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Register of Charities and other Non Profit Organisations - Non Profit Organisations

The Register details the charities and other non profit organisations (NPOs) that have been registered in Guernsey.

The purpose, contact address and officer details for each organisation can be found by clicking the links in the Register Statement column.

Register search: If you wish to search for a charity or non profit organisation by name or registration number please press 'Ctrl-F or Cmd-F' in order to search this web page.

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NumberNameRegister StatementTypeStatusStatus Date
NP172Alderney Baby and Toddler Grouppdf icon NP Statement (172) [278kb]NPONormal21/02/2013
NP190Alderney Broadcasting Company LBGpdf icon NP Statement (190) [278kb]NPONormal20/10/2014
NP191Alderney Broadcasting Company Ltd-NPOCeased13/12/2016
NP262Alderney Chamber of Commercepdf icon NP Statement (262) [278kb]NPONormal20/06/2019
NP153Alderney Cricket Clubpdf icon NP Statement (153) [278kb]NPONormal01/10/2018
NP293Alderney Duke of Edinburghpdf icon NP Statement (293) [278kb]NPONormal10/06/2021
NP287Alderney Flying Clubpdf icon NP Statement (287) [278kb]NPONormal02/03/2021
NP161Alderney KFApdf icon NP Statement (161) [278kb]NPONormal15/02/2012
NP138Alderney Miniature Railwaypdf icon NP Statement (138) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
NP137Alderney Railway Company Ltdpdf icon NP Statement (137) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
NP136Alderney Railway Societypdf icon NP Statement (136) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
NP278Alderney Rugby Football Union Clubpdf icon NP Statement (278) [278kb]NPONormal14/08/2020
NP142Alderney Sailing Clubpdf icon NP Statement (142) [102kb]NPONormal02/12/2010
NP132Alderney Tennis Clubpdf icon NP Statement (132) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
NP216Alderney Voicespdf icon NP Statement (216) [278kb]NPONormal10/06/2016
NP155Amalgamated Boxing Club-NPOConverted (see CH515)05/11/2015
NP36Army Benevolent Fund-NPOConverted (see CH251)27/03/2009
NP64Artcollective LBG-NPOCeased07/06/2010
NP199Association of Guernsey Civil Servants Branch of Prospect-NPOStruck off20/08/2020
NP266Atlantic Angels Cheerleading-NPOStruck off20/08/2020
NP240Bailiwick of Guernsey Data Protection Associationpdf icon NP Statement (240) [279kb]NPONormal21/03/2018
NP195Bailiwick of Guernsey Guild of Accredited Guidespdf icon NP Statement (195) [278kb]NPONormal31/10/2014
NP271Beat Enterprise Gsy Limitedpdf icon NP Statement (271) [278kb]NPONormal27/01/2020
NP23Beau Sejour Barracudas Swimming Club (Guernsey) LBG-NPOConverted (see CH248)27/03/2009
NP238Belles & Broomsticks Morris Sidepdf icon NP Statement (238) [278kb]NPONormal22/02/2018
NP12Blanchelande College LBGpdf icon NP Statement (12) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP148Bowls Guernsey Associationpdf icon NP Statement (148) [278kb]NPONormal18/04/2011
NP66Bowmen of Guernsey-NPOStruck off20/11/2015
NP250Bright Futures LBGpdf icon NP Statement (250) [278kb]NPONormal24/08/2018
NP220British Computer Society (Guernsey) LBG pdf icon NP Statement (220) [278kb]NPONormal16/11/2016
NP194buildAbillionHomes International-NPOStruck off22/11/2016
NP222Channel Islands Contract Bridge Association - Guernsey Districtpdf icon NP Statement (222) [278kb]NPONormal28/12/2016
NP158Charities Events Grouppdf icon NP Statement (158) [278kb]NPONormal07/10/2011
NP38Churches Together in Guernsey-NPOStruck off24/09/2018
NP72Ciné Guernsey-NPOCeased15/05/2009
NP197Club Bons Amis-NPOConverted (see CH497)23/01/2015
NP277COGS Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (277) [279kb]NPONormal10/08/2020
NP87Confederation of Guernsey Industrypdf icon NP Statement (87) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP106Cornwall Place Owners Associationpdf icon NP Statement (106) [278kb]NPONormal10/07/2009
NP292Crimean War Research Society (2014)pdf icon NP Statement (292) [278kb]NPONormal02/06/2021
NP257Dancefloor Challenge and Events NPOCOnverted to CH67012/11/2021
NP252Distance.ggpdf icon NP Statement (252) [278kb]NPONormal03/10/2018
NP294EDABL Guernsey LBGpdf icon NP Statement (294) [278kb]NPONormal08/10/2021
NP11Elizabeth College-NPOConverted (see CH599)20/09/2018
