (195) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
CH630The Mignot Memorial Hospital Amenities Trustpdf icon CH statement (630) [280kb]CharityNormal04/02/2020
CH228The Millennium Tapestry Trustpdf icon CH statement (228) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH208The Monnaie Fellowship Trust LBGpdf icon CH statement (208) [280kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
CH548The Moussa Foundation-CharityCeased31/12/2021
CH123The National Trust of Guernseypdf icon CH statement (123) [280kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH394The Network Club-CharityCeased01/02/2014
NP135The New Alderney Snooker Clubpdf icon NP Statement (135) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
CH377The Oakley Waterman Caravan Foundation-CharityCeased31/12/2016
CH527The Old Elizabethan Association LBGpdf icon CH statement (527) [280kb]CharityNormal19/05/2016
CH234The Opportunity for Adventure Trustpdf icon CH statement (234) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH476The Orca Charitable LBG (formerly The Orca Charitable Trust)pdf icon CH statement (476) [280kb]CharityNormal05/09/2014
NP285The Orchestra Peoplepdf icon NP Statement (285) [278kb]NPONormal22/02/2021
CH94The Parish Church of Holy Trinitypdf icon CH statement (94) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH174The Parish Church of Sainte Marie du Castelpdf icon CH statement (174) [280kb]CharityNormal21/09/2009
CH34The Parish Church of St Andrewpdf icon CH statement (34) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH176The Parish Church of St John the Evangelistpdf icon CH statement (176) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH83The Parish Church of St Marguerite de la Foretpdf icon CH statement (83) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH113The Parish Church of St Martin de la Bellousepdf icon CH statement (113) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008
CH129The Parish Church of St Matthew, Cobopdf icon CH statement (129) [61kb]CharityNormal19/01/2009
CH53The Parish Church of St Michel du Vallepdf icon CH statement (53) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH97The Parish Church of St Peter Portpdf icon CH statement (97) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH260The Parish Church of St Pierre-du-Boispdf icon CH statement (260) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH74The Parish Church of St Saviourpdf icon CH statement (74) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH93The Parish Church of St Stephenpdf icon CH statement (93) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH391The Parish of St Anne, Alderneypdf icon CH statement (391) [280kb]CharityNormal26/08/2011
CH7The Peace and Hope Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (7) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH437The Peter Root and Mary Thompson Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (437) [280kb]CharityNormal06/06/2013
CH671The Pollinator Project LBGpdf icon CH Statement (671) [78kb]CharityNormal16/11/2021
NP114The Portuguese Association in Guernsey-NPOCeased16/04/2014
CH525The Pouroulis Foundationpdf icon CH statement (525) [280kb]CharityNormal 31/03/2016
CH153The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundationpdf icon CH statement (153) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
NP51The Procureur of the Poor for St Peter Portpdf icon NP Statement (51) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
CH307The Project Rhino Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (307) [280kb]CharityNormal22/02/2010
CH413The Ravenscroft Charitable Trust-CharityCeased14/07/2017
CH602The Rice Fundpdf icon CH statement (602) [280kb]CharityNormal15/10/2018
CH210The Rock Community Churchpdf icon CH statement (210) [280kb]CharityNormal23/01/2009
CH168The Rotary Club of Guernsey pdf icon CH statement (168) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH167The Rotary Club of Guernsey (Benevolent Fund)pdf icon CH statement (167) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH191The Rotary Guernsey Walk Trustpdf icon CH statement (191) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
CH169The Royal Air Forces Association Guernsey Branchpdf icon CH statement (169) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
CH54The Royal British Legion Northern (Guernsey) Branchpdf icon CH statement (54) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH55The Royal British Legion Western (Guernsey) Branchpdf icon CH statement (55) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP19The Royal Guernsey Golf Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (19) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
CH543The Royal Guernsey Light Infantry Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (543) [280kb]CharityNormal02/11/2016
CH541The Saar-Lor-Lux Development Charitable Trust CharityCeased31/12/2020
CH647The SAGE Foundation CharityCeased10/05/2022
CH318The Salvation Armypdf icon CH statement (318) [85kb]CharityNormal28/04/2010
CH445The Sarah Groves Foundationpdf icon CH statement (445) [61kb]CharityNormal05/11/2013
NP95The Sarnian Singers-NPOCeased11/02/2017
CH328The Save The Children Fundpdf icon CH statement (328) [281kb]CharityNormal19/07/2010
NP168The Scottish Woodlands Alliance-NPOCeased22/03/2017
CH323The Set Sail Trustpdf icon CH statement (323) [280kb]CharityNormal09/06/2010
CH395The Sir William Collings Fundpdf icon CH statement (395) [280kb]CharityNormal07/10/2011
CH604The St John Robilliard Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (604) [60kb]CharityNormal07/11/2018
CH11The St Peter Port School PFTA Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (11) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH392The St. James Jubilee Foundationpdf icon CH statement (392) [280kb]CharityNormal31/08/2011
CH656The St. John's Heritage Trustpdf icon CH statement (656) [280kb]CharityNormal09/03/2021
CH217The Sunflower Trust-CharityCeased28/03/2014
CH365The Sustainable Alderney Society-CharityCeased12/11/2013
CH576The Swallow 2018 Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (576) [280kb]CharityNormal30/01/2018
CH359The Thomson Memorial Trustpdf icon CH statement (359) [281kb]CharityNormal23/12/2010
CH175The Trustees of Les Eturs School Housepdf icon CH statement (175) [280kb]CharityNormal21/09/2009
CH187The Tumaini Fundpdf icon CH statement (187) [280kb]CharityNormal22/01/2009
CH245The Vale Church Hallpdf icon CH statement (245) [280kb]CharityNormal27/03/2009
CH440The Variouf Charitable Fund LBGpdf icon CH statement (440) [280kb]CharityNormal05/06/2013
CH507The Victor Hugo in Guernsey Societypdf icon CH statement (507) [280kb]CharityNormal25/08/2020
CH634The Vintage Agricultural Societypdf icon CH statement (634) [280kb]CharityNormal06/03/2020
CH580The Whittaker Trustpdf icon CH statement (580) [280kb]CharityNormal08/02/2018
NP97The World Guernsey Cattle Federation-NPOCeased15/01/2020
CH456The Wotham Group-CharityCeased07/05/2019
CH313Thelove LBGpdf icon CH statement (313) [280kb]CharityNormal28/04/2010
CH454This Is Epic LBGpdf icon CH statement (454) [280kb]CharityNormal05/03/2014
NP245Tin Whistle LBGpdf icon NP Statement (245) [279kb]NPONormal15/06/2018
NP30Trustees of the Guernsey Symphony Orchestra-NPOConverted (see CH588)14/06/2018
CH588Trustees of the Guernsey Symphony Orchestra pdf icon CH statement (588) [280kb]CharityNormal14/06/2018
CH554U3A Guernseypdf icon CH statement (554) [281kb]CharityNormal06/04/2017
CH152Vale Congregation of Jehovah's Witnessespdf icon CH statement (152) [280kb]CharityNormal21/01/2009
NP179Vale Earth Fair Limitedpdf icon NP Statement (179) [278kb]NPONormal13/11/2013
CH61Vale Primary School PTApdf icon CH statement (61) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
NP166Vale Recreation Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (166) [278kb]NPONormal21/11/2012
CH603Vauvert Primary School Parent, Teacher and Friend Association-CharityCeased09/11/2022
CH107Victoria Hospital Incorporatedpdf icon CH statement (107) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008
CH643Vive La Vallette LBGpdf icon CH statement (643) [280kb]CharityNormal22/09/2020
CH352Wayaya CharityCeased23/06/2022
CH575Wellbeing Animals Guernsey (WAG)pdf icon CH statement (575) [280kb]CharityNormal29/01/2018
CH37Wessex Neurological Centre Trust Guernsey-CharityCeased23/02/2015
CH82West United Agricultural and Horticultural Societypdf icon CH statement (82) [280kb]CharityNormal18/12/2008
CH513Wheelchairography Guernseypdf icon CH statement (513) [280kb]CharityNormal01/10/2015
CH315Wigwam Support Grouppdf icon CH statement (315) [280kb]CharityNormal28/04/2010
NP131Women in Profession-NPOCeased-
NP273Women in Public Lifepdf icon NP Statement (273) [278kb]NPONormal13/02/2020
CH304Wooden Spoon Societypdf icon CH statement (304) [280kb]CharityNormal01/02/2010
CH475Yad Mordechai Charitable Trustpdf icon CH statement (475) [280kb]CharityNormal29/08/2014
NP205Young Enterprise Guernsey-NPOCeased30/06/2022
CH370Young People Guernsey LBG-CharityCeased02/03/2021
CH119Youth Commission for Guernsey and Alderneypdf icon CH statement (119) [280kb]CharityNormal22/12/2008

Last updated: 11/11/2021