NP68Elizabeth College Summer Orchestral Coursepdf icon NP Statement (68) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP256Fairtrade Guernsey Steering Grouppdf icon NP Statement (256) [278kb]NPONormal22/02/2019
NP46Families First at Roseville-NPOConverted (see CH253)27/03/2009
NP84Festung Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (84) [277kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP118Floral Guernsey-NPOConverted20/02/2015
NP27Friends of Acorn House-NPOConverted (see CH249)27/03/2009
NP 227Game Changers Guernsey-NPOCeased27/09/2018
NP247GBAC Limitedpdf icon NP Statement (247) [277kb]NPONormal20/06/2018
NP248GNet Radiopdf icon NP Statement (248) [278kb]NPONormal30/07/2018
NP92Golf Course Management LBGpdf icon NP Statement (92) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP58Greenman Motorcycle Clubpdf icon NP Statement (58) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP184GTA University Centre Limitedpdf icon NP Statement (184) [278kb]NPONormal05/06/2014
NP56Guernsey All Dancesport Association NPOConverted to CH66912/11/2021
NP40Guernsey Amateur Swimming Association LBG-NPOConverted (see CH252)27/03/2009
NP217Guernsey American Football Associationpdf icon NP Statement (217) [278kb]NPONormal10/06/2016
NP93Guernsey Army Cadet Force (RGLI)-NPOConverted (see CH547)17/01/2017
NP200Guernsey Arts Network-NPOConverted25/02/2015
NP280Guernsey Association for Shooting & Conservation LBGpdf icon NP Statement (280) [278kb]NPONormal25/11/2020
NP108Guernsey Association of Compliance Officerspdf icon NP Statement (108) [278kb]NPONormal10/07/2009
NP129Guernsey Association of Trusteespdf icon NP Statement (129) [278kb]NPONormal19/07/2010
NP44Guernsey Badminton Association-NPOConverted (see CH517)30/12/2015
NP268Guernsey Basketball Associationpdf icon NP Statement (268) [278kb]NPONormal07/11/2019
NP163Guernsey Beekeepers Associationpdf icon NP Statement (163) [278kb]NPONormal03/04/2012
NP284Guernsey Billiards & Snooker Associationpdf icon NP Statement (284) [278kb]NPONormal18/01/2021
NP52Guernsey Chamber of Commercepdf icon NP Statement (52) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP69Guernsey Chess Federation (inc. Guernsey Chess Club)pdf icon NP Statement (69) [82kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP105Guernsey Community Theatre Project-NPOCeased31/07/2014
NP39Guernsey Concert Brasspdf icon NP Statement (39) [278kb]NPONormal20/04/2017
NP60Guernsey Cricket Board LBG-NPOConverted (see CH299)11/12/2009
NP6Guernsey Electricity Sports & Social Clubpdf icon NP Statement (6) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP90Guernsey Electronic Organ Society-NPOCeased03/10/2014
NP270Guernsey En Garde-NPOConverted (see CH633)21/01/2020
NP49Guernsey Enterprise Retail Networkpdf icon NP Statement (49) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP47Guernsey Foster & Adoption Association-NPOConverted27/03/2009
NP119Guernsey Glee Singers-NPOConverted (see CH578)06/02/2018
NP229Guernsey Health Show-NPOCeased02/10/2018
NP246Guernsey Honey Bee Health Association-NPOStruck off20/08/2020
NP50Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association-NPOConverted (see CH491)06/03/2009
NP244Guernsey Investment Fund Associationpdf icon NP Statement (244) [108kb]NPONormal30/05/2018
NP231Guernsey Irish Dance Academy-NPOStruck off20/08/2020
NP81Guernsey Island Amateur Athletic Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (81) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP82Guernsey Island Games Association LBGpdf icon NP Statement (82) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP100Guernsey Junior Golf Club-NPOCeased01/01/2015
NP22Guernsey Kart & Motor Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (22) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP99Guernsey Marine Traders Association LBGpdf icon NP Statement (99) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP85Guernsey Military Vehicle Grouppdf icon NP Statement (85) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP290Guernsey Mountain Bike Associationpdf icon NP Statement (290) [279kb]NPONormal04/05/2021
NP173Guernsey Netball Associationpdf icon NP Statement (173) [278kb]NPONormal21/02/2013
NP86Guernsey Occupational Safety & Health Associationpdf icon NP Statement (86) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP146Guernsey Photography Festival LBGpdf icon NP Statement (146) [278kb]NPONormal16/03/2011
NP286Guernsey Policy and Economic Group LBGpdf icon NP Statement (286) [278kb]NPONormal22/02/2021
NP171Guernsey Powerboat Association LBGpdf icon NP Statement (171) [278kb]NPONormal11/02/2013
NP53Guernsey Rabbit & Cavy Clubpdf icon NP Statement (53) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP14Guernsey Race Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (14) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP232Guernsey Radio Control Car Clubpdf icon NP Statement (232) [278kb]NPONormal21/12/2017
NP269Guernsey Retail Group LBGpdf icon NP Statement (269) [278kb]NPONormal18/12/2019
NP160Guernsey RFC-NPOConverted (see CH411)03/04/2012
NP61Guernsey Round Tablepdf icon NP Statement (61) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP74Guernsey Rovers Athletic Club LBG-NPOConverted08/02/2019
NP41Guernsey Rugby Association LBG-NPOConverted (see CH292)20/11/2009
NP63Guernsey Sea Anglers Clubpdf icon NP Statement (63) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP230Guernsey Senior Citizens Association-NPOCeased11/09/2021
NP242Guernsey Sports & Arts Lottery LBG-NPOCeased25/10/2019
NP125Guernsey Table Tennis Association-NPOConverted (see CH486)26/11/2014
NP57Guernsey Touring Motorcycle Club-NPOCeased16/08/2020
NP25Guernsey Triathlon Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (25) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP29Guernsey Union D'Escrime LBGpdf icon NP Statement (29) [278kb]NPONormal08/06/2021
NP96Guernsey Velo Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (96) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP283Guernsey Welsh Male Voice Choirpdf icon NP Statement (283) [278kb]NPONormal15/12/2020
NP62Guernsey Yacht Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (62) [81kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP177Guernsey Youth & Community Theatrepdf icon NP Statement (177) [278kb]NPONormal23/10/2013
NP193ICSA The Chartered Governance Institute Guernsey Branchpdf icon NP Statement (193) [279kb]NPONormal28/10/2014
NP65Insurance Institute of Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (65) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP233Island Language LBGpdf icon NP Statement (233) [278kb]NPOCeased09/11/2021
NP243Islanders Association LBG-NPOStruck off08/09/2020
NP196La Frog (French Organisation in Guernsey)-NPOCeased12/07/2018
NP80La Mare Car Boot Sale Group-NPOStruck off20/11/2015
NP225La Nouvelle Maraitaine Community Associationpdf icon NP Statement (225) [279kb]NPONormal03/02/2017
NP181L'Ancresse Golf Clubpdf icon NP Statement (181) [278kb]NPONormal05/03/2014
NP206Le Grand Courtil Community Association-NPOStruck off20/08/2020
NP288Le Petit Bigard Residents Associationpdf icon NP Statement (288) [278kb]NPONormal06/04/2021
NP120Les Danseurs de L'Assembllaie D'Guernesiaisepdf icon NP Statement (120) [278kb]NPONormal28/04/2010
NP272Liberté Netball Clubpdf icon NP Statement (272) [278kb]NPONormal04/02/2020
NP162Lions Table Tennis Clubpdf icon NP Statement (162) [278kb]NPONormal15/02/2012
NP207Makerspace Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (207) [278kb]NPONormal01/10/2015
NP224Men's Shed Guernsey-NPOConverted (see CH585)29/05/2018
NP89North Community Marketpdf icon NP Statement (89) [278kb]NPONormal15/05/2009
NP279Northern Bowls Associationpdf icon NP Statement (279) [278kb]NPONormal13/11/2020
NP201Occupation Archivepdf icon NP Statement (201) [279kb]NPONormal12/03/2015
NP18Practical Assistance in Christian Education (P.A.C.E.)-NPOConverted (see CH305)22/02/2010
NP212Priaulx Librarypdf icon NP Statement (212) [278kb]NPONormal02/02/2016
NP208Quality Schools International Foundationpdf icon NP Statement (208) [289kb]NPONormal13/10/2015
NP204Retired States Employees' Associationpdf icon NP Statement (204) [278kb]NPONormal13/07/2015
NP213Rock the Frock-NPOStruck off24/09/2018
NP264Rock the Frock pdf icon NP Statement (264) [278kb]NPONormal06/08/2019
NP59Rocquaine Regatta LBGpdf icon NP Statement (59) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP260Rosaire Community Associationpdf icon NP Statement (260) [279kb]NPONormal29/05/2019
NP10Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club (Guernsey) LBGpdf icon NP Statement (10) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP45Royal Guernsey Agricultural & Horticultural Society-NPOConverted (see CH342)14/09/2010
NP255Sarnia Artistic Roller Skating Clubpdf icon NP Statement (255) [278kb]NPONormal02/01/2019
NP159Sarnia Motorsport Rescue-NPOConverted (see CH510)20/08/2015
NP174Sarnia Sea Lions Swim School LBG-NPOConverted (see CH477)15/09/2014
NP55Sarnia Woodturning Grouppdf icon NP Statement (55) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP3Shiloh Properties LBG-NPOConverted (see CH246)31/03/2009
NP128Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners - Guernsey Branchpdf icon NP Statement (128) [278kb]NPONormal19/07/2010
NP42Soroptimist International of Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (42) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP228Spotlight Guernsey LBG-NPOCeased01/01/2020
NP265St Anne's Pre-School Playgrouppdf icon NP Statement (265) [278kb]NPONormal09/08/2019
NP186St John Commercial Services Guernsey Ltdpdf icon NP Statement (186) [278kb]NPONormal11/07/2014
NP122St Martin's Athletic Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (122) [278kb]NPONormal28/04/2010
NP188St Peter's Community Marketpdf icon NP Statement (188) [278kb]NPONormal16/09/2014
NP236St. John Property LBG pdf icon NP Statement (236) [278kb]NPONormal07/02/2018
NP219Taste Guernsey-NPOCeased10/05/2019
NP258The 2020 Associationpdf icon NP Statement (258) [278kb]NPONormal27/03/2019
NP140The Alderney Cinema Clubpdf icon NP Statement (140) [278kb]NPONormal19/10/2010
NP223The Alderney Foundation-NPOConverted 06/01/2017
NP134The Alderney Music Societypdf icon NP Statement (134) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
NP178The British Motorcycle Club Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (178) [278kb]NPONormal05/11/2013
NP32The Channel Islands Occupation Societypdf icon NP Statement (32) [279kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP170The Finance Sector Non-Executive Director Forum LBGpdf icon NP Statement (170) [278kb]NPONormal11/02/2013
NP291The Guernsey 41 Clubpdf icon NP Statement (291) [278kb]NPONormal17/05/2021
NP189The Guernsey Autocross Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (189) [278kb]NPONormal16/09/2014
NP4The Guernsey Camarata-NPOStruck off22/11/2016
NP254The Guernsey Deanery Board of Finance LBG-NPOConverted (see CH608)05/02/2019
NP235The Guernsey Long Distance Running Club LBG-NPOCeased30/04/2019
NP144The Guernsey Majorettespdf icon NP Statement (144) [278kb]NPONormal09/02/2011
NP276The Guernsey Partnership of Independentspdf icon NP Statement (276) [279kb]NPONormal07/08/2020
NP282The Guernsey Partypdf icon NP Statement (282) [279kb]NPONormal09/12/2020
NP289The Guernsey Protea Societypdf icon NP Statement (289) [278kb]NPONormal20/04/2021
NP192THE GUERNSEY RANGERS FOOTBALL & ATHLETIC CLUB LBGpdf icon NP Statement (192) [278kb]NPONormal24/10/2014
NP185The Guernsey Rowing Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (185) [278kb]NPONormal26/06/2014
NP75The Guernsey Sunday Soccer League-NPOStruck off20/11/2015
NP71The Guernsey Sylvans Sports Club LBG-NPOConverted (see CH631)12/02/2020
NP112The Guild of St Joseph-NPOConverted (see CH263)07/09/2009
NP251The Hammond Memorial Fundpdf icon NP Statement (251) [278kb]NPONormal13/09/2018
NP17The Ladies' College-NPOConverted (see CH311)14/04/2010
NP226The Leo Club of Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (226) [57kb]NPONormal28/02/2017
NP249The Let it B Group-NPOCeased12/11/2018
NP135The New Alderney Snooker Clubpdf icon NP Statement (135) [278kb]NPONormal14/09/2010
NP285The Orchestra Peoplepdf icon NP Statement (285) [278kb]NPONormal22/02/2021
NP114The Portuguese Association in Guernsey-NPOCeased16/04/2014
NP51The Procureur of the Poor for St Peter Portpdf icon NP Statement (51) [278kb]NPONormal08/05/2009
NP19The Royal Guernsey Golf Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (19) [278kb]NPONormal06/03/2009
NP95The Sarnian Singers-NPOCeased11/02/2017
NP168The Scottish Woodlands Alliance-NPOCeased22/03/2017
NP97The World Guernsey Cattle Federation-NPOCeased15/01/2020
NP245Tin Whistle LBGpdf icon NP Statement (245) [279kb]NPONormal15/06/2018
NP30Trustees of the Guernsey Symphony Orchestra-NPOConverted (see CH588)14/06/2018
NP179Vale Earth Fair Limitedpdf icon NP Statement (179) [278kb]NPONormal13/11/2013
NP166Vale Recreation Club LBGpdf icon NP Statement (166) [278kb]NPONormal21/11/2012
NP131Women in Profession-NPOCeased-
NP273Women in Public Lifepdf icon NP Statement (273) [278kb]NPONormal13/02/2020
NP205Young Enterprise Guernseypdf icon NP Statement (205) [278kb]NPONormal06/08/2015

Last updated: 11/11/2021